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A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return (Web Novel) - Chapter 692: Who Er Mao Likes

Chapter 692: Who Er Mao Likes

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Reporter Sun was very disappointed.

He originally thought that Shaohui would leak something unknowingly, but he did not expect that not only did he not expose anything, he even cleared up the ambiguous relationship between Xia Ling and Li Lei. Both of them only tolerated each other for this child. There was no date and she was no third party. It was all nonsense.

Reporter Sun looked at Shaohui. This child looked extremely innocent and would not lie. Since this child already said that the adults did not frequently contact each other, it was probably true.

How could he write a new article now? He hesitated and looked at Shaohui, Xia Ling and Su Tang. He could not bear to give up and asked Shaohui, “Uncle Li really did not contact your sister frequently?”

“I’ve heard dad call that woman before!” Li Rui interrupted.

Shaohui lightly said, “I was the one who pestered sister to call Uncle Li to ask him when I could go over to play with Er Mao.”

“Why would my family’s Er Mao play with you?!” Li Rui was furious.

Reporter Sun felt that he made sense. The Li family was rich and powerful. They were very particular about who they let in. How could an outsider child be allowed to play with the Li family’s pet? Unless… there was adultery!

However, Shaohui said, “Er Mao is very lonely. It played with me, so I played with it.” He looked at Reporter Sun somewhat proudly. “Uncle, do you know? Er Mao is very vigilant and won’t let most people get close to it. I heard that it doesn’t even allow Xiao Rui to be near it. Uncle Li said that among all the children, Er Mao only likes me. It only has me as a friend so of course, I have to visit it frequently. Don’t you think so?”

Everything he said made sense, and all loose ends were tied up.

Xia Ling almost wanted to give Shaohui a standing ovation. No matter what the other party tried to do, this child was able to bring peace out of chaos and clear up the misunderstanding about her relationship with Li Lei. He convinced the reporter that the only strong bond was between him and a pet.

Li Rui was boiling with fury. He screamed, “Don’t get so pleased with yourself!”

Seeing Li Rui’s explosion of anger, Reporter Sun asked, “Young Master Rui, is it true that Mr. Li’s Er Mao did not let you get close to it?”

“How’s that possible?” Li Rui refused to be embarrassed and tried to rebuke. “Er Mao listens to me the most!”

Reporter Sun looked at Shaohui again and sighed. He did not expect that the confusing relationship involving Xia Ling, Li Lei, and Su Tang would be due to a leopard. If Er Mao was really a solitary leopard and only had Shaohui as its friend, it was understandable that Li Lei allowed Shaohui to frequently play with it. However, if Er Mao got along with others, Shaohui was not important and Li Lei definitely had other reasons for allowing him to visit Er Mao…

Being astute, Su Tang guessed Reporter Sun’s thoughts after looking at his expression.

She smiled calmly and said, “Xiao Rui and Er Mao have lived together for so many years. How is possible that they don’t get along? They often play together.”

“Are you saying that Shaohui is lying?” Reporter Sun’s eyes lit up.

“I didn’t say that.” Su Tang refused to leak anything. “Every time Shaohui and Miss Ye come to my house, Li Lei will always ask me and Xiao Rui to leave. Shaohui has never seen Xiao Rui and Er Mao playing together, so he mistakenly thinks that Er Mao only has him as a friend. This is very normal.”

There were many hidden meanings in her words. Li Lei told her to leave?

It was enough to make one speculate.

This time, the surrounding staff, tailors and Reporter Sun’s expressions changed. They did not expect that although Miss Ye looked innocent and was a respected Diva, she had an ambiguous relationship with a taken man and was the third party who stole him away.

This was really…


They all started to side with Su Tang on moral grounds.

Not liking how things were going, Xia Ling said, “That’s not true.”

Su Tang elegantly drank tea and elegantly said, “It’s not? Miss Ye, when you and Shaohui came to my house that day, Li Lei really told me to leave. Later, Xiao Rui wanted to look for Shaohui to play with him. However, for some unknown reason, he was shouted at Xiao Rui, causing Xiao Rui to cry wrongfully for a long time.”

What she said made the crowd’s imaginations run wild…

Shaohui was very unhappy and snorted. Before he left the mountains, his uncle specially warned him that his mother and father were stupid while Aunt Su Tang was the smartest, so he had to help his father and mother take precautions against Aunt Su Tang. Sure enough, considering the situation now, he needed to save them.

Thinking about this, Shaohui insisted. “Er Mao really only has me as a friend!” He looked at Reporter Sun seriously like a child who wanted to protect his beloved toy. “Really! If you don’t believe me, uncle, you can come over to see Er Mao. It really likes me and doesn’t care about other people.”

He then added, “Xiao Rui, you can also come along.”

Reporter Sun felt that this was a good idea. If he could personally see Er Mao and how it treated the two children, this problem would be easily solved. Once this was solved, the truth about whether Shaohui really went there to see Er Mao or was a cover for Xia Ling and Li Lei’s date would be revealed.

Thus, Reporter Sun asked Su Tang, “Is it convenient for us to see Er Mao?”

Su Tang was secretly unhappy and did not think that this small child would be so difficult to handle. On the surface, she continued to smile. “Er Mao doesn’t like strangers. Since he’s also a wild animal, it won’t be good if he hurts you, Reporter Sun.” Seeing that Reporter Sun was not about to give up, she added, “I’ve separated from Li Lei, and it’s Li Lei’s pet. It won’t be appropriate if I… do something unauthorized.”

She looked as if she suffered a huge grievance.

That tone caused many people there to feel her pain. She was such a good woman. Why was life so cruel to her such that her child could not be with his father?

Reporter Sun thought about it and felt the same.

However, Shaohui said, “It’s fine. Let me call Uncle Li. Besides, I also miss Er Mao. Uncle Li said Er Mao is very lonely and I can visit it anytime.” To prevent Su Tang from stopping him, he jumped up and quickly tugged on Xia Ling’s sleeve. “Sister, sister. Lend me your phone.”

Xia Ling hesitated for a moment but still took out her phone from her delicate bag and gave it to him.

She did not know why she trusted this child. However, Shaohui seemed to have some sort of magical ability to deal with situations thoroughly and make others feel at ease.

Shaohui took the phone and dialed Li Lei’s number.

“Xiao Ling?” At the other end of the phone, Li Lei was very surprised. “Why do you have the time to call me?”

When Shaohui made the call, Reporter Sun was very close as he wanted to eavesdrop on their conversation. At this time, after hearing Li Lei’s surprised voice, he started to believe Shaohui more. It seemed that Li Lei really did not interact with Xia Ling often.

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