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400 Years Old Virgin Demon King (Web Novel)


A man who trusted a legend, believes that he could become a demon king by not breaking the taboo with a female for 400 years finally gained a mighty magical power and have termendous strength to be titled as the demon king.

So the Demon proceeded to conquer the world with enormous power to make his childhood dream comes true, ‘become a great man’ >> ‘get a beautiful wife’ >> ‘be a good father’.

However, although the first dream was achieved, he hit a huge wall trying to make his second dream come true.

The Demon doesn’t want to marry someone by force, he wants someone who loves himself from the bottom of her heart. However the demon absolutely has zero experience with women since he didn’t interact with them for almost 380 years.

This is a story about the struggles of a woman that is going to marry the demon king that holds tremendous power.

1671 • 2019-08-30 22:01:40


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 33 That Time I Finally Threw Away My Virginity, But Our Battle Only Just Begun2019-08-30
Chapter 32 That Time Although We Were Able To Get Married Without Any Problem, A Crisis Of World Destruction Occurred That Night2019-08-30
Chapter 31 That Time We Started Dating, But I Have To Make Up An Identity In Japan2019-08-30
Chapter 30 That Time I Drove Away The Fateful Rival, But I Revealed An Important Matter Because Of That2019-08-30
Chapter 17 That Time When I Received Coaching on How Important Clothing Can be and Realized How Difficult Choosing one would be2019-08-30
Chapter 16 About the time when I decided to take a wife but didn’t know how to so I asked the hero2019-08-30
Chapter 152019-08-30
Chapter 14 That time they nearly assassinated me, but I forgave them after turning the tables2019-08-30
Chapter 13 That time I was taken advantage of and threatened by the Pope but, I threatened him back2019-08-30
Chapter 12 – That time I appealed to the Pope but was asked to submit2019-08-30
Chapter 11 – That Time I Befriended a Hero but Made an Enemy of the Church2019-08-30
Chapter 10 Suzushiro Suzuna is a big girl (Side story)2019-08-30
Chapter 9 That time when I encountered an unexpected situation after returning from sending the hero back2019-08-30
Chapter 8: I tried to return the hero to the original world but the summoning magic array collapsed2019-08-30
Chapter 7: I was checking on my achievements but in reality I was doing new job2019-08-30
Chapter 6: I went to visit the person who has been spreading rumor me, but I was asked for some evidence instead2019-08-30
Chapter 5: it seemed the ‘hero’ want to defeat me, because my image is damaged by a rumor2019-08-30
Chapter 4: I built a demon castle at a fast pace but I noticed that nobody come to visit me.2019-08-30
Chapter 3: it was conquered by force, but I was respected after solving domestic affairs2019-08-30
Chapter 2: I succeeded in conquering a kingdom but I realized that becoming a king is really boring2019-08-30
Chapter 1: I’ve become a demon after 400 years, but in the first place I mistook the purpose and means.2019-08-30
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