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A Sorcerer’s Journey (Web Novel) - Chapter 184: The Prodigious Shatterer

Chapter 184: The Prodigious Shatterer

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Grimm, Millie, and the other Dark Demon-Hunters at the Void Fortress, under the guidance of Hearkening Whisperer, hovered in the air and circulated around Hearkening Whisperer.

Due to a prolonged time of being instinctively alert, the sorcerers who were originally just observing were now entering an aggressive combative mental state as the cold harsh scent of battlefield lingered in the air.

Their reactions were mainly due to them being a special group that was handpicked and specially trained for Foreign World conquests.

At an air space faraway.

The Soul Slaves were slipping into an overwhelming disadvantage as they were being attacked and bombarded by the Amonro Shadow Legion, Enigmatic nobles, and the weird cannons from the ground.

Unlike the Shadow Legion that was gathered from different parts of the Shadow World, the Soul Slave army was mostly made up of creatures obtained from various kinds of Sorcerer World’s Foreign World conquests.

Half of the Soul Slaves were also forked out from the three Stigmata Sorcerers’ own vaults. These Soul Slaves were not easily replaceable within a short amount of time.

To the Demon-Hunters, on the other hand, under the right circumstances they would be able to replenish and regroup their Soul Slaves in a relatively short time.

The tide of the battle was rocking against the sorcerers.

The battle between the Soul Slaves and the Shadow Legion had been going on for more than a day. There were thousands and thousands of corpses raining from the sky, blood soaking the entire continent as the dark clouds were dyed crimson red. The stench of blood was constantly reeking throughout the Shadow World.

Yet, there were no further orders given from the Void Fortress. No orders to retreat, or advance. Not a word—not from the Dark Sorcerers or Tomb Segja, Tomb Averer, or even the leader Hearkening Whisperer.

All the Demon-Hunters did was watch – they watched on as their Soul Slaves fought fiercely with tides after tides of Amonro soldiers of the legion.

To the sorcerers, these Soul Slaves were merely recyclable resources.

If they could successfully take over this world, they would need only about one thousand to two thousand years to recover the Stigmata Sorcerers’ losses.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Booom!!

On the ground.

Rays after rays of crimson red cannon shells leapt out of the gigantic skeletal flowers. Pulling a long trail of smog trails, the crimson red shells that were shot off from three mountains had all exploded amongst the Soul Slaves.

This revolutionary lethal biological weapon had over tens of thousands of Soul Slaves covered in red mosses. Other than a select few Soul Slaves that possessed resistance against bioweapons, most of the Soul Slaves were wailing excruciatingly as they fell from the sky, crushing straight into and were drowned by the countless waves of Amonro soldiers below.

Amonros were flocking over to the battlefield from the entire Shadow World – from every Shadow Region, every corner of the world. As casualties spiked continuously within the Shadow Legion, they were able to replenish their combatants and soldiers within the blink of an eye. They had no shortage of supply of soldiers at all.

It would seem that the Original Will of the Shadow World itself had awakened and hurled its wrath at the lonesome Demon-Hunters, aiming at devouring them whole.

The Demon-Hunters’ Soul Slaves were struggling as they tried their best at holding off the Shadow Legion. Yet, the sheer number of the Amonro soldiers that were flocking over, enough to block off the sunlight, was enough to cause any living creature despair – including the great Stigmata Sorcerers.

The terrifying monster army was circling the inner area of the Void Fortress’ defense, taking out any Amonro scout that dared to approach them from the blood misted battlefield.

It would appear that the entire battlefield was tipping against the Sorcerers’ Soul Slaves favor. They were starting to lose momentum and slowly losing—they could not defend against the direct assault of the Amonro World’s wrath.

As rookie Demon-Hunters, Grimm, Millie, and the others could feel that their Magic Powers were spinning wildly in their bodies, eager to join the fight after seeing this.


Suddenly, the black ashen sorcerer robe around Grimm was burnt to a crisp. As the remains of the robe drifted down from the sky, Grimm was shown to be clad in a full metallic Demon-Hunting armor under another black skin-tight magic robe. Drawing a circle in the sky with his finger, Grimm’s Elemental Staff Version 1.0 emerged in the air and landed in his hand.

