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100% Love from the Boss (Web Novel)






Wu Mo Xi, 无墨兮


Josei Romance

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Xia Xiaoluo never expected that a takeout delivery would change her life forever.

The rainy night, that insane man and the thing he forced her to do, were the things Xia Xiaoluo earnestly prayed to forget about.

However, Ling Tianyi, the man who violated her, would not let Xia Xiaoluo go that easily.

Being the youngest and richest man in City A, Ling had the reason to believe it must be dramatically easy to occupy the little poor girl. To his surprise, however, he found it unexpectedly difficult to obtain Xia Xiaoluo’s love.

Urged to get married by his parents, Ling Tianyi had a thought in mind.

Will Ling Tianyi get his way? What a dramatic love story will they create? It’s time to find out.

344 • 2019-11-23 22:20:39


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 328 It is None of Your Business2020-04-09
Chapter 327 Spoil You As a Princess2020-04-08
Chapter 326 Unfamiliar Words2020-04-07
Chapter 325 The DNA Report2020-04-06
Chapter 324 They Seem to Be Cousins2020-04-05
Chapter 323 A Gift from Grandpa2020-04-04
Chapter 322 You Can’t Eat Snacks in Confinement2020-04-03
Chapter 321 Fashionable Grandpa Ouyang Feng2020-04-02
Chapter 320 It Was Qiao Anna Again2020-04-01
Chapter 319 Premature Birth2020-03-31
Chapter 318 Save My Baby!2020-03-30
Chapter 317 Just Live Here Then!2020-03-29
Chapter 316 Son, Mom Loves You!2020-03-28
Chapter 315 I Can Be a Single Mother!2020-03-27
Chapter 314 Ouyang Ziqian Made a Proposal2020-03-26
Chapter 313 Did Xia Xiaoluo Get Pregnant?2020-03-25
Chapter 312 Meet an Old Friend in a Foreign Country2020-03-24
Chapter 311 Xiaoluo, Leave with Me!2020-03-23
Chapter 310 Ling Tianyi Abandoned You2020-03-22
Chapter 309 Darling, It’s Daytime now!2020-03-21
Chapter 308 Who to Investigate?2020-03-20
Chapter 307 Finally Know the Truth2020-03-19
Chapter 306 Undeniable Proof2020-03-18
Chapter 305 Do You Have Courage?2020-03-17
Chapter 304 Can’t You Accept a Child?2020-03-16
Chapter 303 Unexpected Guests2020-03-15
Chapter 302 I Don’t Want to Be with Her Alone2020-03-14
Chapter 301 I Really Didn’t Push Her!2020-03-13
Chapter 300 Godfather and Godmother2020-03-13
Chapter 299 The Best Man and the Bridesmaid2020-03-13
Chapter 298 I Trust You2020-03-13
Chapter 297 Li Fei Made a Proposal2020-03-13
Chapter 296 Big Reversal2020-03-13
Chapter 295 It’s a Matter of Life and Death2020-03-13
Chapter 294 Fail to Escape2020-03-13
Chapter 293 Remember, I Love You2020-03-13
Chapter 292 Lock Him in the Basement2020-03-13
Chapter 291 Forced Marriage2020-03-13
Chapter 290 Your Father Is Angry2020-03-13
Chapter 289 Xia Xiaoluo’s Phone was Lost2020-03-13
Chapter 288 Ling Tianyi Becomes a Matchmaker2020-03-13
Chapter 287 Li Fei was Back2020-03-13
Chapter 286 Yi, I am Pregnant2020-03-13
Chapter 285 Unconcealed Concern2020-03-13
Chapter 284 Give the IOU Back to Me!2020-03-13
Chapter 283 It Is You Who Should Let Her Go2020-03-13
Chapter 282 Ling Tianyi, I Hate You!2020-03-13
Chapter 281 Making a Misunderstanding2020-03-13
Chapter280 Desperate Measures, You’re so cruel!2020-03-13
Chapter 279 Bleeding2020-03-13
Chapter 278 Chu Tong Got Hurt2020-03-13
Chapter 277 Can’t Go back to the Dormitory2020-03-13
Chapter 276 I’ll Write a Guarantee2020-03-13
Chapter 275 Can’t Forget ‘Darling’2020-03-13
Chapter 274 A Sleepless Night2020-03-13
Chapter 273 I Want to Take You away2020-03-13
Chapter 272 Fair Play? No!2020-03-13
Chapter 271 Hello, Miss Xiaoluo.2020-03-13
Chapter 270 Apply for a Part-time Job as a Teacher2020-03-13
Chapter 269 To Be Single Again2020-03-13
Chapter 268 I Will Woo You Again2020-03-13
Chapter 267 Our Marriage Is Invalid, We Are not a Couple!2020-03-13
Chapter 266 If You Commit Bigamy, I will Report You!2020-03-13
Chapter 265 The Marriage Is Fake2020-03-13
Chapter 264 Xia Xiaoluo Was Betrayed2020-03-13
Chapter 263 Talk with Mrs. Fang2020-03-13
Chapter 262 Give Her Money and Send Her away2020-03-13
Chapter 261 Ling Tianyi Went to Have a Blind Date?2020-03-13
Chapter 260 Cheng Yalin Was Dead2020-03-13
Chapter 259 She Was Going to Jump off the Building2020-03-13
Chapter 258 Diversion Tactic2020-03-13
Chapter 257 Revenge! I Must Revenge!2020-03-13
Chapter 256 Cheng Yalin Was Diagnosed as AIDS2020-03-13
Chapter 255 Qiao Anna Has Two Faces!2020-03-13
Chapter 254 Commit Suicide to Escape Punishment2020-03-13
Chapter 253 Neuter Him2020-03-13
Chapter 252 Don’t Touch Me2020-03-13
Chapter 251 He Will Destroy You!2020-03-13
Chapter 250 You Can not Escape From Me2020-03-13
Chapter 249 The Threat of Jiang Yi2020-03-13
Chapter 248 Will We Have Sex after Drinking?2020-03-13
Chapter 247 The Valentine’s Day for the Prince and Princess2020-03-13
Chapter 246 Promises of Love2020-03-13
Chapter 245 Room Escape2020-03-13
Chapter 244 The Kiss in the Ferris Wheel2020-03-13
Chapter 243 Never Separate2020-03-13
Chapter 242 The Last Warning2020-03-13
Chapter 241 Make an Appointment to Meet Cheng Yalin2020-03-13
Chapter 240 I Will Satisfy You Later!2020-03-13
Chapter 239 To See the Fireworks2020-03-13
Chapter 238 Please the Father-in-law through His Stomach2020-03-13
Chapter 237 Saliva Represents My Love2020-03-13
Chapter 236 Go Home to Massage2020-03-13
Chapter 235 The Two Mutual Use Women2020-03-13
Chapter 234 Qiao Anna’s Calculating2020-03-13
Chapter 233 Mom, Please Apologize to Xiaoluo2020-03-13
Chapter 232 Dad Is Going to Have an Operation2020-03-13
Chapter 231 Don’t Leave Me if You Love Me2020-03-13
Chapter 230 Go Home for the Spring Festival2020-03-13
Chapter 229 How to Prove My Love to You?2020-03-13