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A Mistaken Marriage Match: Mysteries in the Imperial Harem (Web Novel)




Qian Lu, 浅绿


Drama Historical Josei Romance Tragedy

Original Language:



3rd Book in the A Mistaken Marriage Match Series

He is the master of six kingdoms. As long as he wanted, his cavalry is ready to wipe off any country.

She is the world renowned talented Qing Family sisters. But because of his word, her family became destitute and homeless. He wanted to tame her, she will not submit to him.

Two similar unbending persons with no love and feelings between them, are fated to be continuously intertwine an entire lifetime. He thought that he wanted her total submission but when she was kneeling at his feet, why did it all feel meaningless?

She thought that all she wanted was his life, but when he spurted blood while he was lying in her arms and asked “Why did you return?” Why did her tears keep falling?

Various mysteries in imperial harem, a gold heist, a case of dead palace maid, the baffling death of a young prince, the secret around crown prince’s parentage… So many secrets and thrills!

1221 • 2019-08-30 16:51:40


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 115: Happiness Is A Circle2019-08-30
Chapter 114: Palace Changes2019-08-30
Chapter 113: A Presumptuous Request (Part 2)2019-08-30
Chapter 112: A Presumptuous Request (Part 1)2019-08-30
Chapter 111: Gu Yun’s Discovery2019-08-30
Chapter 110: Earth Shattering Secret (Part 3)2019-08-30
Chapter 109: Earth Shattering Secret (Part 2)2019-08-30
Chapter 108: Earth Shattering Secret (Part 1)2019-08-30
Chapter 107: To Be With Child2019-08-30
Chapter 106: Losing The Soldier To Protect The Chariots (Part 2)2019-08-30
Chapter 105: Losing The Soldier To Protect The Chariots (Part 1)2019-08-30
Chapter 104: Forcefully Taking A Son (Part 2)2019-08-30
Chapter 103: Forcefully Taking A Son (Part 1)2019-08-30
Chapter 102: The Seed of Hate (Part 3)2019-08-30
Chapter 101: The Seed of Hate (Part 2)2019-08-30
Chapter 100: The Seed of Hate (Part 1)2019-08-30
Chapter 99: Facial Appearance2019-08-30
Chapter 98: Mourning2019-08-30
Chapter 97: Rather Die Than Live (Part 2)2019-08-30
Chapter 96: Rather Die Than Live (Part 1)2019-08-30
Chapter 95: The Pain From The Death Of A Child2019-08-30
Chapter 94: Medical Emergency2019-08-30
Chapter 93: Concern2019-08-30
Chapter 92: Cold Palace Caught Fire2019-08-30
Chapter 91: Sounding Out (Part 2)2019-08-30
Chapter 90: Sounding Out (Part 1)2019-08-30
Chapter 89: Real Sisters?2019-08-30
Chapter 88: Moving the tiger away from the mountain2019-08-30
Chapter 87: Stirring (Part 3)2019-08-30
Chapter 86: Stirring (Part 2)2019-08-30
Chapter 85: Stirring (Part 1)2019-08-30
Chapter 84: Qi Yu2019-08-30
Chapter 83: Getting Along2019-08-30
Chapter 82: Feelings Grows in the Dark2019-08-30
Chapter 81: The Empress’s Trap2019-08-30
Chapter 80: Offering Advice2019-08-30
Chapter 79: Ling Shui Alliance2019-08-30
Chapter 78: Congratulatory Gift2019-08-30
Chapter 77: Warm Heart2019-08-30
Chapter 76: Premature Birth (Part 2)2019-08-30
Chapter 75: Premature Birth (Part 1)2019-08-30
Chapter 74: Shu Chuan Courtyard (Part 2)2019-08-30
Chapter 73: Shu Chuan Courtyard (Part 1)2019-08-30
Chapter 72: The Empress’s Suspicions (Part 2)2019-08-30
Chapter 71: The Empress’s Suspicions (Part 1)2019-08-30
Chapter 70: Dilemma2019-08-30
Chapter 69: Danger (Part 3)2019-08-30
Chapter 68: Danger (Part 2)2019-08-30
Chapter 67: Danger (Part 1)2019-08-30
Chapter 66: The Celebration (Part 2)2019-08-30
Chapter 65: The Celebration (Part 1)2019-08-30
Chapter 64: To Hunt2019-08-30
Chapter 63: Hidden Battle2019-08-30
Chapter 62: Getting Along2019-08-30
Chapter 61: Palpitations2019-08-30
Chapter 60: Loyalty2019-08-30
Chapter 59: I Do Not Know2019-08-30
Chapter 58: Reaching Out A Helping Hand (Part 3)2019-08-30
Chapter 57: Reaching Out A Helping Hand (Part 2)2019-08-30
Chapter 56: Reaching Out A Helping Hand (Part 1)2019-08-30
Chapter 55: Thoughts In A Whirl (Part 2)2019-08-30
Chapter 54: Thoughts In A Whirl (Part 1)2019-08-30
Chapter 53: Endure Humiliation for a Mission2019-08-30
Chapter 52: Hard to Fathom a Monarch’s Heart2019-08-30
Chapter 51: Imperial Concubine Qing2019-08-30
Chapter 50: Banished to the Cold Palace (Part 2)2019-08-30
Chapter 49: Banished to the Cold Palace (Part 1)2019-08-30
Chapter 48: The Cold Arrow Behind (Part 3)2019-08-30
Chapter 47: The Cold Arrow Behind (Part 2)2019-08-30
Chapter 46: The Cold Arrow Behind (Part 1)2019-08-30
Chapter 45: Imperial Generosity To A Favourite2019-08-30
Chapter 44: This Is Considered As Seduction (Part 2)2019-08-30
Chapter 43: This Is Considered As Seduction (Part 1)2019-08-30
Chapter 42: Xiao Yu2019-08-30
Chapter 41: Cold Heart Freeze2019-08-30
Chapter 40: Life Like A Tiny Grass2019-08-30
Chapter 39: A Cornered Beast Will Do Anything2019-08-30
Chapter 38: Wait And Observe The Changes2019-08-30
Chapter 37: Weird Man2019-08-30
Chapter 36: Failing To Appreciate Favours (Part 2)2019-08-30
Chapter 35: Failing To Appreciate Favours (Part 1)2019-08-30
Chapter 34: Secret Remedy2019-08-30
Chapter 33: Leaving A Spot of Red2019-08-30
Chapter 32: Endure Silently2019-08-30
Chapter 31: Lou Xi Yan’s Decision2019-08-30
Chapter 30: Imperial Bodyguard Ming Ze2019-08-30
Chapter 29: Recovered From A Serious Illness2019-08-30
Chapter 28: To Be Referred As Sisters?2019-08-30
Chapter 27: Trust (Part 3)2019-08-30
Chapter 26: Trust (Part 2)2019-08-30
Chapter 25: Trust (Part 1)2019-08-30
Chapter 24: Fainted Just Like This?2019-08-30
Chapter 23: Released from Prison2019-08-30
Chapter 22: Imperial Concubine Hui, Chen Zhen2019-08-30
Chapter 21: Keep on Living (Part 2)2019-08-30
Chapter 20: Keep on Living (Part 1)2019-08-30
Chapter 19: Mysterious Stranger (Part 2)2019-08-30
Chapter 18: Mysterious Stranger (Part 1)2019-08-30
Chapter 17: Banished To The Imperial Prisons (Part 3)2019-08-30
Chapter 16: Banished To The Imperial Prisons (Part 2)2019-08-30
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