A loud screech could be heard before Grimm’s eyes under the Mask of Truth flashed two rays of lights in different colors—crimson red and azure blue. As the lights flashed from under his mask, crackling sounds of electricity could be heard in the air.

Seeing this, the Myna knew a fierce battle was about to begin. Originally thinking of crawling into the pocket dimension, the Myna chowed down a nut and decided to fly straight into Grimm’s sleeve. Then, his voice could be heard loudly from within Grimm’s sleeves, “Hey, Grimm! You better be smart about this, alright? Don’t just rush into battle hastily…”

On the other hand, Millie took out her Ice Fan as snow frosts fleeted around her. As her silver hair moved with the winds, the ice crystal on her forehead was shining brightly while her snowy white robe started to form a layer of frost.

Suddenly, a Demon-Hunter, whose face was half covered by the robe that was fuming thick brown smoke, hovered over Grimm and Millie’s head and gave them both a look. Then, the Demon-Hunter gave them a piece of calm advice, “Oh, rookies? If this is your first Foreign World Conquest, it’s best that you tail behind the others. You’ll get to keep your lives that way.”

The Demon-Hunter sounded calm—it was as though the fierce battle between the Soul Slaves and Shadow Legion ahead was not a big deal at all.

Looking at one another, Grimm and Millie looked around and checked out the senior Demon-Hunters around them.

Everyone was just calmly waiting at their posts. From Hearkening Whisperer who was hovering above the Void Fortress, the Dark Demon-Hunters who were standing in uneven formation below her, to the Bright Sorcerers who were lining up neatly at the lower level of the Void Fortress, everyone was just waiting and watching the battles that were going on.

It was as though every Demon-Hunter was waiting for something—something crucial.

Thus, Grimm and Millie looked at one another again before suppressing the anxiety they were feeling, and stood in place waiting patiently with the others.

A quarter of an hourglass later.


As the Amonros’ bombarding troops on the ground were preparing to launch their third round of attacks with their bio-weapons, a powerful jerk could be felt from within the Void Fortress—as though something powerful was activated. A warm, benevolent rule of nature was felt within the center of the Void Fortress, rippling towards the Shadow World in all directions.

It was the Original Will of the Sorcerer World! It was invading the Shadow World.

It was then, everyone—no matter the Bright Sorcerers or the Dark Sorcerers, all of them, including the Voidships, formed invisible Sorcerer Barriers around them to shield their bodies, like they were cowering inside a chicken egg.

The Void Fortress, on the other hand, was the only one that took down its defensive barrier.


Grimm, who was originally feeling glad and excited for finally being able to activate his Sorcerer Barrier in a Foreign World, suddenly took in a breath of cold air, feeling an alarming chill in his spine.

That feeling was like the vast anxious, chilling fear one would feel mere moments before the eruption of a volcano!

Not able to figure out what was going on, Grimm’s face was as white as a sheet.

Suddenly, a pillar of powerful light beam burst out from within the Void Fortress’ ten-meter-wide cannon!

It was the Prodigious Shatterer!

Not emitting any sound at all, the enormous pillar of maroon light slashed across the sky, pushing the two-hundred-meter shockwave from its tip into the massive mountain thousands and thousands of meters away.

Inside the mountain was the weird weaponry of the Amonros, the Enigmatic Castle—the one that was launching weird projectiles and causing massive damage to the Soul Slaves earlier on.

In the sky, the Shadow Legion, together with the various Soul Slaves that were not able to evade in time, were all but annihilated by the powerful energy pillar. They were pulverized into particles almost instantaneously, not leaving behind any trace that they had ever existed in the world. As for the mountain that was supposed to hide the Enigmatic Castle was not able to provide it with any sort of defense at all—they were completely wiped off from the surface of the Shadow World.

Yet, that was not the end of it.

