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48 Hours a Day (Web Novel) - Chapter 440 Invincible Body

Chapter 440 Invincible Body

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“It seems that you have a good item on you. Is water the condition that triggers it? But how did you managed to predict that the storm would hit us today? The weather forecast says today is supposed to be sunny…”

Mr. Coffee got off the ground and shook his wrist. “…but it doesn’t matter. You don’t have to answer me. I am not that interested in the answer anyway. As long as I get rid of you, these questions are no longer important.” However, before he could do anything, the water giant struck first. Thus, two indestructible monsters started a savage and primitive fight. Both sides chose not to use any weapons, electing to fight each other with their bare fists. At the same time, they also couldn’t be injured or fatigued.

This even fight, however, lasted less than sixty seconds before the water giant began to fluctuate.

“Oh, it seems you need to top up your item. Mine’s still going strong. You may not believe it, but I can do this all day long,” said Mr. Coffee.

Before he finished talking, the water giant had already separated from Piercings. He then quickly retreated five meters. As he stood there, the water around Piercings started to flow away. Standing there, the water around the man with earrings began to flow out. He panted in exhaustion, horrified by how powerful the coffee man was.

How could this be?


Mr. Coffee’s powers went beyond his comprehension, and it was then that he knew defeating him was impossible. Piercings now believed what Mr. Coffee said, that he had never crossed paths with anybody more powerful than him. With his terrifying defensive power and incredible strength, it was no wonder he managed to complete so many quests.

Like an apex predator, he stood at the top of the food chain without natural enemies to dethrone him.

Piercings couldn’t imagine what else could kill him. Did he have to resort to a nuclear weapon? If one were dropped here, Toulouse would be gone as well.

“I like the look on your face now,” sneered Mr. Coffee, “…although I have seen it on a lot of people, I have to admit that this is still very fascinating to me. Thank you for warming up to me, but we should end it now.”

Mr. Coffee took another step toward Piercings.

Piercings were left terrified, but there was nothing he could do. The bizarre creature he faced was a monster that couldn’t be killed by bullets, nor did Kimura’s lock work on him as well. His strength was abnormal, and he would never tire. Besides, his trump card had also been used.

Piercings glanced at the pearl in his hand. It had lost all its luster, which meant this Grade-C game item had exhausted all its uses. He still had another game item with him, but it was useless in combat. And the worst part was that his stamina had depleted, his body sustaining injuries as well. It looked like this is going to the end for him.

“Don’t get too frustrated-you’re considered one of the better opponents I’ve met. I think I can rank you in my top ten,” said Mr. Coffee, “You’re… out of luck. It was a pure misfortune that you met me as your opponent.”

He stretched out his hand as he spoke, about to strangle Piercings’ neck.

A few seconds later, a bullet that came from the sniper rifle hit his eyeball accurately. Mr. Coffee only managed mouth the word ‘f*ck’ before he was sent flying away.

“You only rescue me at the last minute, brother,” said Piercings. He almost burst into tears when he turned around as he looked at the figure walking in the rain.

“I couldn’t help it. We were too far apart. Trust me; I came as soon as I could,” Zhang Heng replied. “You are so toxic. The combined danger of working undercover for eight years was a lot lesser than working as bait for you!” complained Piercings as he stood in the heavy rain with tears in his eyes.

As they talked, the “corpse” on the ground started to move again.

“What the hell?! Is he still not dead? “screamed Piercings as if he was about to lose his mind.

“Damn, I was scared! I thought I was about to die.” Mr. Coffee frisked the dust off his chest and sat on the ground with a frightened look. “Hehehe… I have used my head to catch bullets, and I have even tried to use my butthole, but this is the first time I’m using my corneas to catch bullets!”

“Are you still human?! Are you sure you’re not a monster in human skin?!” stammered Piercings. He tried to speak, but the words just wouldn’t come out.

Mr. Coffee grinned. “Well… I am actually quite curious myself,” he said, and shifted his gaze to Zhang Heng, “Ah, so you’re the one who defeated Scarlet. Mt main purpose of coming here is to see you and… kill you.”

Zhang Heng stood silently in the veil of heavy rain.

“Sorry, I’ve got nothing personal against you. I was wooing that woman indeed, and I promised to carry her through this round. I am also obsessed with competing against all manner of players, especially the more powerful ones,” said Mr. Coffee, then reached out to point at Zhang Heng, “I want to see the same expression on your face… next, I will need you to struggle as much as you can, and slowly witness my invincibility in despair.”

After listening to Mr. Coffee’s, Zhang Heng finally spoke.

“Styx?” he asked.

When Mr. Coffee heard the name, his pupils contracted. After a while, though, he laughed again. “Ah, yes! It appears I didn’t target the wrong guy. You are no ordinary player, but unfortunately, you are not destined for the proxy war.”

Piercings was confused. “Styx? What is Styx?” he asked in bewilderment.

“Sticks is an ancient Greek goddess that lives in the underworld and is in charge of the River Styx. Some call her the goddess of oath and hatred.” Previously, Zhang Heng studied the god of time, Kronos, and he’d read up quite a bit about ancient Greek mythology.

Mr. Coffee’s state made him think of a distinct possibility, and now, his reaction confirmed his conjecture.

“In ancient Greek mythology, if mortals stepped into River Styx that ruled by Styx, they would be able to enter the underworld. Gods would lose their divinity if they crossed this river, and as for demigods, they would become invulnerable if they soaked themselves. However, it would leave a fatal weakness on their body.”

“Wait, why does the story sound familiar to me? Was someone soaked in this river?” frowned Piercings.

“Achilles, the son of the sea goddess Thetis and the hero Peleus, and legendary hero of the Trojan War. His mother dipped him into the River Styx when he was a baby,” Zhang Heng replied, throwing the sniper rifle away and taking the longbow with him.

“You are right. I am Styx’s agent. In a sense, I’m to be considered a demigod,” Mr. Coffee admitted, “Styx took me to the River Styx, and I soaked in it for a while. So, I am now invincible. As for the weaknesses recorded in the myths, trust me, you won’t be able to locate them even if I give you a day.”

However, he did not expect Zhang Heng to put on a strange look on his face.

“I have always been reluctant to believe in the existence of destiny, but I am afraid I’ll have to make an exception we’ve met today,” said Zhang Heng, drawing his Paris Arrow from the quiver.

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