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A Dragon’s Curiosity (Web Novel)








Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Romance

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The world of Ator is ruled by the strong. Through the cultivation of mana and aura heroes emerge and legends are born every day in the battle of civilization against the wilderness. Humans, elves and other humanoid races band together to face the threat of monsters and beasts hiding in dark places.

In the forest the child of the strongest monster race is born. Abandoned by its clan and left only with its siblings as family. Taking the seat of a ruler among other monsters was not enough for the beast and it set out to explore the world

654 • 2019-08-31 21:14:35


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 190: Hellish Training2019-08-31
Chapter 189: The Perfect Discipline2019-08-31
Chapter 188: Eternal Warrior2019-08-31
Chapter 187: Apex2019-08-31
Chapter 186: Selection2019-08-31
Chapter 185: Golem Arts2019-08-31
Chapter 184: Law Decree2019-08-31
Chapter 183: A Mystery Child2019-08-31
Chapter 182: Bloodline Purity2019-08-31
Chapter 181: Ancient Clans2019-08-31
Chapter 180: Golems2019-08-31
Chapter 179: Receiving The Goods2019-08-31
Chapter 178: Realm Mastery2019-08-31
Chapter 177: Dragon Force2019-08-31
Chapter 176: Blood2019-08-31
Chapter 175: Deal of Equal Value2019-08-31
Chapter 174: Rebound2019-08-31
Chapter 173: Dark Shift2019-08-31
Chapter 172: Wolf Night2019-08-31
Chapter 171: Wolf God Manual2019-08-31
Chapter 170: A Grand Massacre2019-08-31
Chapter 169: Devil Bustle2019-08-31
Chapter 168: Chilling Smiles2019-08-31
Chapter 167: Love Bites2019-08-31
Chapter 166: Way Of The Sword2019-08-31
Chapter 165: A Soldier’s Sword2019-08-31
Chapter 164: Imperial Swordplay2019-08-31
Chapter 163: Terus Legion2019-08-31
Chapter 162: Fighting Words2019-08-31
Chapter 161: Social Circles2019-08-31
Chapter 160: Business Practice2019-08-31
Chapter 159: Money Makes The World Go Round2019-08-31
Chapter 158: Old Tales2019-08-31
Chapter 157: How To Raise A Spirit2019-08-31
Chapter 156: Bloodline Spirit2019-08-31
Chapter 155: Deal Between Two Parties2019-08-31
Chapter 154: The Special Elemental2019-08-31
Chapter 153: Dream Goddesses2019-08-31
Chapter 152: Back At Home2019-08-31
Chapter 151: Anger Is One Letter Short Of Danger2019-08-31
Chapter 150: You Win Some, You Lose Some2019-08-31
Chapter 149: Strike Gold2019-08-31
Chapter 148: Hasty Retreat2019-08-31
Chapter 147: Bickering Students2019-08-31
Chapter 146: Chasing Greater Heights2019-08-31
Chapter 145: Live Combat Training2019-08-31
Chapter 144: Woodstalkers2019-08-31
Chapter 143: The Lamb And The Wolf2019-08-31
Chapter 142: Counting Sheep2019-08-31
Chapter 141: The Warrior Trip2019-08-31
Chapter 140: Preparations For The Trip2019-08-31
Chapter 139: Walk Free2019-08-31
Chapter 138: Technicality2019-08-31
Chapter 137: Guard Rumble2019-08-31
Chapter 136: Combat Lesson2019-08-31
Chapter 135: The Wolf Enters2019-08-31
Chapter 134: Food Shortage Threat2019-08-31
Chapter 133: Meeting The Alchemist2019-08-31
Chapter 132: Golden Heels2019-08-31
Chapter 131: Shady Conference2019-08-31
Chapter 130: Concession2019-08-31
Chapter 129: The Gathering2019-08-31
Chapter 128: Public Humiliation2019-08-31
Chapter 127: Tryst2019-08-31
Chapter 126: Iron Mask2019-08-31
Chapter 125: Preparations2019-08-31
Chapter 124: Schools And Clans2019-08-31
Chapter 123: Second Companion2019-08-31
Chapter 122: Angry Dwarf2019-08-31
Chapter 121: Second Day At The Academy2019-08-31
Chapter 120: A Bold Plan2019-08-31
Chapter 119: I Will Take Them All2019-08-31
Chapter 118: Meeting A Crook Again2019-08-31
Chapter 117: Merchant House2019-08-31
Chapter 116: A Merchant’s Dream2019-08-31
Chapter 115: Profits2019-08-31
Chapter 114: Stealing Prestige2019-08-31
Chapter 113: Royal Cousins2019-08-31
Chapter 112: The King’s Seat2019-08-31
Chapter 111: The Duel Board2019-08-31
Chapter 110: The Mage Tower2019-08-31
Chapter 109: Born In Fire2019-08-31
Chapter 108: Forming Iron2019-08-31
Chapter 107: Of Fire And Men2019-08-31
Chapter 106: The Smithies2019-08-31
Chapter 105: Crafting Lesson2019-08-31
Chapter 104: Beating the Training Dummy2019-08-31
Chapter 103: Selection2019-08-31
Chapter 102: Prestigious2019-08-31
Chapter 101: The First Day2019-08-31
Chapter 100: The First Lesson2019-08-31
Chapter 99: Breaking Through2019-08-31
Chapter 98: Running In Open Doors2019-08-31
Chapter 97: A Familiar Lady2019-08-31
Chapter 96: Signing Up2019-08-31
Chapter 95: The Empty Egg2019-08-31
Chapter 94: Travelling at Night2019-08-31
Chapter 93: The Night Before2019-08-31
Chapter 92: Celebration2019-08-31
Chapter 91: Pleasant Surprise2019-08-31
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