While still firing its cannon, the Void Fortress then started to slowly turn its direction, the maroon light beam then too was moving along with the fortress, like a gigantic beam sword that was swiping across the world, turning everything it touched, the thousands and thousands of Soul Slaves, the tens of thousands of Amonro soldiers in the Shadow Legion, and several other mountains that were hiding the Amonros’ weaponries, to dust in mere seconds.

Everything that the Prodigious Shatterer touched became a clean blank slate—as though completely wiped off by the massively powerful cannon; the various scars that were left on the Shadow World by its millenias of wars were now replaced by a ten-thousand-meter-wide canyon.

In less than ten seconds, the massive light pillar had started to dissolve and disappear as the Prodigious Shatterer expended all its energy.

Yet, this ten seconds was enough to haunt everyone in the Shadow World—from the king of the Enigmatic Prophets, to the Shadow Legion, to the countless low-ranked Amonros who did not possess any flight capability.

The Amonros breathed heavily as they tried to relax their trembling bodies while they looked at the cold bloodied sun.

Could this all be real?


This power… it was not anything that could possibly exist in this world. No living creature could ever master power this enormous! These evil sorcerers could not possibly possess such power! This was impossible…

Denial and fear had completely taken over them.

If that bloodied sun launched another energy pillar like that again…

Realizing that the worst might not have passed, despair filled up in every of the Amonros’ minds.

Just mere moments ago, the confident Amonros felt that the sky was crumbling down. The Prodigious Shatterer had shattered every beam of hope in their hearts, and gifted them with everlasting despair.

“This… this isn’t an enemy that we could ever win against!”

Watching the massive canyon that the Prodigious Shatterer left behind, many Enigmatic Amonros mumbled as they shuddered.


Hundreds of Voidships, extending their Sorcerer Barriers outside of their metallic shells, rushed out in orderly lines while launching their Occult Pulverizers.

Then, tens of thousands of Bright Sorcerers, who too were extending their Sorcerer Barriers around them, launched their spells ahead. With the aid of the Soul Slaves, the Bright Demon-Hunter army was obliterating all the fleeing soldiers of the crumbling Shadow Legion.

As the orderly, cooperative and powerful Bright Demon-hunters surfed across the battlefield, the sturdy defense of the Shadow Legion was completely shattered, only able to hold off the Bright Sorcerers for just mere minutes.

If the two million Soul Slaves’ combat prowess was 100 points when measured, then, the twenty thousand Bright Sorcerers possessed the combat prowess of above 1000!

The now confused and disorganized Shadow Legion was trying their best to fight back; yet, under the constant barrage of the Bright Sorcerers’ attacks, only despair awaited them.

Back in the battles between the Sorcery Schools, the Dark Sorcerers were able to win against the Bright Sorcerers by taking out their leader. That was how the Dark Sorcerers were able to win against the Bright Sorcerers despite the overwhelming disadvantage.

Yet now… taking out the leader?

In the middle of the Bright Sorcerers’ formation, as Tomb Segja conjured tides after tides of Magic Power, a hundred-meter-tall elemental creature roared loudly into the sky as it appeared next to the Bright Sorcerers. With Tomb Segja’s ability, she was able to sync with the elemental creatures in a short amount of time, leading the Bright Sorcerers towards their enemies.

Tens of thousands of Bright Sorcerers and hundreds of Voidships surrounded Tomb Segja as they obliterated anything that was standing in their way.


Seeing Hearkening Whisperer turn into a hundred-meter-tall Elemental Giant, Dark Sorcerers too launched their Magic Powers around the massive giant, like small colorful glow worms flying around it.

“Destroy every single creature that dares to defy the Original Will! Destroy their circuit bomb launcher!”

Whoosh whoosh whoosh…

Hearing Hearkening Whisperer’s order, tens of thousands of Dark Sorcerers surfed under their Magic Powers out from the Void Fortress, like waves after waves of meteor shower raining from the sky towards the various Amonros’ defensive structures.

The Dark Sorcerers had only two objectives in mind—to kill as many prey as they could to collect Despair, and to destroy that weird skeletal Flower Bud that was launching weird projectiles at their army.

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