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A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return (Web Novel) - Chapter 432: Butterfly Ashes

Chapter 432: Butterfly Ashes

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The small door, when pushed open, revealed a clean and bright room.

It probably had no windows because it was built in the basement. However, everything was well organized with many sandalwood cabinets against the walls and a clear glass sliding door.

Xia Ling glanced around and quietly walked towards one of the cabinets. Looking through the glass, she saw neatly arranged rows of CDs that were all about her past life. In her last lifetime, she followed him from the age of 12 until she died at the age of 28. In the middle, all of her songs and albums, including works when she was a trainee, unreleased pieces and different versions were all present.

There were also various video interviews, advertisements, award ceremonies, and so on.

Xia Ling lifted her hand and took out a CD. Unexpectedly, a small piece of paper fell out. She picked it up and saw a familiar handwriting on it—

[Xiao Ling, that day was the second time you won the Best Female Singer Award. You had to take a very long car ride and were unhappy. In the morning, you pestered me to send you there. I had an important meeting and could not leave. Thus, I had to comfort you for a long time before you reluctantly left. When you received the award, you still had a cold look on your face.

The news said that you were arrogant, but only I knew that you wanted me to accompany you.

If the heavens gave me another chance, I would definitely put everything down to be with you.]

It was two years before she fell from the stage and died.

Xia Ling did not think that she would actually see this here now. Her white hands shook, and she almost could not hold the note stably. She hastily put it down and went to look at the other CDs.

There was a small note on every CD.

[You were sick but insisted on shooting the MV. I disagreed and had a big fight with you. As we argued, you suddenly became more spirited. You drank the bitter Chinese medicine in one mouthful and angrily stormed out. Nanny Zhou was worried that I was angry but did not know that I liked looking at the way you glared at me.

Your eyes were so bright, just like when you sang under the sun for this MV.

Xiao Ling, you bloom in my life. You’re my sunshine.]

[When you were building a snowman, you were suddenly inspired and sang a short improvisation of a song. It was very nice, and you said you wanted to compose a complete song, but later, you seemed to have forgotten about it as you never mentioned it again. Fortunately, I recorded it. I like every song you sing. Your songs are like a godsend from heaven.]

There were many more.

Xia Ling shook more violently as she rummaged through the cabinet. Besides CDs, there were also newspapers and magazines that had published articles about her, gifts she gave him, and many other old things…

She found a Christmas hat—

[Xiao Ling, you’re 13 years old now, and you cheerfully went to the studio to play. When you arrived at the set at Imperial Entertainment, it was almost Christmas time, so every actor was wearing a Christmas hat. You managed to get a small supporting role and acted as a princess who only had one line.

When the filming was done, there was a discussion, and your uncle Zitai told me: “How is she a princess? She is literally a Diva. If I knew in advance that this small Diva wanted to give you the hat, I would have immediately sent a dozen to your house…”

But I really like this hat because it’s the first gift you gave me.]

There was also a photograph that was slightly yellow with age.

[When I was taking an afternoon nap, you secretly drew a mustache on my face. Later, when I was having a meeting in the afternoon, all the executives looked at me with strange expressions like they were resisting laughing. I only found out about it when my secretary informed me.

When I returned to the office, you, the troublemaker, was still sleeping soundly on the sofa. After looking at you for a while, I also drew a beard on your face. You were as cute as a kitten.

I could not help but take a photo as a keepsake. Even now, you don’t know about it.]

On this photo, there were mottled imprints that looked like dried tear marks.

Xia Ling also wanted to cry. Opening the last cabinet, she found large and small boxes filled with things that she had never seen.

In one box, there was a withered rose.

[Xiao Ling, you have already passed away for one month and three days.

I feel that you’re still by my side. When I passed by the flower shop today, I turned around and asked you what flowers you wanted. The chauffeur was scared to death. Only then did I realize that you had already left me and are in a place where I can’t go.

My butterfly has flown away forever.]

Inside another box, there was a real estate license.

[After one year and three months after your death, the renovation of the Jinghu villa is completed.

In the past, you always said that I was boring and there was nothing new even when I gave you gifts. Perhaps, in your eyes, I’m a boring person. But you know what? I will give you the most security in the material aspect.

Xiao Ling, you’re my priceless treasure. With me, you will never need to worry about trivial matters in your life. You can just live freely in your own dreams.

Xiao Ling, the villa is finally decorated. I really wish you would happily accept this gift as you did in the past and then laugh at me for being boring.]

After reading the records written with a fountain pen, she could no longer hold anything anymore. Crash . The box fell to the floor.

The sound echoed in the basement, gradually weakened and disappeared.

When she was once again surrounded in silence, she heard an extremely soft sound of music that seemed to come from a music box. It was the piano version of the “Perfect Dream” which she composed many years ago.

She followed the music and found another hidden door that was half-hidden in an inconspicuous corner.

She pushed it open and walked in.

Inside, she saw Pei Ziheng sitting on a sofa chair. In front of him, there was a small altar. On the base of an unknown black material, there were many lines of mantra drawn using cinnabar. Numerous red lines were scattered all over like stars to form a complex pattern. In the middle of the red lines, there were a few old items including a pendant she used to wear frequently, a very delicate bundle of hair, and a music box.

The music was coming from the music box.

She recognized that music box. When she won the international award with “Perfect Dream,” the company released the commemorative music box. In the center, there was a dancing figurine that resembled Xia Ling with an amorous feeling on her face. This music box sold crazily, and even Pei Ziheng kept one to place on his study desk.

No wonder she always felt that something was missing when she walked into his study room in the past. It turned out that he had moved it down here.

Xia Ling looked at the red lines on the altar with mixed feelings. What kind of altar was this? Did he do something related to metaphysics like Li Lei because he was too worried about her?

Pei Ziheng looked up from the sofa chair with a haggard expression.

He did not expect that Xia Ling would appear here and looked at her in surprise.

Xia Ling’s gaze also fell on his body. It was great that he was fine. She sighed in relief but also burst in anger. “Pei Ziheng, why didn’t you pick up my call?!”

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