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A Sorcerer’s Journey (Web Novel) - Chapter 185: Meteor Rain

Chapter 185: Meteor Rain

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Whoosh whoosh whoosh…

Tens of thousands of Demon-Hunters darted across the sky, gliding over the Shadow Legion that was engaged in combat with the Bright Sorcerers and dived straight to the ground—the ground where countless low ranked Amonros were gathered.

When looked from afar, it was as though there were great numbers of meteors raining down from the heavens. Explosion after explosion could be heard on the great Shadow Continent as the meteors, pulling their long fiery tails, crashed down onto the ground.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Many low ranked Amonros died after taking direct hits from the meteors. Their surviving comrades, filled with rage, terror and despair, quickly rushed forward to surround their enemies. Still shaking in fear and haunted by despair, the Amonros launched a suicidal strike—preparing to give their lives for battle.

The Amonros roared loudly as they rushed forward, raising their long golden tails valiantly. Some of these tails were even carrying sparks of fire.

However, dust and elemental energies started to gather around the holes where the meteors fell. The “evil” Dark Sorcerers slowly opened their cold and remorseless eyes as they stood up to face the countless tides of low ranked Amonros. Then, a surge of Magic Power burst out and sent a powerful shockwave around them. As their eerie laughs could be heard echoing the battlefield, these sorcerers appeared like demons who had emerged from the Amonros’ deepest nightmares.


Thousands of different types of Elemental Giants rose up around the Dark Demon-Hunters, roaring ferociously to the skies before engaging in the ruthless slaughtering of their foes.


Grimm and Millie were rookie Demon-Hunters. Thus, they were amongst the last to descend from the sky.

Pulling long fiery waves, like the other Dark Demon-Hunters earlier, they both glided downwards as they activated a layer of Sorcerer Barrier in front of them. As they were crashing down, Grimm looked at the various holes that were caused by the impacts of the Dark Sorcerers’ landing. He could see a Level 2 Dark Sorcerer gliding across the sky. Thus, both of them quickly adjusted their direction and followed the Level 2 Dark Sorcerers.

Despite being Dark Sorcerers, it was common sense for low-level sorcerers to follow the lead of higher-level sorcerers. This was always how things were done in Foreign Land conquests. This was like some sort of insurance—if the low-level Demon-Hunters were faced with enemies that they could not handle alone, they could then rely on the Level 2 Demon-Hunters’ aid.

At times, they could face enemies that were so powerful that even the Level 2 Demon-Hunters could not defeat. Then, they could still rely on the Level 2 Demon-Hunters’ Demon-Hunter Reinforcement Token to call for backups.

The ones who would answer to these Reinforcement Tokens were usually the other Level 2, Level 3 Sorcerers who also possessed Demon-Hunter Reinforcement Tokens. Thus, with that they could acquire help from not only the Demon-Hunters with Honor Badges but also from small fleets of Bright Sorcerers’ Voidships.

Of course, usually on a battlefield this chaotic, they could only acquire aid from Demon-Hunters who were closest to them.

Slowly, as they were inching towards the ground, Grimm could see some of the faces of the Golden Amonros below—their horrified and panicked faces.


A powerful surge of Elemental Energy rippled out as they landed.

A dozen Golden Amonros were not able to dodge in time; thus, they were instantly killed as Grimm’s Elemental Energy and scattered rocks hit them. Grimm slowly stood up in the middle of the eight-meter fiery hole that was caused by the impact of their landing.


Tuning into the world’s nature, Grimm extended his hand and put out the fire around him. Under his ashen-white Mask of Truth, Grimm’s red-blue irises glared at the several dozens of Golden Amonros that were surrounding them as he flashed a belittling grin.


After chanting a spell quietly, powerful surges of Magic Power whirled around Grimm’s staff. Then, a five-meter tall Greedy Flame Giant stood up from behind him. The giant breathed in the flailing negative emotions that lingered around them. In an instance, the five-meter giant, wearing a Voltaic Raincoat, suddenly let out a deafening roar as it grew to seven meters in height.


Letting its fury run wild, rocks and sand around were sent flying as the Greedy Flame Giant waved its four-meter long Voltaic-Aqua Greatsword in the battlefield, slicing a dozen Amonros into blobs of minced meat. Trapped by the giant’s massive hand, the Amonros’ souls were then devoured by the Greedy Flame Giant.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh…

Another dozen of Amonros then dashed straight at the Greedy Flame Giant from all sides. Yet, as the giant let out a loud roar, rolling electric energy burst out around it and turned the entire ten-meter radius around it into a zone with lightning. In the glimpse of an eye, all the Amonros who were trapped within the lightning zone were zapped into ashes.

With just a few breaths, dozens and dozens of low ranked Amonros were decimated.

Supported by his Magic Staff, Grimm slowly stepped out of the hole behind the Greedy Flame Giant. The heads of the deceased Amonros that were killed earlier were burning wildly around them.

“Just now, the Greedy Flame Giant had slaughtered seventy-three Amonros. Its soul collecting knowledge is still at the beginning stages… so it wasn’t able to convert many of the souls. As such, the degree of the Despair of the Amonros was only raised by two to four degrees.”

As he mumbled to himself, Grimm looked at the Greedy Flame Giant behind him.

