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A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return (Web Novel) - Chapter 697: Who Is This Child

Chapter 697: Who Is This Child

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Finally, she saw someone in the doorway.

A tall man dressed in a trench coat walked to the car in a hurry, bent down and asked, “How is the child?”

After seeing his face clearly, Xia Ling exclaimed, “Pei Ziheng, help me! Shaohui has an acute rash and I don’t know what happened. Is Doctor Ouyang there?”

Pei Ziheng said, “Don’t worry. I will accompany you to the hospital. Doctor Ouyang will also come along.” As he spoke, he opened the door of the driver’s seat. “Go to the back seat to accompany your child. I will drive.”

Seeing that it was not the time to be polite, she hurriedly went to the back seat to hug Shaohui. Shaohui seemed more feverish than before, and the rash looked more severe and dense.

Doctor Ouyang also got on the car and sat in the back seat with her. He also brought an emergency kit and did a checkup on the child. He said, “Miss Ye, the child is probably allergic to something. You have to find the source. I’ve already done a simple emergency procedure for him that will last until we reach the hospital. Don’t worry.”

Only then was Xia Ling slightly at ease.

“Drive faster.” She said to Pei Ziheng, “How long more before we reach the hospital?”

Pei Ziheng drove fast and steadily. His voice was very deep. “We’re almost there. Before I left, I already told the nanny to alert the hospital. A few specialists are rushing there to treat the child.”

She was slightly shocked and recalled that the Pei Family was very close to the hospital staff, so they had special privileges.

The road in the middle of the night was silent, and the darkness looked boundless. However, in this darkness, she suddenly calmed down as if she found someone to depend on. Suddenly, she felt like she returned to her childhood. When she was ignorant and terrified, a god-like man became her life savior.

She held Shaohui in her arms and quietened down.

Soon, they arrived at the hospital. Sure enough, just as Pei Ziheng said, the staff were already prepared to give Shaohui a consultation. When they pushed Shaohui into the hospital, a few specialists rushed out. They did a full body examination and told Xia Ling, “Miss Ye, we will put the child in the sterile room for desensitization treatment. It will take some time before we find out his allergies. Please be patient.”

Thus, she waited in the hallway outside the ward.

Pei Ziheng accompanied her. He took off his trenchcoat and put it around her shoulders. Only then did she realize that she was only wearing thin pajamas when she left the house. She was freezing in the corridor. She lifted her head to look at Pei Ziheng and said, “Thank you.”

Pei Ziheng consoled her. “Your child will be fine.”

“He’s my everything.” She said.

Both of them waited outside for a few hours until daybreak.

The doctor pushed the door open and said, “The allergen has been identified. It’s a chemical fiber allergy. This is a very rare allergy, and any contact with ordinary chemical fibers can cause serious consequences.”

Xia Ling’s mind suddenly went blank. “What did you say?”

She remembered that her deceased child also had a chemical fiber allergy. How could it be such a coincidence?

Pei Ziheng’s face slightly changed. “A chemical fiber allergy? Doctor, could it be that you made a mistake?”

“No.” The doctor said, “We won’t joke about this sort of thing.”

Xia Ling was crumbling and did not know what happened to her. It was as if there were voices in her heart, but they were so vague that she could not grasp them.

Pei Ziheng very naturally supported her and helped her sit down.

His heart was filled with turbulent waves. Unlike Xia Ling, he knew very well that her child did not die but was taken away by Xia Moyan. He remembered that Shaohui usually mentioned an “uncle.” Suddenly, Pei Ziheng had a bold speculation. Could it be that Ye Shaohui was actually Pei Shaohui?

Her biological son?!

His expression darkened.

“How is he doing now?” Suddenly, he heard Xia Ling ask dryly.

“His condition is mostly stable as his allergies are under control. However, he needs to be hospitalized.” The doctor said.

Xia Ling nodded.

She carefully recalled what happened and generally knew why Shaohui suddenly had chemical fiber allergies. Usually, in her house, the child wore pure natural fabrics and the nanny also wore “work clothes” which were made of pure natural fabrics. There were no chemical fibers at all.

However, what about yesterday?

When he entered Li Lei’s car, she remembered that Shaohui was very close to Reporter Sun. He probably had an allergic reaction to Reporter Sun’s clothes.

She was very troubled. This allergen was too common. What should she do when her child was older?

Thinking about it, she felt that this child was very similar to her deceased child. Was it some sort of fate? Perhaps God saw that she was too pitiful after losing her child and especially sent Shaohui over to comfort her…

Suddenly, she stood up and went to look for the attending physician. She said, “I want to check the blood type of this child.”

The attending physician was confused. “Why?”

“I adopted this child.” Xia Ling said. “However, I don’t know his blood type. If he encounters any danger in the future, I won’t be able to save him. It’s better if I take this chance to understand some basic facts about him.”

The attending physician felt that this made sense and said, “I will give your child a check. When the results are out, I will tell you.”

Xia Ling thanked the doctor.

Pei Ziheng overheard their conversation and his expression turned very dark.

He accompanied her as she looked after her child. One day later, the child was transferred from the sterile room to the normal ward, and his rashes were disappearing very quickly. Most of it was already gone. However, he still could not be discharged and had to be hospitalized for observational reasons.

Xia Ling was overwhelmed by shock this entire day and did not sleep well. At this time, after seeing that her child was no longer in danger, she finally passed out at her child’s bedside. Pei Ziheng carried her, booked a room in a high-end hotel near the hospital and put her there. He also told the staff to take good care of her.

He went back to the ward and asked the doctor, “Are the results of the blood test out?”

The doctor said, “Yes. It is a very rare MNSSU blood type. This child has to be protected well. Otherwise, if he loses too much blood, it would be difficult to get sufficient blood in time.”

Pei Ziheng’s face tightened. He was very sure of the identity of this child now. A chemical fiber allergy, MNSSU blood type, and similar age. How in the world could something so coincidental occur?

He thanked the doctor and said, “I hope that you can keep this secret from Miss Ye.”

Startled, the doctor said, “This blood type is very dangerous. It’s better to let the guardian know it as soon as possible.”

Pei Ziheng said, “Tell her he has O blood type.”

The doctor was shocked. “Mister…”

Pei Ziheng looked at him with boundless overbearance. “I remember that the next vice president’s selection is approaching? If Professor Chen focuses on the selection instead, perhaps there will be surprises.” He paused, and then continued, “If you are half-hearted, I’m afraid that you won’t be qualified enough.”

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