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A Sorcerer’s Journey (Web Novel) - Chapter 187: The Despair of Amonro II

Chapter 187: The Despair of Amonro II

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Zap! Vroom!!!

The Level 2 Demon-Hunter scanned the battlefield. Then, a crack of violet lightning splintered down to the ground, hitting thousands and thousands of low-ranked Amonros, as he lifted his hand up in the air.

In just a wave of his hand, his violet lightning had already caused so much damage—about hundreds of points in damage!

This was, however, expected from the Level 2 Sorcerer—he possessed a whopping 200 points of Intelligence. Using just a mere one-sixth of his total Intelligence, it would still be about 30-36 points of Intelligence—which was a lot!

The Element Morphing Sorcery that he was using could multiply the damage that he dealt to his foes to at least 300 points of damage at minimum! Thus, it was expected that his attacks were whacking around at 400-500 points like it was nothing. This, in turn, made this Level 2 Sorcerer much stronger than any opponent that Grimm had faced during the Holy Tower Qualification Battles—even stronger than the Fire Blast spell sorcerer!

Unlike the Sorcerer-apprentices’ battles where innate gifts were the deciding factor in one losing or winning, the battles of the low-level sorcerers were more about precision and mastery in control of their Intelligence and knowledge.

During these times, a low-level sorcerer’s Intelligence growth rate was far more important than their sorcerer level.

The Level 2 Sorcerer’s 200 points in Intelligence was about twice the number of a Level 1 Sorcerer’s 100-point Intelligence. Adding on his element morphing abilities, he was probably much stronger than the Level 1 Sorcerers—in fact, a genius that would appear once every thousands of years.

Of course, these feats were all small and puny in comparison to the Level 3 Sorcerers, who possessed at least 300 points in Intelligence.


Suddenly, several huge giant black beetles crawled out of the soil. They then extended their wings and spit out large amounts of neon green liquid. After a short low-pitched noise, the lightning pillars that were ravaging the land were all quickly “melted”.

The observing sorcerers were shocked and excited when they saw the neon green liquid.

They all wanted to gather the liquid and study them further.

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh…

Several Neon Green Amonros swiftly darted towards the Level 2 Sorcerer, intending to ram into him with their sturdy bodies—almost as sturdy as the Level 1 Anatomy Refinery Sorcerers.


A ten-meter tall monster, cloaked in swirling zapping electricity, stood up behind the Level 2 Sorcerer, shielding him with its massively obese body.

Meanwhile, Grimm, with the aid of his Mystic Eye, quickly grabbed a golden tail, his palms burning with Eternal Flames, and tossed the poor Golden Amonro away as it let out a long excruciating scream. The Greedy Flame Giant then stepped up slowly to cooperate with its master by swinging its massive Voltaic-Aqua Giant Sword at the little creature. In an instance, the poor Golden Amonro was cut to pieces in just one strike.

Then, like a stream of fluid water, Grimm swiftly moved about on the battlefield, leaving trails of mirror images, to chase after the fleeing Enigmatic Amonro. As his hand extended towards its direction, a powerful gravitational force halted the movement of the Enigmatic Amonro.


The Enigmatic Amonro quickly spit out a fireball at Grimm in retaliation. In response, Grimm too cast out a fireball with just a wave of his hand.

The two fireballs met in the sky before they burst into ripples of flames in the air.

Dashing out of the fire waves, Grimm inched closer to the panicking little creature, charging up electric elements in his fists. Under his Mask of Truth, there was no murderous intent in Grimm’s eyes. He was, however, pondering about something else.

“Did this Enigmatic Amonro activate its Enigmatic Seal and devour the Bloodlust Doll whole? So… this is the Enigmatic Seal that the crystal ball was talking about.”

If that was the case, this Enigmatic Amonro—the one that could “seal” up and devour his Bloodlust Doll, was a valuable specimen for his research. He was now even more eager to dissect this mysterious creature to uncover the secrets of the Enigmatic Seal.

As he was deep in his thoughts, the Enigmatic Amonro was stabbing its long tail at him. Its tail was so quick that it left mirror images behind the path it travelled. Usually, when facing an enemy this quick, any common sorcerer would find it difficult to retaliate. Yet, Grimm possessed not only a layer of Sorcerer Barrier but also the Mystic Eye. These attacks were no threat to him. Thus, in just a short few seconds, Grimm was able to dodge all the long tail’s attacks and quickly hammered his electricity-crackling fists onto the Enigmatic Amonro’s body.


As electricity wildly splintered in the air, the fair-skinned Enigmatic Amonro was sent flying off to a distance before dropping onto the ground. Quickly flying to its side, Grimm could see a small sliver of green string tied to the Enigmatic Amonro’s body—it was the Green Python Thread.

Crink crink…

Grimm could feel a few ripples of distortion on his Sorcerer Barrier. Turning around, he could see several dozens of fire stone spikes zipping rapidly towards him—it was the low-ranked Amonros that were launching their counter-strikes at him.

Hmph …

Letting out a cold chuckle, Grimm lifted a finger and pointed it at one of the low-ranked Amonros—like how Fake Faceless Nilmar pointed at the ignorant kids back then.

Psst psst… Boom…!!

As the dimensions around it were pierced by invisible drills, the low-leveled Amonro that Grimm was pointing at suddenly exploded into a fog of bloodied mist.

As the bright Eternal Flames flashed before everyone’s eyes, Grimm dashed towards the despaired Enigmatic Amonro, like a small sun. As the bloodied mist around them vaporized into thin air, Grimm coldly poured a bottle of potion into the struggling Enigmatic Amonro.

