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A Sorcerer’s Journey (Web Novel) - Chapter 186: The Despair of Amonro I

Chapter 186: The Despair of Amonro I

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There were constant waves of Amonros rushing towards the enemies as they started launching tides after tides of kamikaze attacks at them. Grimm did not bother to lift a finger to deal with them at all as the Greedy Flame Giant had already beaten all of these suicidal Amonros into lifeless meat bags by simply swinging his massive powerful arms around.

The situation was pretty much the same with Millie too. These low ranked creatures could not get close at all because they were all slain by Millie’s ice statues and Snow Panther on the ground. The Ice Phoenix did not even need to descend to deal with these nuisances.

Not bothered by the oncoming attacks, Grimm made use of the opportunity that his giant had created to quietly study the different laws of nature of the Shadow World.

Firstly, one of the biggest differences was that the Shadow World had a different concept of “day” and “night”. They even had a different notion of “seasons”—ones that were far different from what one would see in the Sorcerer World.

Secondly, this world’s Terran Stream’s gravitational pull, ratios of various air components, and energy condensation all differed greatly from the Sorcerer World.

Lastly, this world had a different unique law in regards to the circle of life. This was especially true for the smog spitting volcanoes—they appeared to possess certain mysterious secrets of the world. Of course, only the Stigmata Sorcerers were qualified to run researches to uncover these secrets. The low-level sorcerers were only allowed to get accustomed to their surroundings by understanding the laws of nature around them.

Traversing a distance of thousands of miles was not a huge deal to Grimm and Millie, who were now full-fledged sorcerers.

After travelling for a while, both of them had darted across the massive land mass that was dyed red by mountains of corpses. As they flew past a fuming mountain, they saw three Dark Sorcerers launching their attacks at a massive skeletal Flower Bud and the elite Amonros surrounding it.

On the ground, there were countless of low-ranked Amonros roaming around—stacked on top of one another, like a small hill that was formed by multiple layers of Amonros.

In the middle of this “hill”, a ten-meter tall skeletal Flower Bud was slowly being turned by these Amonros to face a different direction; while they were doing so, countless others were also tossing some unknown items into the Flower Bud.

Boom! Boom! Booooom!!

Thick smoke emerged and engulfed the low ranked Golden Amonros that were now laying in the massive holes, this was caused by the powerful elemental energy blasts. As energy rays clashed with one another, the three Dark Sorcerers had locked on and sent an insane number of strikes at the several dozens of Golden Amonros and Enigmatic Amonros that were rushing towards them.

As the sorcerers’ energy blasts rippled through the air like tidal waves, one could also see continuous waves of stone spikes, combusting with fire elemental energy around them, being launched into the air by the Golden Amonros.

Grimm had faced these stone spike attacks before. These had about 35-150 degrees of damage; a full-fledged sorcerer could find these problematic to deal with when facing a great number of these being launched at them.

Therefore, it was quite obvious that these hundreds of stone spikes were quite a formidable threat. Even Grimm, a sorcerer who was extending a layer of 1000-degree defense Sorcerer Barrier, would not dare to rush into the attack range of these stone spikes.

Seeing two more Dark Demon-Hunters coming to aid them, the three Dark Sorcerers felt a sense of relief. With their morale recovered, their sorcery attacks were beginning to intensify. One of the Dark Sorcerers was using metallic chains. This reminded Grimm of Nairo—another sorcerer who entered the World Core with him back then.

The sorcerer who had metallic chains equipped all over her body… that must be Nairo!

So, she too had joined this Demon-Hunting mission?

However, this should be expected.

Nairo was, after all, promoted to be a full-fledged sorcerer about the same time as Grimm. Under usual circumstances, rookie Demon-Hunters would opt to join their first Demon-Hunter mission at about the same time. Thus, it should be no surprise that both of them would participate in this Shadow World Conquest.

If this was the case, Yupao and Machine Heart Victor were probably participating in this Foreign World Conquest too—as they ranked up at about the same time as Grimm.

Flailing her metallic chain ball around, Nairo too spotted Grimm.

“Frost Roar!”

After charging up Magic Power on the Ice Phoenix, Millie fiercely waved her Ice Fan towards the sky. In an instance, a blanket of snow frost emerged and gushed towards her enemies.

The ice element was quite effective against the Amonro race. Without any means to resist the ice attacks, the flying Amonros were instantly frozen solid.

Meanwhile, the Snow Panther and Ice Phoenix’s normal attacks were terrifyingly destructive towards the low ranked Golden Amonros. Within mere seconds, the crystal-like Snow Panther was dyed red.

However, the Amonros had not given up yet. The tens of thousands of Amonros that were guarding the skeletal Flower Bud suddenly broke up into teams of hundreds and dashed towards Grimm and Millie. Some of these hundred-Amonro teams even included some burning Golden Amonros and fair-skinned Enigmatic Amonros.


Having spotted the oncoming Enigmatic Amonros, Grimm could not help but feel a tinge of excitement.

When he was at the Void Fortress, Grimm had already chosen what kind of resources he wanted to acquire from this conquest. There were two that caught his interest—the Demonic Blood Moss and capturing the Enigmatic Amonros as inhabitant specimens.

There was great value in researching the Enigmatic Amonros. Other than that, these Enigmatic Amonros too possessed the Enigmatic Stones—another resource that too was invaluable.

As for the Demonic Blood Moss that could be found in those “circuit bomb launchers” … every sorcerer with common sense would know their value. Of course, the higher level sorcerers had no use for the Demonic Blood Moss. Yet, to the low level sorcerers these moss had developmental potentials.