“This is quite curious. There isn’t any negative emotion that the Greedy Flame Giant needed in its vicinity to activate its Hatred Eating ability. Then, how was it triggered? Could it be… that the hate and anger could be transmuted into the ‘Bogus Hatred’ that it needed? Then, the tested data from the Greedy Flame Giant was indeed a little more potent and powerful than what we see right now. Hmm… yes, this could be it.”


Suddenly, a swift shadow zipped straight at Grimm from behind. Without giving it a glance, Grimm raised his Magic Staff and swung at it. After a long and loud excruciating wail, the shadow’s movement stopped instantly.

Slowly turning around, Grimm saw the Golden Amonro who was impaled by his Magic Staff. The Amonro was not able to release the flames that were accumulating in its mouth in time before its demise; other than that, its long sharp tail was not able to deal much damage to the Sorcerer Barrier either. Its attempts at attacking Grimm was futile.

The combat prowess of this Golden Amonro was, at best, on the same level as that of an unmodified Legendary Knight. Nonetheless, it was still amongst the better combatants when compared to the countless other low-ranked Amonros.

How boring.

Grimm shook his head coldly.


As Fire Element Energy blasted from Grimm’s Magic Staff, the elite Golden Amonro was burned into crisp, leaving a distasteful scent of burnt meat in the air.

The Myna poked his head out of Grimm’s sleeve and saw this in the nick of time. Disgusted, he quickly withdrew back into the sleeve and screeched, “Oh damn it. How revolting! I’ll head back into the pocket dimension here to seek some peace and quiet. Call me when you’re done…”

Then, Grimm’s sleeves were now empty again.

Grimm was not really bothered by the Myna’s complaint and departure. This bird was not able to provide any notable aid in the battlefield anyway. Its physical attacks could only deal significant damage on nuts, fruits and cuisines—in other words, the Myna was so harmless that he could not be a combatant at all on the battlefield.

After chanting a series of spells, the Bloodlust Puppet arrived at the battlefield, answering to Grimm’s summon.

Displaying a chilling smile, the Bloodlust Puppet took a Radiating Rock in its arms and flew towards a mushroom-like building nearby. Its terrifying wail and the terror-inflicting appearance was ideal in collecting Despair in the area.

In the meantime, a ray of golden beam shot out of the Mask of Truth and, almost instantly, a militia of fleeing Amonros morphed into a pile of dry corpses after screaming in pain and horror.

Grimm did not show any sense of remorse and mercy in slaughtering his prey, collecting Despair along the way.

A moment later…


A ten-meter Ice Phoenix flew over from the sky. Shrouded in chilling icy breaths, Millie waved her Ice Fan around as she rode on her exquisite Ice Phoenix; she looked at the Greedy Flame Giant that was standing next to Grimm, and exclaimed loudly, “Quick! We need to take out the Circuit Bomb Launcher. I think there’s an Amonro Circuit Bomb Launcher about a thousand meters away from here.”

The “Circuit Bomb Launcher” Millie spoke of was actually the giant skeletal Flower Buds that were spewing Demonic Blood Moss earlier—the Lesser Enigmatic Gem.

According to how the sorcerers graded weapons, these were most likely amongst tactical weapons of the lowest rank. They were even weaker than the Voidships’ Occult Pulverizers. Of course, they were three times much weaker than the Void Fortress’ Prodigious Shatterer.

As for the “Greater Enigmatic Gems” that were stationed on the mountains, these weapons’ strength was almost on par with the Voidships’ Occult Pulverizers.

In other words, these Amonros’ “secret weapons” were not really impressive weaponry in the eyes of the sorcerers.

After the Holy Tower Qualification Battle, Grimm, despite having read a little about Millie’s combat data, had never really fought with or alongside Millie before. Thus, after seeing the giant Ice Phoenix that was hovering above his head, Grimm could not help but feel a gush of respect.

This Ice Phoenix had gone through some modification under the Element Activation Sorcery. It was, in some ways, much stronger than his Greedy Flame Giant.

Other than the Ice Phoenix, the moving ice statues and agile Snow Panther, that were tailing her, too, were phenomenal creatures.


After giving his response, Grimm summoned the despair-collecting Bloodlust Puppet back to his side. It was then, burst after burst of bloody crimson rays were launched from afar towards the Bright Sorcerers.

It was clear that if one were to destroy every last ounce of the Amonros’ ability to resist they would need to destroy these bomb launchers.

Looking at the Shadow Legion that was clashing fiercely with the Bright Sorcerers, Grimm pulled back the golden Ray, that was blazing from his eyes, back into his Mask of Truth, and then pointed at the closest “Circuit Bomb Launcher”.

“We’ll start with this one.”


After replying, Millie rode her Ice Phoenix and glided straight towards her target, with her ice statues tailing behind her. Under the fleeting snow frosts that the Phoenix left behind in the air, Millie’s Snow Panther too agilely leapt into the air, following its master.

Grimm and the Greedy Flame Giant too activated the elemental energy around them and followed them, riding the elemental energy that was defying gravity under their feet. Along the way, screams of horror could be heard as they easily decimated the low-ranked Amoros that were in the way.

Sitting on the Greedy Flame Giant’s shoulder, the Bloodlust Puppet let out a haunting laugh—one that sounded like agonizing wailing while it hugged the Radiating Rock in its arms. Its tactical support on the battlefield was not needed anymore at this point.

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