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A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return (Web Novel) - Chapter 690: Interview

Chapter 690: Interview

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That staff member was quite old and was wearing glasses.

Hearing her, he lifted his wrinkled face and smiled kindly at Xia Ling. “Miss Ye, I can’t rush when it comes to taking measurements. It’s best if the clothes are fitting. I think that the cuffs are a bit old on young master’s clothes right now. He seems to be a playful child. I will choose cuffs that are more dirt resistant.”

After he said this, Xia Ling stopped hurrying him.

As a hundred-year-old store, the tailors in this store were very focused and had high craftsmanship.

She always respected craftsmen, so she nicely said, “Please observe him well. This child is very picky about clothes and likes a soft and comfortable cut.”

The old tailor smiled.

On the other hand, Su Tang also saw Xia Ling, an unfathomable expression appearing on her delicate face. She only faintly urged the staff, “Why isn’t there anyone here to help take the measurements of my child yet?”

The staff hurriedly found another tailor for her. He was very young and politely told Li Rui to stand straight.

Su Tang slightly raised her eyebrows. “He’s so young. Does he have enough experience in children’s clothing?”

The staff politely responded, “Miss Su, don’t worry. The tailoring standard of our store is very high.”

Su Tang was very elegant. She smiled and said, “Of course I believe that this store’s tailoring is the best. However, as a mother, I always want to give my child the best, so please understand my feelings. May I ask if this young tailor is more experienced than that old tailor over there?”

The young tailor did not hide anything. “That man over there is my teacher.”

Su Tang nodded very elegantly. “Well then, I would like to wait until that old tailor is done so that he can come over to take a look at Xiao Rui.”

Li Rui was a little impatient, but in front of his mother, he did not dare to say anything.

The staff was a little troubled. “Miss Ye just came in recently, I think that he will busy for some time.”

“It’s fine. I can wait.” Su Tang said in a soft-spoken voice. She looked graceful and noble, and the staff was unable to refute her. He only gave her a cup of tea and told her to sit and wait.

As for Xia Ling, although she was busy with Shaohui’s measurements, she witnessed the entire commotion with Shaohui.

She sneered in her heart. She wanted to wait? Well then, she could have a long wait. She calmed down and communicated in detail with the old tailor. He told him about what Shaohui liked, his daily habits, his lifestyle and other things that he could consider. Since she was getting a mother-child set, she also told him about how she met Shaohui, her preferences and other things to consider.

She took more than an hour.

Su Tang was really not in a rush and actually drank tea for more than two hours.

The staff felt very apologetic and broke out in cold sweat. Suddenly, they remembered that Miss Su and Miss Ye were enemies. Recently, the latest news exploded online that the one who caused Miss Ye to separate from Mr. Li was Miss Ye.

No matter how real this news report was, these two people in front of them looked like enemies who met on a narrow road.

The staff only prayed that nothing would happen in their store.

Luckily, the Heavens heard their wishes and nothing happened. Xia Ling seemed to ignore everything that happened in the background, while Su Tang seemed very educated and elegant as she drank tea and did not speak to Xia Ling.

Even when Li Rui complained that it was taking a long time, she only said, “What’s the rush? For a good tailor, it’s worth the wait.”

Li Rui could not stand the boredom and ran outside to play.

The staff was somewhat worried. “Miss Su, your child is so young. Will it be safe for him to run out by himself?”

Su Tang smiled and said, “It’s nothing. The bodyguard will follow him.”

Thus, the staff did not say anything else.

After a long time, Xia Ling was finally finished. She smiled as she thanked the old tailor and left.

She held Shaohui’s hand as they walked out. In the lounge, they passed by Su Tang who was drinking tea. The two women glanced at each other with faint indifference.

Xia Ling held Shaohui’s tightly, pursed her lips and quickened her footsteps.

Shaohui walked out with her but looked back. Suddenly, he stopped her. “Sister.” He said, “I think that I dropped a crystal pinecone in the store. Can you come back with me to look for it?”

“What crystal pinecone?” Xia Ling asked.

“It was in the toys that Uncle Li sent me. Xiao Hui really likes it.” Xiao Hui was a squirrel that frequently visited the garden to play with Shaohui. This child got along very well with animals.

Xia Ling had no choice but to turn back with him.

Unexpectedly, just after a few short steps, a reporter was in the store now taking photos and interviewing Su Tang. “So Miss Su bumped into Ye Xingling here just now? She waited for Ye Xingling’s tailor for almost half the afternoon and even Xiao Rui became impatient?”

“For a good tailor, it’s worth it.” Su Tang smiled and did not deny what the reporter said.

Beside her, Li Rui was very unhappy. He said, “Who are they even? I can’t believe they made my mom wait so long and bullied my mom!”

“Don’t speak rubbish.” Su Tang calmly chastised and said to the reporter, “Take no offense at the child’s words. It’s rare that Miss Ye is taking her child out to buy clothes, so it is understandable why she took so long.”

“Don’t you think that Miss Ye is deliberately at odds with you?” The reporter asked. Today, he heard the news that Su Tang and Ye Xingling appeared in the same store and quickly came over to interview them. Compared to Ye Xingling, he preferred to interview Su Tang. That was because Ye Xingling was a public figure and there was abundant news about her. However, Su Tang could give him a new perspective and it was easier to get exclusive news from her.

After the reporter asked this question, Su Tang elegantly smiled. “How could this be? I have nothing against her.”

“Nothing against her? Recently, everyone has been talking about you and Mr. Li…”

“What happened between me and Li Lei had nothing to do with her.” Su Tang said and lowered her gaze as if she were disappointed. “Miss Ye is a good person.”

Li Rui’s face showed an indignant and disdainful expression.

“It seems that Young Master Rui doesn’t agree with this statement?” The reporter asked.

Su Tang glared at Li Rui with a warning look.

Seeing his mother’s expression, Li Rui forced himself to hold back. He snorted and looked away.

The reporter glanced at both of them and felt that the situation did not seem as simple as appeared on the surface. Su Tang and Ye Xingling’s grievance was definitely not simple.

As the interview was being done, Shaohui held Xia Ling’s hand as she opened the door. They witnessed everything, and Shaohui’s small face looked somewhat serious.

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