Thus, almost at the same time, both Grimm and Millie immediately darted towards the Enigmatic Amonros that were leading groups of burning Golden Amonros.


After activating his Dimensional Sorcery, Grimm and the Greedy Flame Giant immediately zoomed in front of their target—an Enigmatic Amonro. The Amonros quickly stopped and turned towards their enemies, now mere inches away, hurling their long sharp tails at Grimm.

Their long tails were fast, leaving mirror images behind as they darted across in the air. Yet, Grimm had already activated his Mystic Eye; thus, these lightning fast tails were much slower in his eyes. Connecting to the Magic Powers in the ground below, Grimm calmly shouted, “Gravity!”

Manipulating the gravitational pull of the world’s Terran Stream, these unsuspecting Amonros plunged straight into the ground. Two weaker Amonros had it the worst—their bodies were planted straight into the soil.

Moving his fingers in the air, like playing an invisible harp, Grimm pulled two surges of dimensional energy across the sky.

Gush! Gush!

A falling Golden Amonro whirled around violently before bursting into a fog of bloodied mist. Another Golden Amonro nearby even vanished into thin air, leaving behind its long golden tail.

Boom! Boom! Booom!!!

The fireballs that landed on Grimm’s Sorcerer Barrier had merely depleted some of his Magic Power, not causing any damage at all. Also, Grimm did not have to worry about his depleted Magic Power—it could be replenished in a relatively short amount of time by his Demon-Hunting gears.


The Greedy Flame Giant let out a loud roar as it swung its massive sword on the battlefield. Able to consume an infinite amount of hatred, this seven-meter monstrosity was an absolute nightmare to the half-a-meter tall Amonros.

In the eyes of these Amonros, they probably thought Grimm was just the servant of the Greedy Flame Giant.

Slashing its Voltaic-Aqua Giant Sword, the Greedy Flame Giant left pillars after pillars of dark flames on the battlefield as it rammed into the Enigmatic Amonro and its Golden Amonro servants. It was so powerful that they could not do anything to stop it.

As for the low-ranked Amonros that could not fly, the Greedy Flame Giant had, unintentionally, slain over dozens of them.

After killing two elite Golden Amonros, Grimm glanced at the gigantic skeletal Flower Bud that was guarded by countless of low-ranked Amonros.

There were at least fifty to sixty thousand of them there.

Even though these were merely low ranked creatures, their number was so great that they could be a bother to face head on.

Gruuu… gru….

The massive skeletal Flower Bud was shaking around wildly, as if trying to digest and crush all the items that were tossed into it by the low-ranked Amonros, preparing to launch them into the air.

Each time this thing launched its content into the air, the sorcerers that were fighting in the sky would definitely suffer some losses.

It had to be stopped immediately.


Suddenly, there seemed to be some disturbance beneath the countless low-ranked Amonros. Seven ten-meter long massive black beetles crawled out from the Amonro crowd. Then, as these beetles opened up their green shining mouths, green-skinned unique Amonros leapt up into the air!


New breed of Amonros neon green in color?


As Grimm was approaching several elite Golden Amonros that were bothering his giant, the giant skeletal Flower Bud had launched a crimson fireball into the air, heading straight towards the Bright Sorcerers.

Then, as though trying to provide cover fire for the fire ball, the smaller skeletal Flower Buds too had fired their projectiles in unison. In an instant, thousands of bloodied projectiles were airbound, pulling along long scarlet tails in the sky. Of course, due to the fierce attacks by the sorcerers, the number of the projectiles this time was decreased by a notch.

Booom! Booom! Booooom….

Explosions erupted amongst the Bright Sorcerers’ fleet. Although the Voidships had Sorcerer Barriers and a sturdy layer of armor, there were still several dozens of Bright Sorcerers and thousands of Soul Slaves falling from the sky. The moment their bodies dropped on the ground, they were immediately drowned by the countless of Amonros amassed below.

Booom! Boom! Booom! Booooom….

The Bright Sorcerers immediately launched their counterattacks using their Occult Pulverizers. Yet, they were only able to kill the low-ranked Amonros—failing to get a clear shot of the Lesser Enigmatic Gems.

Fortunately, there were only two Greater Enigmatic Gems left that were functioning properly. The other fifteen Gems were, together with the mountains that they were on, all but wiped out by the Void Fortress’ Prodigious Shatterer earlier.

As Grimm, Millie, Nairo and the other five Dark Sorcerers were having a hard time breaking through the Amonros’ defense and dealing with the newly arrived Neon Green Amonros, three Dark Sorcerers had flown over from afar as backups.

Two of the three Dark Sorcerers, despite appearing to not know one another, were teaming up and working together while the other one appeared to be working alone.

“Now then… since we’ve got support… perhaps we could test out these Neon Green Amonros’ combat capabilities first and then take out those weird rail cannons before they launch another round of attack at the aviation fleet.”

As Grimm was quietly planning after killing a Golden Amonro and beginning to cast a dart of sorcery at the Enigmatic Amonro that was being suppressed by his Greedy Flame Giant, a roar of thunder could be heard from afar.

As roars of thunder drummed furiously, a splinter of violet lightning slashed across the sky and exploded above Grimm and several other Dark Sorcerers, stunning them.

Then, from a cloak of crackling violet electricity, a sorcerer emerged—his body was jerking wildly as if being affected the crackling electricity, as though this was not his body at all.

Every Dark Sorcerer in the scene was overjoyed as they saw the sorcerer that had just arrived—it was a Level 2 Elemental Sorcerer!

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