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48 Hours a Day (Web Novel) - Chapter 435 Pursuit

Chapter 435 Pursuit

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As the plane landed and the three targets on the list walked out of the airport, the drama between Edward and Black Nest finally kicked off.

Black Nest’s personnel quickly locked on to all three and hacked into their electronic devices. At the same time, Mr. Coffee and Abu sprung into action, with the two elite action squads, closely following them from behind. Vincent was dissatisfied with Mr. Coffee’s decision to act without authorization despite knowing all too well that it was a bait. Still, since what was done was already done, he could only try to control the damage as best he could and fix the consequences afterward. Now, he had to readjust the remaining manpower and layout. These were issues that Ponytail and Little Boy should have been worried about.

Thus, the battle between the players began!

In the beginning, more players chose Black Nest’s side. Ironically, their only player left in the end was Mr. Coffee.

“Many fail to understand simple logic. No matter how much trash adds together, it just ends up a bigger pile of trash,” said Mr. Coffee.

Abu felt a little uncomfortable, especially when he and Mr. Coffee were the only two in the car. So, he poked his head out of the window, pretending to enjoy the scenery.

“Of course, I’m not talking about you; you are still useful,” Mr. Coffee added leisurely.

Those words finally ticked Abu off. “If you want to kill me, just do it! Is it that fun to ridicule me every day?” he lamented in an irritated tone.

“To be honest, it’s exciting,” Mr. Coffee said.

“Well, to make up for you unpleasant stay with me, I’ll allow you to move freely from now on.”

“Huh?” Abu was surprised.

“I’ve studied your resume. You are a talented sniper, lurking in the dark. Seizing the opportunity at the right time is your forte. It is a waste of talent letting you follow orders. So… this means you won’t have to take any more orders from me,” said Mr. Coffee,

“…I hope you won’t let me down.”

“Aren’t you afraid I would just leave?” Abu raised his eyebrows.

Mr. Coffee was resolute, brimming with conviction. “You are a smart man. When I saw you for the first time, I knew that although you don’t like me, you’d always choose to stand on the side of the winner, and I am born a winner,” he said, tone filled with confidence.

Abu fell silent, and after a while, he looked up. “Did you deliberately give me a chance that night?” he asked.

“What do you think?” Mr. Coffee asked rhetorically without answering.

“…I need a car.”

Then, this is your car from now on.


Twenty-five minutes later, Black Nest’s convoy arrived in front of Toulouse Town Hall Square, one of the Toulouse’s most central and visited attractions.

The technician reported to Mr. Coffee, “The three people have been here for a while, but no one left, and their cell phone signals disappeared as well.”


“Interesting, were they worried that we might have brought a sniper with us? He deliberately chose the place with most people,” Mr. Coffee took a look at all the people around him. Other than tourists, there were booths trading secondhand goods and street performers littering the way.

“Bring out the drones to scan the area.”

“Okay…” the technician paused, “But getting the drones into the city hall won’t be easy.”

“It’s okay. I’ll bring some people with me to search the city hall,” Mr. Coffee replied and ordered a group of people to follow him. All of them were asked to carry only a pistol that was strapped to their waists. After that, Mr. Coffee showed a special permit from the police to the guard at the door, and they were allowed into the city hall.

Toulouse’ city hall was built in 1190, but among the medieval parts of the building, only the gate and courtyard of Henry IV was preserved. Most of the structure was completed after 1750, with golden corridors and paintings hanging all over the place. Its interior was one that exuded magnificence. But Mr. Coffee wasn’t here for sightseeing. All eleven of them scattered in different directions and started an intensive search of the place. The drones operating outside the city hall gave them a bird’s eye view of the situation.

It did not take long for them to locate their targets in the crowd.

Just as Mr. Coffee approached them, one of them suddenly yelled, stepped over the warning sign, and rushed to a painting next to him. The tourists were left in shock, when they saw a lunatic splashing his drink on the treasured oil painting, while his two companions took off their pants.

Before they could make any more disturbing antics, they were stopped by the security guards. Mr. Coffee looked on at the troublemakers with a smile.

“It’s too naïve. Are you planning to use this method to save your life… call the chief, and we will arrest these people on behalf of the police.”

But as soon as his voice dropped, a group of reporters came out of nowhere and started taking pictures, attempting to cover the sensational piece.

The moment Black Nest’s operatives took a step forward, they were forced to stop again. They turned to look at Mr. Coffee in a frustrated manner, and at the same time, the voice of the technician could be heard over the communicator.

“I found the suspected Asian in the bar that night. Our goal is now on a bus,” he reported.

At the same time, the identities of the three people in front of them were also revealed. They were three new interns recruited by the newspaper.

“Tsk tsk. Are they trying to force me to make a choice here?” Mr. Coffee’s tone did not change, but his glare was terrifying.

The captain of the squad did not want to get into trouble at a time like this. When he remembered what Vincent told him before they left, he had to muster up enough courage to speak up. “If we arrest those three men on behalf of the police, the reporters will definitely come after us,” he said.

Mr. Coffee didn’t insist on the previous order to be carried out. “Do I look like someone who never thought about this possibility? “Follow that guy and don’t let him get away. When the problem over there is resolved, we’ll go to the police station to get someone,” Mr. Coffee changed his mind.

“Roger that.” The team leader breathed a sigh of relief and immediately commanded the team back to the car.

The two drones had already caught up with the bus. Mr. Coffee quickly boarded it, followed closely by Black Nest’s convoy.

With the help of Zero, the Black Nest fleet picked the fastest route. Simultaneously, the traffic lights on the roadside were manipulated to ensure that the Black Nest could catch up to them. The distance between the two parties quickly shortened. However, as the bus stopped at the next stop, the people went into the subway entrance.

Mr. Coffee was a step too late. Now that Zero was online, all cell phones in the city could be turned into monitoring devices. Soon, he managed to locate the target in the subway, and not long after that, the pursuit had led the two out of the city.

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