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A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return (Web Novel) - Chapter 695: Who Exactly Is the Stupid One

Chapter 695: Who Exactly Is the Stupid One

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The child’s cries were earth-shattering.

Looking at this scene, Reporter Sun was shocked. It seemed that Li Rui was not only afraid of Er Mao, but he was also extremely fearful of it. Despite living with this housepet for so long, this child was so scared that he peed in his pants. Was the pet too ferocious or was the child too… cowardly?

Reporter Sun shook his head in silence. This Li Rui did not look like Big Boss Li’s biological child.

On the other hand, Shaohui “concernedly” asked, “Xiao Rui, are you ok? If you’re afraid of Er Mao, you should say it. It’s not something embarrassing. The only thing that’s embarrassing is that you peed in your pants after being frightened! Quickly change your clothes. So many aunts and uncles are watching. How shameful!”

The child’s innocent words made Li Rui cry harder.

There was a mess in the living room. Li Rui was bawling, Shaohui looked like he was dissuading him, and Er Mao lazily laid down without a care in the world. Xia Ling covered her nose and discreetly took a step back, while Su Tang felt trapped. Logically speaking, Su Tang was the child’s mother and should be helping her child, but she looked down on the child for being too dirty. Usually, the nannies would take care of this. Clean up his pee and poop? How could she tolerate it being such a refined and elegant person?

Li Lei slightly frowned as he looked at the chaos.

“Reporter Sun, sorry for the embarrassing scene.” He said solemnly to Reporter Sun. “Initially, I wanted to ask you to stay for a while, but the living room is so dirty now that it’s really not suitable for you to continue staying.”

Reporter Sun was used to looking for news outside and understood what Li Lei meant immediately. Thus, he got up and said, “Well then, I won’t bother you anymore. I’ll come for a house visit next time.” Although he felt that it was a pity that he left after a short time, he already gathered all of the news he needed. Er Mao truly only liked Shaohui, and it seemed that Ye Xingling usually only interacted with Li Lei because of her child.

There was nothing between the two of them, and she definitely was not a homewrecker.

As Reporter Sun pondered on how he could summarise this in text, he bade them farewell.

After Li Lei sent Reporter Sun off, he closed the door.

The living room was still very messy, and Li Rui was still bawling.

Xia Ling could not stand high pitch screams the most and moved to a place far away from Li Rui. Su Tang retreated even further. This child was too dirty, and she could not tolerate it.

Only Shaohui stared to pace around Li Rui. “What should we do? Don’t cry. My uncle said that men shouldn’t cry… Xiao Rui, quickly get up. I’ll accompany you to change your clothes, ok?” Although Shaohui disliked Li Rui, there was no deep-seated hatred between them. Seeing Li Rui cry so miserably, he could not help but try to comfort him. However, he was helpless and did not know what to do.

Li Lei pulled Shaohui away and gently said, “Let me do it.”

He walked in front of Li Rui and squatted down. Ignoring the dirt and stench on him, he carried the child and said, “Dad will give you a bath.” Although this child was not his biological son, he was still filled with guilt over Su Tang’s sacrifice in the past and treated this child like his own.

After Li Rui saw that someone was paying attention to him, he hugged Li Lei and started crying louder.

As Li Lei comforted him, he ushered him towards the bathroom. Halfway, he turned around. “Xiao Ling.” He looked at her from afar and said more gently, “It’s very dirty here. You can take Shaohui to my bedroom to wait for me. I will ask the nanny to clean up the living room.” He liked to manage his house by himself, and there was no long-term nanny staying in the apartment, so he had to specially call someone over.

Su Tang finally reacted and quickly said, “I’ll call for one.” She finally remembered that she was the child’s mother and Li Lei’s “good wife.” How could she watch idly when Li Lei was busying himself?

This… really did not look like a mistress of the house.

With that thought, she forced a smile at Xia Ling. “Miss Ye, it’s better if you go to the tea room to sit down. Xiao Rui scared you. Let me brew some tea for you later to compensate.” She spoke like a host.

Xia Ling narrowed her eyes.

She initially wanted to take Shaohui home, but after hearing what Su Tang said, she changed her mind. This woman always tried to come between her and Li Lei. She might not want to be with Li Lei, but being deliberately provoked by someone was something else! What right did Su Tang have to act as the mistress of the house?

She smiled beautifully and radiantly. “How can I trouble Special Assistant Su?” She emphasized the words “Special Assistant” and satisfactorily saw Su Tang’s expression change slightly, although she concealed it in an instant. “I think I will still be taking Shaohui to the bedroom. I’m a little tired, so I’ll sleep for a while.”

As she spoke, she spun around and took Shaohui to the bedroom.

Su Tang was left alone. She was so angry that she gritted her teeth.

What right did that b*tch have to go into Li Lei’s bedroom?! Usually, she was not even allowed to enter Li Lei’s bedroom! Their positions in Li Lei’s heart were very obvious. It was as if a deep hole had opened in Su Tang’s heart, hurting it immensely.

However, on Li Lei’s territory, she did not dare to counter Xia Ling so overtly.

She stood in the stench-covered living room. After some thought, she made up her mind and walked towards the bathroom. Even though Li Rui was very dirty, to get close to Li Lei, she had to tolerate it.

She walked into the bathroom and said to Li Lei, “Let me give the child a bath.”

Sure enough, Li Lei said, “No need, Su Tang. I’m almost done. Xiao Rui is quite timid, so don’t let him near Er Mao in the future.”

Su Tang bit her lip slightly. “Ok.”

How was it possible that Li Rui would get close to Er Mao? He just fell into that bastard Ye Shaohui’s trap! “If Shaohui didn’t tell him to go over, he wouldn’t get close to Er Mao.” Su Tang said softly. “That child Shaohui is too smart and fearless. I’m afraid that Xiao Rui will be disadvantaged if he plays with him.”

Li Lei smiled dismissively. “Shaohui? That kid is so silly.” He was just like his stupid sister and did not seem clever or sensible at all. “Xiao Rui is unfriendly towards Shaohui. In the future, you have to put in more effort so that the two children well get along.”

Su Tang wanted to complain about Shaohui, but unexpectedly, Li Lei already countered her before she spoke. With her female instincts, she was sure that bastard Shaohui was not stupid. In fact, he was quite smart! If Li Rui was half as smart as him, she would not be so worried for him as a mother!

She unhappily looked at Li Rui.

A South African child was a South African child. He was so stupid, barbaric and detestable!

If it weren’t to gain Li Lei’s sympathy, this child would have been tossed into the ocean by her to drown a long time ago!

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