In just a few moments, the Enigmatic Amonro that was sealed by the Green Python Thread had passed out, sealing its fate as an inhabitant specimen.

Then, Grimm carried the Enigmatic Amonro and threw it into the mouth of the Greedy Flame Giant. This was done to minimize logistic efforts—to crack up pocket dimensions outside of the Void Fortress during Foreign Land Conquests would take up too much time and effort after all.

According to Grimm’s deduction, this Enigmatic Amonro was probably one of the weakest amongst its kind. It was probably on the same level as the Worker Drone Mechanical Marionettes. In other words, taking it out was not much of an issue to Grimm, who was already a full-fledged sorcerer.

On the other hand, Milly’s Frost Sorcery was very effective against the Amonros. Having dealt with the Amonros that were trying to stop her from getting to the battlefield, Milly was now providing cover fire for her ice statues, Snow Panther, and Ice Phoenix that were clashing with the Neon Green Amonros, stopping them from reaching the two-headed electric beast and its Level 2 Sorcerer master.

Countless Neon Green Amonros and giant beetles were moving around, circling both of them at a superb speed. The Neon Green energy that the Neon Green Amonros emitted appeared to provide them with some kind of powerful resistance against the elemental attacks.

Whoosh Whoosh!

Nairo and another Dark Sorcerer quickly slew the Amonros around them before dashing into the Neon Green Amonro crowd.

Flailing the golden chain ball around her, she was able to perform powerful offenses and sturdy defenses all at the same time. Her chains and chain ball appeared to possess sealing powers even more powerful than that of the Green Python Threads.

The Dark Sorcerer, on the other hand, summoned a three-meter tall monster with his Hematology Sorcery. Standing tall and waving its six arms around, the monster had legs that appeared like that of a centipede’s as it moved around, fuming thick black smoke from its body.

After some consideration, Grimm decided to not rush over to help them. Instead, he quickly chanted a spell with his magic staff, as his Greedy Flame Giant shielded him from the Amonros’ attacks, and summoned forth a ray of sapphire blue water element and another ray of crimson hot fire element. In just the blink of an eye, the two element rays then clashed with each other and formed a dark energy ball.

This was Grimm’s very own “Fire Blast Spell”.

With the enhancement from his magic staff, his 100-point Intelligence quickly multiplied his Fire Blast Spell by 30. With various enhancements that his gears and magic staff provided, his Fire Blast Spell could now reach to over 1000 points of damage!

With damage this high, this attack could very well be any low-level sorcerer’s show-down move in battles.

As Grimm’s dark energy ball started to accumulate its energy and become more and more potent, the other Demon-Hunters could not help but look at him as they sensed the intense energy emitting from him.

Seeing this, Milly recalled that she had once seen this phenomenon before. During the Holy Tower Qualification Battle, there was a surge of energy just like this. It was due to this that the Sonic-emitting monster had to sacrifice itself to hold off Grimm.

Seeing that Grimm had now attained better mastery of this spell, Milly could not help but hold her breath as she watched in excitement.

Meanwhile, Nairo was utterly shocked as she saw surges and surges of dark energy accumulate around Grimm. She mumbled, “This level of power… is this a new sorcery that was developed in the recent two centuries? Looks like he has improved quite a lot in the last two hundred years…”

Nairo thought this Fire Blast Spell was a new spell that Grimm had developed after he ranked up as a full-fledged sorcerer.

As for the powerful Level 2 Sorcerer, he too could not help but turn his attention to the dark energy ball that was jerking wildly above Grimm’s magic staff.

Grimm, on the other hand, was paying full attention to his spell as he held his breath.

Conjuring up a Fire Blast from the surrounding nature required a lot of Magic Power. Grimm did not have the luxury to pay any attention to the Dark Sorcerers, Enigmatic Amonro and the Neon Green Amonro squads. There was only one thing he was focusing on—the skeletal Flower Bud that was miles away, straight ahead.

If he could destroy this tactical weapon that the Amonros had been using to launch waves after waves of Demonic Blood Moss at the Bright Sorcerers, even though destroying this one weapon would not do much in shifting major tides of battle, he would at least be able to reduce unnecessary losses that the Bright Sorcerers needed to endure and aid in their effort to quickly take out the Shadow Legion in the skies.

Other than that, that was the order given to all Dark Demon-Hunters too. If they could take out the Flower Bud, then they could take their sweet time to gather Despair from countless tides of Amonros on the ground too.

However, if the Flower Bud was this far away…

Clenching his teeth, Grimm activated his Dissimilation Sorcery. In an instance, a long terrifying tentacle burst out from his back and started to emit powerful Coulomb force, while his left hand, that was not holding his magic staff, emitted strong dimensional energy.

Shining rays suddenly glared out brightly from the eyes of Grimm’s Mask of Truth and then…


Violet waves of Magic Power flung Grimm’s golden hair wildly in the air as he hurled his magic staff wildly before pointing it at the large Flower Bud.

“Fire Blast!”

Grimm’s cold commanding voice sent a pillar of maroon beam shooting off hundreds of meters away, distorting the dimensions around it! With the Coulomb force that was emitting from his tentacle, the maroon beam pillar flashed across the skeletal Flower Bud before violent explosions burst out from within the Amonros’ secret weapon.

As ripples of fire waves drowned the surrounding areas, loud wails of pain and agony from hundreds of Amonros could be heard from under the burning Flower Bud.

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