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A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return (Web Novel) - Chapter 694: Visiting Er Mao

Chapter 694: Visiting Er Mao

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The car stopped below Li Lei’s apartment.

Li Lei led the group up the elevator and opened the apartment door.

The first thing they saw was a spacious room. The floor-to-ceiling windows caused the apartment to be very well lit and gave them a panoramic view of the city. The floors were covered with soft and thick carpets and the furniture was mostly made of wood and marble. Overall, the colors of the house were mainly black, white and grey. It looked simple yet homely and really suited Big Boss’ single status.

Reporter Sun discreetly scanned the area but could not find any signs that a woman lived here.

He could not help but start to believe that Big Boss Li did not break up with Su Tang over a third party. Big Boss Li seemed to be single.

At this time, a leopard walked over.

It was a very muscular leopard and was covered in majestic rose patterned spots. It elegantly and slowly approached the group, its amber eyes looking dangerous and cold.

Reporter Sun was so scared that he took a step back.

Li Lei laughed. “Don’t be afraid, Er Mao won’t hurt you.”

Reporter Sun’s legs went soft. This was the first time he was so close to a wild animal without taking any precautions. He screamed silently in his heart. Wasn’t Er Mao a pet leopard?! Why was this pet leopard so ferocious? This… was even scarier than most animals in the zoo!

His face turned pale and stopped talking.

Li Lei ordered Er Mao to take a few steps back and Er Mao obediently laid down in a corner.

“It’s fine.” He smiled lazily and said to Reporter Sun, “If you are still worried, you can leave first.”

Leave first?

What a joke!

The news was just in front of him. How could he retreat now?!

At once, the reporter’s principles took precedence. Since he was already here, there was no reason to back out now! Reporter Sun braced himself and quivered slightly as he spoke. “I… I’m fine. Your pet is really… fierce. Hahaha.”

After speaking, he stopped very violently.

Li Lei invited him to sit down and went to the kitchen to pour a few glasses of water for everyone.

Reporter Sun held the glass of water and calmed himself down. He looked at the beast which was obediently lying down in a corner. Now, he really believed it. No wonder Shaohui said that Er Mao did not have friends. It was so terrifying. Who would want to be friends with it?

Shaohui sauntered towards Er Mao. As he walked, he said, “Er Mao, Er Mao, I’m here to see you. Did you miss me?” He opened his chubby and fat hands and was about to embrace the leopard.

Reporter Sun could not help but exclaim in fear. Wasn’t this too dangerous? This child was facing a beast! If he angered it, he would definitely be killed!

He instinctively yelled, “Be careful!”

However, Shaohui had already hugged it.

Unexpectedly, that leopard did not become angry. Instead, it affectionately rubbed its large head against Shaohui’s small body. The child smiled. “I knew that you would miss me!” After playing with the leopard for a while, he turned around to invite the sullen Li Rui. “Xiao Rui, do you want to play with us?”

Li Rui’s face was dark. Why was Ye Shaohui always trying to put him in a spot?

If he could, he would have evaded Er Mao immediately!

He did not know what was with that leopard. It never liked its true master’s son but was extremely friendly to an outsider’s child! Li Rui was furious, but it was too late for him to turn back. Since he said that Er Mao listened to him the most, he could not retreat.

Reporter Sun looked at Li Rui. It was already proven that Shaohui and Er Mao really got along, but what about Li Rui? Did Li Rui also get along very well with Er Mao or was he lying?

“Young Master Rui, Shaohui told you to play with him.” Reporter Sun urged.

Li Rui viciously stared at him. “Just because he told me to play with him doesn’t mean I have to do so!” He sat down on the sofa scornfully.

Xia Ling looked at this spoiled brat curiously and calmly said, “Xiao Rui, didn’t you say that you get along very well with Er Mao? Well then, are you afraid to go forward?” Unlike Su Tang, she did not make snide remarks in a discreet way and was very direct. She would provoke anyone she disliked.

This time, Li Rui glared at her viciously. “Why are you such a hateful woman?!”

“Xiao Rui, don’t be rude.” Li Lei lowered his voice.

Li Rui was furious and screamed, “I want to be rude to her! What right does she have to break up our family?! She even brought over that hateful child who stole Er Mao from me!” To him, everything his father had belonged to him. Thus, Er Mao was his even though he disliked Er Mao and vice versa.

Li Lei was about to explode.

Shaohui quickly interrupted. “I didn’t steal Er Mao from you, Xiao Rui. You made the decision not to play with us. How about you come over to play with us?” His voice was very cute. Both of them were about five years old, but his voice sounded more pleasing than Li Rui’s, and people could not help but want to listen to him more.

However, Li Rui became more hot-tempered. “I’m not going to play with you!”

Shaohui looked somewhat sad. “Could it be that you’re afraid of Er Mao?”

“I’m not afraid of that damned leopard!” Li Rui yelled.

Shaohui blinked cutely. “If you aren’t afraid, then come over and play with us. Otherwise, I will think that you are afraid of playing with Er Mao.”

Li Rui was provoked and lost his logical reasoning. He inched a few steps before striding forward. “Fine, I’ll play! Do you think I’m scared of you?!” He was consumed with anger and forgot that Er Mao usually was not fond of him. Seeing that he was rushing towards it, it suddenly arched its body and roared at him.

Li Rui was scared out of his wits and fell to the floor.

Up close, the beast’s terrifying face was enlarged, and its amber eyes looked at him coldly like it was looking at a dead animal.

Li Rui felt the lower part of his body turn warm and a pungent smell formed.

Shaohui widened his eyes. He did not expect Li Rui to be so timid and peed after being scared. He frowned and pulled Er Mao a few steps back.

Er Mao turned around to looked at its young owner. It became docile again and walked to the corner to lie down. It initially did not want to scare that spoiled brat Li Rui. Usually, he just ignored Li Rui. However, this time, Li Rui actually dared to rush forward to throw a tantrum at its young owner. How ridiculous!

Er Mao felt that it should protect its young owner well and teach those who offended its young owner a lesson so that they would not do it again. Thus, it was very fierce just now and showed its ferocious side to scare Li Rui.

Li Rui remained glued to the floor as a dirty and smelly puddle of water formed below him. However, he could not care about that now.

After being stunned for a moment, he suddenly started bawling.

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