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A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return (Web Novel) - Chapter 691: Crystal Pinecone

Chapter 691: Crystal Pinecone

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However, Xia Ling looked angry instead of stern.

No matter how stupid she was, she understood what Su Tang was implying. This was a woman’s intuition and had nothing to do with IQ. She let go of Shaohui and was about to go inside.

Shaohui quickly said, “Sister, I’ll look for it! I know that the crystal pinecone must have dropped in this store somewhere.” He had a very lively child’s voice and a clear smile.

The people in the store realized that someone had entered.

Everyone turned to look at Xia Ling.

At this time, Xia Ling had already concealed her anger and blankly stated, “I’m here to look for something Shaohui lost. Don’t mind me.” Just now when Shaohui frantically exclaimed, she suddenly woke up. If she were exasperated and interrupted the reporter and Su Tang, she would just look uncultured, making Su Tang appear ever more elegant.

It was a close call. If Shaohui had not woken her up, she would have almost made this lowly mistake.

She looked at Su Tang with a faint smile. “It seems that Special Assistant Su is really not in a rush. After waiting for so long, you aren’t in a rush to make your child’s clothes and are still in the mood to chat with the reporter.”

Su Tang said, “Reporter Sun came from somewhere far away. I can’t let him waste his effort.”

The meaning between the lines was that she was really understanding.

Reporter Sun was very moved. Now, a good interviewee like Su Tang was very rare. He was determined to make a good report and write out all the grievances of Miss Su.

With this thought, he was a little hostile towards Xia Ling. “Miss Ye, you know that Miss Su had been waiting for very long, so why can’t you make your clothes a little faster? Are you trying to make life difficult for her on purpose because of the recent news?”

“Make life difficult for her?” Xia Ling sneered as if she heard the funniest joke in the world. “Why would I do that? For Li Lei? I’ve already broken up with that man a long time ago. Even if I’m looking for a father for Shaohui, I have to find a competent father and not one who would spoil my child.”

Reporter Sun sharply picked up something. “Are you saying that Li Rui is spoiled?”

The staff surrounding them drew a cold breath. No wonder Miss Ye was a Diva. She was really high up in the air and arrogant, daring to offend anyone.

“Well, isn’t it true?” Xia Ling sneered again. “Let’s not mention anything else, but the last time I organized a social gathering for Shaohui, all of the children gathered together to play and only Li Rui did not get along with all of them. How unsociable.”

Su Tang finally could not maintain her elegance. “Miss Ye, please mind your words.”

Xia Ling confronted her gaze without fear.

Su Tang had been a special assistant her whole life and was very apt in playing mind games. The insidious way she carried out her means was perfect, but she was at a loss for words when faced with Xia Ling’s direct criticism.

She felt that it was necessary to stand up and protect her child. “Xiao Rui was obviously isolated that day. He just returned to China and was unfamiliar with life here. Not only did the host Shaohui not try his best to greet and interact with the guests, but he also led the other children against Xiao Rui. Is this really good?”

The reporter hurriedly took notes on a piece of paper.

Xia Ling smiled proudly. “On that day, every family was rich. Do you think that they were so ignorant and stupid to be easily instigated by Shaohui? Those children didn’t like Li Rui. You should really look for the reasons yourself and review how you’ve been teaching your child.”

Su Tang was so angry that she was at a loss for words.

Shaohui chimed in. “Xiao Rui, Xiao Rui, let me tell you. It’s very easy to get the other children to like you again. As long as you don’t destroy their toys, laugh at them and make them cry, everything will be fine.”

Suddenly, many of the ignorant staff realized something.

It turned out that during the banquet organized for Shaohui, Li Rui bullied the other children.

They all started to show looks of contempt. Honestly speaking, Li Rui was really not as cute as Shaohui. Shaohui was always laughing and sweet, not like Li Rui who always had a long face and seemed to look down on people.

With this thought, sure enough, Li Rui was provoked by Shaohui and furiously snapped. “Don’t meddle in my business!”

“Xiao Rui!” Su Tang stopped him and showed a look for forbearance.

She always knew when it was time to appear weak and slowly said to Xia Ling, “Miss Ye, these are things that happened a long time ago. You are biased against our Xiao Rui. If there’s a chance to let the two children interact more, you will definitely change your mind.” She said those words very sensibly like a mother who understood the whole situation. She was full of elegance, unlike those who tried to slander her.

However, Xia Ling remained cold. “I’m sorry, but I don’t want Shaohui to be badly influenced.”

Su Tang wanted to speak, but she hesitated and endured the indignance in her heart.

Reporter Sun, who was looking from the sidelines, felt that it was unfair. Obviously, the Diva was bullying someone.

He decided to help Su Tang. “Miss Ye, is there really nothing between you and Mr. Li.”

Xia Ling sneered. “I’m sorry, but I’m here today to buy clothes for my child and will not be accepting interviews.” Trying to twist her words? It’s not that easy! After facing years of reporters, she already knew how to deal with them.

She lowered her head to look at Shaohui and said in a gentle voice, “Shaohui, quickly look for your crystal pinecone. After you’ve found it, we will leave.”

Shaohui acknowledged and searched the area.

After some time, he suddenly lifted his head and said to Reporter Sun, “Big brother, have you seen my crystal pinecone? I’ve been looking for it for a long time but can’t find it.”

This child was very soft and cute.

Although Reporter Sun did not like Xia Ling, he could not bear to hate Shaohui. He said in a friendly voice, “I’ve not seen your crystal pinecone. Is it very important?”

“Yes. It’s a very important toy.” Shaohui nodded vigorously. “Uncle Li gave it to me.”

“Which Uncle Li?” Suddenly, Reporter Sun’s eyes lit up. There was gossip! Although Xia Ling and Li Lei appeared to be clean, this child unknowingly leaked the truth. It seemed that their relationship was very good!

Everyone surrounding them turned to look at Shaohui.

Even Xia Ling was worried that her child might say something he was not supposed to.

Shaohui, who was in the center of the storm, seemed to be ignorant. He said, “Yes, Uncle Li Lei gave it to me. I like going to his house to play with Er Mao, and Er Mao really likes me. Sadly, my sister doesn’t like to look for Uncle Li, and Uncle Li rarely contacts my sister. Every time, I have to beg them for a long before I get to see Er Mao.”

As he spoke, he broke down. “If Uncle Li found out that I lost the crystal pinecone and stopped letting me play with Er Mao, what should I do?”

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