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A Valiant Life (Web Novel) - Chapter 1180 - I’m that confident

Chapter 1180: I’m that confident

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They felt that the car was probably wrecked by someone.

Lin Fan opened the car door and alighted. “What’s wrong? Please help me to unload the things from my boot.”

Fraud Tian replied, “The boot? What’s in there?”

Then, he opened the car boot which released a pungent odor.

“F*ck, what’s that? Why is it so smelly?” Fraud Tian almost passed out from the stench.

Lin Fan replied, “They’re chickens. Some people gave them to me. Please bring them down, and you can each take one of them home as a form of welfare from me.”

Fraud Tian gasped, “Where did you get these from? Also, what happened to your car? Did you get your car wrecked after they found out that you were stealing these chickens?”

Lin Fan smiled, “That’s right. Do you want it? If not, I’ll give them away.”

“Yes, I want them. They look healthy; I guess they must taste great,” Fraud Tian chuckled.

However, they were curious as to where this fella had gone to get these chickens from.

“D*mn, I have to clean the car boot. It’s so smelly,” Lin Fan said as he could not take the stench. Initially, there had been no foul smell, but as he had continued to drive on, the chickens had probably taken a dump which had emitted the stench.

Furthermore, the only way for him to get rid of the smell had been to wind down the windows for the air to flow.

“Master Lin, we’ve waited a long time. We want to eat scallion pancakes.”

The townsfolk shouted impatiently.

However, when they saw the state that Master Lin was in, they wondered what exactly happened. How did the car get damaged and how did he get these chickens?

“I’ll be making the pancakes now,” Lin Fan said energetically.

However, his clothes smelled bad, and he wanted to quickly get home to shower after selling the scallion pancakes.

On the internet.

The reporters published articles about what had happened yesterday.

“The perfect artificial limbs were very successful, but there is a twist to this tale.”

“The perfect artificial limbs demonstrated their power, but some of the small parts were not well built due to personal reasons.”

“We have to believe that Master Lin will produce perfect artificial limbs with the best quality.”

“Secretary Chen deserves respect for admitting his mistakes.”

The netizens were stunned after reading the headlines.

“D*mn, which idiot actually messed up? He must be heartless.”

“I think Master Lin made a mistake by involving the government. He should taken on the project all by himself.”

“^ Bro, that’s a risky mentality to have. You should change that.”

“These kinda things couldn’t be foreseen. Furthermore, Secretary Chen is a human after all. He probably didn’t expect this to happen at all. I believe this will not happen again.”

“I feel that it is pretty commendable that they admitted their mistakes. If Master Lin had hidden this from the public, we wouldn’t even have known about this.”

“I know about the manufacturing problems with the small components. The manufacturers of the components wanted to maximise their profits, so that’s why they did this.”

“Master Lin is so kind.”

When Lin Fan changed his clothes and returned to his shop, he smiled after reading what was published online.

He knew that the netizens would be understanding about this incident.

This was something that nobody could have predicted and wanted. As long as they were sincere in repenting, nobody would blame them for it.

Then, the official government e-platform also posted about it.

As the results of the investigation were published, the manufacturers were banned from this project.

Also, Director Li was arrested for his despicable means. The investigation was finally concluded.

However, this also made Secretary Chen more serious about this project. He kicked up a big fuss during the meeting and asked relevant departments to oversee this project closely. If this were to happen again, he wanted to hold everyone responsible for it.

The importance of the perfect artificial limbs was not to be underestimated, and everyone should have understood the importance of it. It was especially important to the handicapped people in the society.

Ding ding!

Then, Zhao Ming Qing called.

“Ming Qing, what’s up?” Lin Fan asked.

Zhao Ming Qing said, “Teacher, We haven’t done any research in a long time. Shall we?”

Lin Fan felt helpless. He knew what his student wanted. However, he understood why since it must have felt great to be able to do research with him.

If he had researched alone, he probably would not have felt so great about it.

Lin Fan thought about it and realised that it had indeed been some time since they last met to research. His disciple was probably bored of life.

“Alright, let’s meet then. Have you selected a range of diseases?” Lin Fan asked.

Zhao Ming Qing smiled. “My teacher knows me the best. Recently, I’ve done a whole lot of preparation, and I can dive into research at any time. Also, I have a collection of things that I am unsure of and would like you to explain.”

Lin Fan replied, “Hmm, no worries. We can arrange for a meet up. Alternatively, if you’re free, you can just come to Cloud Street to clarify any urgent questions first.”

Zhao Ming Qing nodded. “It’s fine, but recently the internal department has some issues. The quality control has to be flawless or else we would be in trouble. It’s really…”

After all, the perfect artificial limbs served to help the handicapped regain their freedom. If the small components went missing and something went wrong, the responsibility wouldn’t be something that anyone could handle.

Then, they hung up.

Lin Fan did some stretching to relax himself before opening up Weibo.

“Recently, I’ve been too bored. I’m prepared to accompany my disciple to tackle a particular illness. In the future, another illness will be perfectly eradicated.”

When the message was published, the internet went wild again.

“D*mn, we’ve waited for this from Master Lin for a long time.”

“Master Lin finally realised that he has been slacking all this while. I am glad that he is finally making an impact on society again.”

“He sounds so confident that he can resolve it even before doing any research.”

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