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A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return (Web Novel) - Chapter 696: Emergency Situation

Chapter 696: Emergency Situation

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Xia Ling took Shaohui into the bedroom.

This was the first time she came over after Li Lei started staying in the apartment again.

There were not many changes from the first time they met each other a few years ago. The furniture was the same. The only difference was that there were a few more photos on the wall—a photo of them at the amusement park, a photo of them watching the dolphins, and a couple selfies they took at the beach… All of them were placed with care and looked very heartfelt and happy.

Shaohui also looked at the photos.

After a while, the child looked up and asked Xia Ling, “Sister, were you a couple with Uncle Li in the past?”

Xia Ling said, “It’s all over.”

However, the child acted like he did not hear her and said, “These photos look so good. Look at this one. Uncle Li is protecting you from the crowd so well. There’s this also when Uncle Li looked at you while you looked at the penguins. This…”

The child went through the photos one by one.

Xia Ling let go of his small hand. She walked to the window to feel the slight autumn breeze.

After hearing the child’s innocent words, she revisited the memories she buried in her heart for a long time again. Those days were so beautiful, but at that time, she felt that it was ordinary.

Now, he had Su Tang and Li Rui.

Although it was fake, everything had changed.

Xia Ling recalled the way he held Li Rui just now. He was not afraid of the dirt or stench like a real father who was taking care of his child. Perhaps, they were more like a family.

Her heart faintly hurt.

The bedroom door was pushed open. Su Tang stood at the doorway with Li Rui and looked at her faintly. “Miss Ye,” Su Tang said. “Thank you for visiting us today. It’s getting late, so you should go.”

She acted like the mistress of the house.

Xia Ling was not convinced at all and asked, “Where’s Li Lei?”

“Dad is showering.” This time, Li Rui rushed to answer. “It’s all your fault for causing chaos in my family. We don’t welcome you here, so quickly get lost.”

“Xiao Rui, you can’t be so rude.” Su Tang reprimanded him without any heat.

Shaohui frowned. Why was Xiao Rui so full of resentment? Uncle said before that children who were very resentful had difficult lives. Only cute children would be happy.

He said to Li Rui, “This isn’t good.”

Li Rui glared at him viciously. “Get lost!”

Xia Ling could not tolerate it when someone else scolded her children. She looked at Su Tang and Li Rui and said, “Hasn’t Li Lei told you yet? He has already invited me to stay here. For Shaohui and me, he cleared this entire space for us. I can stay here as long as I want, and I don’t think this concerns Special Assistant Su at all.”

The way she called her “Special Assistant Su” was ear piercing to Su Tang.

However, Su Tang maintained her elegance and smiled. “Really? Well, I must be impetuous then. Since it’s like that, Miss Ye should stay and eat dinner with us. I will go to the kitchen to cook.” She knew that Xia Ling could not compete with her when it came to cooking. That was because Xia Ling had no cooking skills and could not compare to her superior cooking ability.

Xia Ling felt that Su Tang was acting like a child. It already came to this but she was still trying to act like the mistress of the house. However, on second thought, wasn’t she childish too? She was competing with a scheming woman for a man she had an ambiguous relationship with. Suddenly, she felt dispirited.

“You can take your time to cook for Li Lei.” She said, “I’m busy, so I will leave first.”

Su Tang could not wait for that to happen and smiled as she sent her off.

In the living room, the nanny had already cleaned the carpet. It was disinfected and the odor was removed, so there was no trace of the stain that Li Rui made. Er Mao was still lazily lying in the corner. When it saw them walk out, it walked up and reluctantly rubbed against Shaohui. Young owner, when will I see you again?

Shaohui also looked at Er Mao reluctantly and softly said, “I will come again to see you.”

He left with Xia Ling.

Xia Ling was in a bad mood for some strange reason.

When she returned to her own villa, she answered a call made by Li Lei. “Xiao Ling, why didn’t you wait for me to come out? After I gave Xiao Rui a bath, I got dirty too and was afraid that the smell would bother you, so I also took a bath. I didn’t mean to make you wait for so long.”

“Didn’t Su Tang make dinner for you?” Xia Ling said indifferently.

Li Lei laughed gently. “Are you jealous?” In reality, what she did not know was that after he showered and found out she was no longer there, he did not eat what Su Tang cooked. Instead, he warned Su Tang to not use the kitchen in his house in the future. That was because Xia Ling was the mistress of his house. Although Xiao Ling did not admit, he would not allow other women to touch his things.

“You’re the one who’s jealous!” Xia Ling did know what had happened and unhappily rebuked before hanging up.

At night, she tossed and turned but could not sleep.

Shaohui crawled on her bed and did not sleep very soundly as well.

In the middle of the night, Xia Ling suddenly felt that something was wrong with the child in her arms. His body temperature was frightening. She quickly turned on the lights and was taken aback. To her shock, Shaohui’s body was covered in rashes. They were everywhere on his hands, feet, and face. Not an inch of skin was spared.

The child’s eyes were tightly shut, and he was mumbling incoherently.

“Shaohui, Shaohui!” Xia Ling yelled.

However, the child did not wake up. He only frowned in his sleep and looked very uncomfortable.

At this time, Xia Ling was very worried. She quickly got out of bed to wake the nanny. When the nanny saw the child, she also had a large shock. “Miss, young master probably has an acute rash. You should quickly send him to the hospital. The child is young, you can’t waste time as things could easily get worse.”

Xia Ling messily changed the child’s clothes and rushed downstairs.

Shaohui’s lips were dry, and he looked extremely pale. The red spots were very frightening. “Can he last till we reach the hospital?” Xia Ling anxiously asked.

The nanny could not answer this question. However, looking at the young master’s condition, it was critical.

“Wait!” The nanny suddenly recalled something. “Our neighbor Mr. Pei has a doctor at home, right? I think Doctor Ouyang is not bad. Since the child is so sick, how about we ask him to accompany us to the hospital?”

It was good to have someone to monitor his condition on the way.

At this time, Xia Ling also remembered that Pei Ziheng had a doctor at home. Since it was an emergency, she did not care about disturbing him or avoiding suspicious, she instructed the nanny to knock on Pei Ziheng’s door while she carried the child to the car and drove it to Pei Ziheng’s doorstep.

The nanny reached earlier than her and told the Pei Family’s night-shift staff what had happened.

Xia Ling sat in the car and watched as rows of lights were turned on in succession in the Pei Family’s villa and voices were heard. Anxiously, she looked out of the window. Seconds seemed to have turned into years.

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