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A Valiant Life (Web Novel) - Chapter 1181 - Pinned hopes

Chapter 1181: Pinned hopes

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In a distant house, a middle-aged man was looking at his phone in despair. When he saw Master Lin’s Weibo, he became agitated, but it was not because he was afraid of failure.

“Dad, I’m hungry,” said a four year old girl as she tugged at the man’s clothes.

“Alright, be good. I am cooking now.”

The house’s interior was simple and there was nothing much in it. There was a television set, a bed, and a room that was connected to the kitchen.

The house was far away from the city, and it was considered to be in the empty and rural countryside.

“Ok, I will sit at the door for a while,” the little girl said.

“Ok, please stay safe and do not wander around,” replied the middle-aged man.

The little girl sat outside the house and looked far away before looking at the sky. Then, she started to play with the doll in her hands.

A group of kids were running around, and when they saw the little girl, they stopped and shouted, “Do you want to join us?”

The girl looked up at them and there was joy in her eyes.

It was the first time someone had actually taken the initiative to ask her to play. In the past, nobody was willing to play with her. Whenever a kid came to look for her, a group of fierce adults would come and drag them away. Then, they would shout at her too.

It was just that she could not remember what phrases the adults used to scold her with.

“Okay!” The little girl said joyfully.

Then, the group of four gathered together and used the tools they had to play with the mud.

Suddenly, a man who was riding a motorcycle saw what was happening and quickly rushed over. It was as if he had seen something shocking.

The middle-aged man who was cooking in the house rushed out of the house immediately after he heard someone shouting outside.

When he saw what was happening outside, he rushed over to embrace the little girl who was crying.

Then, the parent of the three kids pinched their ears.

“I told you not to play with her. Why didn’t you listen?”

Then, the agitated man smacked his kids.

“Stupid fools, she has AIDS. If she were to pass it to you, you’d be an orphan.”

“Zhang Yi Jun, can you please take care of your child? Don’t you know that your child is sick? How can you let her play with my kids? Did you do that on purpose?”

“That’s too much. Can you please move out? We don’t welcome you here.”

“You are nothing but a nuisance. Your indecent lifestyle caused her to be ill.”

Despite being insulted, Zhang Yi Jun was not affected at all. He was already used to it.

“Don’t scold my dad,” the little girl shouted as she cried.

“Yuan Yuan, be good,” Zhang Yi Jun patted the girl’s head. Then, he looked at them and apologized, “Sorry, I will take good care of her in the future.”

Although they scolded him, they were afraid of him, and they quickly dragged their kids away as if he was some plague.

Then, a voice could be heard from a distance away.

“If you dare to go near that house again, I will break your legs.”

The kids started to cry.

Zhang Yi Jun sighed and carried his daughter into the house.

Yuan Yuan said, “Dad, what is AIDS?”

Tears welled up in Zhang Yi Jun’s eyes as he replied, “Nothing, it’s a minor disease. You will be fine soon, don’t worry.”

Obviously, kids did not know the severity of this disease. However, to Zhang Yi Jun, he felt that this plague had ruined his family.

Five years ago, he had had a perfect family. He and his wife had both been hair stylists and they had even started a salon. Business had been booming and they had become quite wealthy. Soon, his wife had become pregnant.

To him, he had thought that his family would become even more fortunate.

However, a horrific thing had happened.

During pregnancy, his wife had went to a local hospital for a simple blood transfusion. At that point in time, nothing had seemed wrong.

However, just after his daughter had been born, his wife’s health had started deteriorating rapidly, and she had went to the hospital for a check-up.

The results had changed their lives.

She had tested HIV positive.

However, he had not contracted the disease. The unfortunate thing was that his daughter had contracted it.

Upon further investigation, they had found out that it was caused by the blood transfusion in the hospital.

They had gone to sue the hospital, and the case had dragged on for a long time.

The hospital had provided relevant evidence in court regarding the method of blood transfusion that had been practised.

In the end, the hospital had been fined $500,000, and they had to pay the family $100,000 each year until they recovered. However, the man had calculated the cost of the treatment according to the average age of an adult in the country and had found out that he needed $10,000,000.

He had tried to appeal to get a higher amount of money as compensation but he had lost.

However, because of various unforeseen reasons, the $500,000 that had been initially agreed upon had not been given to them.

This matter had gradually spread throughout their neighbourhood, and they had had to move to a small town.

The costs had been great and unsustainable. Fortunately, some kind doctors had sent some test medication over occasionally to help sustain his daughter’s life.

Zhang Yi Jun wiped the corners of his eyes upon the thought of everything that had happened. Then, he continued to cook as he glanced at his daughter, who was sitting in front of the television.

He swore to find a cure for his daughter, but the success rate was deemed to be zero.

Usually, he read all kinds of news, even international news. He had been extremely excited when he had seen that a sufferer of AIDS had managed to be cured overseas.

However, his excitement had soon vanished when he read further. Apparently, the patient had suffered from another rare illness, and he had suddenly recovered from both illnesses when he had been cured of the rare illness.

He had become the first man to be cured of AIDS.

After cooking.

Zhang Yi Jun fed his daughter and switched on his phone. He was looking at Master Lin’s Weibo.

“Dad, why aren’t you eating?” Yuan Yuan asked.

Zhang Yi Jun replied, “I am not hungry. Yuan Yuan, be good. Eat more so that you can grow faster.”

“Ok,” Yuan Yuan said and nodded.

Then, Zhang Yi Jun wrote a message to Lin Fan, praying that it would be successful.

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