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A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return (Web Novel) - Chapter 693: Li Lei Rushes Over

Chapter 693: Li Lei Rushes Over

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What Reporter Sun did not know was that sense of time varied from person to person.

To most people, not meeting for a few days did not feel like a long time. But to Li Lei, not seeing Xia Ling was like being away from her for three years, and he missed her immensely. No matter when Xia Ling called him, he would always be surprised.

Shaohui cheerfully said, “Uncle Li, today when sister took me out to buy clothes, we ran into Aunt Su Tang, Xiao Rui, and a reporter. The reporter doesn’t believe that Er Mao only likes me. Can I take him to see Er Mao? Oh yes, I want Xiao Rui to come too.”

After hearing the word “reporter,” Li Lei immediately understood that Xiao Ling was in trouble.

He knitted his brows. Su Tang was there, but she was not able to explain things clearly to the reporter? Could it be that the reporter still doubted Xiao Ling and thought that she was a home wrecker? Over the phone, it was not convenient for him to ask so many questions, so he only said, “Ok. Where are you? I’ll send a car over to pick you up.”

Shaohui reported an address.

Li Lei told them to wait at their current location. Soon, a car really came over.

He also came along with his chauffeur. When he entered the store, he saw Xia Ling, Su Tang, the two children, and the reporter. At once, he had a headache. What was with this chaotic situation? However, on the surface, he smiled lazily. The first thing he did was to give Shaohui a hug. “Shaohui, long time no see.”

“Uncle Li! Uncle Li!” Shaohui was very happy to see him.

On the other hand, Su Tang was displeased. This man did not show concern for Xiao Rui first but gave that bastard a hug. Li Rui was also very jealous. He was rarely hugged by his father.

However, Xia Ling fell into a trance looking at this scene.

The man and child in front of her got along so harmoniously. They literally…

Looked like father and son.

She lightly shook her head and tried to push aside her wrongful thoughts.

She gazed at that man. After not seeing him for a few days, he still looked handsome and charming as always. She saw a clear smile from his sculpture-like side-view as if he had no troubles at all. She looked at his face greedily. Suddenly, she became alarmed because this was not the time and quickly turned away.

Luckily, the reporter did not notice her.

At this time, Reporter Sun’s attention was directed at that man and child. He realized that these two people were wearing the same brand of clothes! Was this a parent-child set?!

Reporter Sun quickly scanned his mind for information. Yes, he recalled.

These days, the news report revealed that when Xia Ling took Shaohui shopping, she went into the store of this brand to buy men’s clothes!

He looked as if he discovered a new continent and excitedly exclaimed, “Mr. Li, can I ask if the clothes you’re wearing now were bought by Miss Ye?”

At once, the entire store fell silent.

Everyone looked at Li Lei in anticipation.

Xia Ling was secretly scared. Some time ago, she really bought clothes for Li Lei, but she did not expect him to be wearing them today. Coincidentally, Shaohui was wearing the same brand. Out of all the clothes she bought, Shaohui liked this shirt the most. Those two really had the same taste.

Su Tang’s eyes also darkened a little.

She already knew that Xia Ling gave clothes to Li Lei, but even so, watching him wear them was another thing altogether. This sort of provocation made her mad. She viciously curled up her fingers and hoped that the reporter would be sharper and directly call that b*tch shameless!

Li Lei felt that something was wrong.

However, he looked nonchalant and said to Reporter Sun, “What did you say? Xiao Ling gave this to me?” It was if he heard the funniest joke in the world. He turned to look at Xia Ling and asked, “When did you buy clothes for me?” He put down Shaohui and stood in front of the reporter. “I’ve been wearing this brand for more than 10 years.”

This was something he fabricated.

Li Lei always liked simple and comfortable clothes, so he always wore this brand.

When Xia Ling bought clothes for him, she chose items based on what he usually wore.

Reporter Sun was startled. Just now, he was too emotional and did not notice this. Although he could not remember what Big Boss’ usual style was, since Big Boss said that he always wore this brand, he would not have lied. That was because this sort of clumsy lie was easily exposed.

Shaohui also said, “Yes, Uncle Li always looks very handsome when he wears this shirt, so I pestered my sister to buy a few clothes for me.” After that, he twirled to show off. “Look, aren’t I very handsome too?”

Xia Ling also laughed. “Show off.”

Shaohui pouted and then laughed innocently.

Su Tang felt indignance build up in her heart. It was obvious that Xia Ling was the one who gave the clothes to Li Lei. How were they able to get away with it after a few words?! She really hoped that Reporter Sun would persevere and continue to raise questions, but he was already convinced and stopped pursuing them.

“Excuse me for my assumption.” He said awkwardly.

Although a reporter had to be sharp and imposing, he didn’t know how to act imposing in front of Big Boss Li. That man smiled as easily as the spring breeze but seemed to have some sort overbearance that made people stop questioning him.

This is the sort of overbearance one gained after being in a position of power for a long period.

Li Lei continued to smile and patted Shaohui’s head. “Didn’t you say that you wanted to come over to my place to see Er Mao? Let’s go.” He took Shaohui and was the first to walk out. The other people looked at one another and followed him.

Li Lei sent an SUV over. It was very large and there was still space after everyone got on.

Reporter Sun felt that he was extremely lucky today. Initially, he just received news that Su Tang was shopping out of the blue and wanted to try interviewing her. Unexpectedly, besides Su Tang, he managed to interview Li Lei, Xia Ling, and the two children. Everyone involved was there.

He was determined to seize this lucky opportunity to find out the truth.

Inside the car, it was very quiet.

Xia Ling sat on the backseat. Beside her, Shaohui and Li Lei kept some distance away.

Su Tang originally wanted to sit beside Li Lei but was blocked discreetly by him. Li Lei said to Reporter Sun, “You look very unfamiliar. May I know where do you usually go to get your news?”

He spoke very kindly.

Reporter Sun was flattered by his kind treatment and quickly answered, “My main task is to follow the entertainment industry news. You’re a boss and rarely appears in the frontlines of the entertainment industry, so it’s normal that you haven’t seen me before.”

Naturally, the two of them started a conversation and Reporter Sun sat beside Li Lei.

Su Tang was so angry that she gritted her teeth and sat beside Li Rui somewhere near Xia Ling. Xia Ling, who was coldly looking at her, was suddenly in a better mood.

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