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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu (Web Novel) - Chapter 279 Just Because He Loves Only Me

Chapter 279 Just Because He Loves Only Me

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But, just because they laughed, it did not mean they did not make the connection to Su Jianan.

There was a journalist who had just remarked that Su Jianan had a style change, asking if it was because Lu Boyan liked it. Even though Su Jianan did not respond, Han Ruoxi’s words felt very much las if it were targeted, insinuating something about Su Jianan.

Han Ruoxi’s volume was just loud enough for Su Jianan to hear her clearly. But she acted nonchalantly, locking arms with Lu Boyan and wandering around the event hall.

All of a sudden, they saw Su Yicheng.

Ever since Luo Xiaoxi left, Su Yicheng had been avoiding those kinds of occasions as much as possible. But he was present that day, and even with a young, pretty female partner. The young lady was definitely not over 22 years old.

Su Jianan’s reaction was the same as Luo Xiaoxi’s when she saw Xiao Yunyun for the first time—had Su Yicheng’s taste changed?

But it did not feel right after thinking it over deliberately; she seemed to have seen that young lady somewhere before…

Su Yicheng had brought Xiao Yunyun over. Xiao Yunyun smiled at Su Jianan and Lu Boyan. “Cousin! Cousin-in-law!”

It struck Su Jianan all of a sudden; she remembered. The person she had seen before was not Xiao Yunyun. It was her mother’s photograph.

That time, Su Yicheng pointed to the young woman in the photograph and told her that it was his aunt. But she and that aunt had never met.

Only did she know after growing up that her aunt had already fallen out with Su Hongyuan, even before she was born. The two had severed their sibling relationship. His aunt immigrated, and had never returned home since.

‘What was Xiao Yunyun doing here in the country?’

“I’ve come to University A for a half-year exchange!” It was as if Xiao Yunyun had seen through Su Jianan’s lingering doubts, saying, “I’ll be interning next year!”

University A was Su Jianan’s alma mater. Su Jianan felt more intimate with Xiao Yunyun instantly, and asked her what was her major.

Having brought up her major reminded Xiao Yunyun of her stubborn parents, pouting, “I’m studying medicine. Even now, being close to graduating, my mother is still persuading me to change my major and do a graduate’s program. If it were not for cousin, I would have given in to my mother.”

Su Jianan glanced at Su Yicheng. “Your Cousin Yicheng had also once stopped me from studying to become a medical examiner.”

Su Yicheng wisely spoke up before Xiao Yunyun could. Otherwise, he would have become the target of attacks. “Yunyun, you stay with Jianan. Boyan, let’s go look for Tang Ming.”

Xiao Yunyun was naturally sociable. She grinned, holding onto Su Jianan’s hand. “Cousin Jianan, I’ve seen a photograph of you before on Cousin Yicheng’s phone. You look prettier in person, especially tonight!”

Su Jianan smiled. Then, the young lady cutely pleaded, “I want to go to the washroom. Cousin, come with me.”

Tang Ming especially ordered two servants to take Su Jianan and Xiao Yunyun upstairs, citing that the washrooms upstairs were less occupied and they would be spared from waiting.

Su Jianan waited for Xiao Yunyun outside, and unexpectedly bumped into Han Ruoxi.

Han Ruoxi was clearly not avoiding her. She saw that the washroom door was shut, and directly walked over. She opened the windows, and lit a cigarette.

She never used to smoke. It only began after Lu Boyan and Su Jianan got married. She knew smoking was bad, but the thought of Su Jianan and Lu Boyan being together caused a pent-up misery to occupy her heart, which could only be relieved by a thin and long cigarette.

Han Ruoxi puffed a breath of smoke, and surveyed Su Jianan. “So he likes this type of cute little bunny dressing.” Her tone was so cold; it was more disdainful than anything complimentary. What she meant was, ‘Su Jianan could only rely on looks to attract Lu Boyan’.

“Ms. Han, you must be mistaken.” Su Jianan smiled calmly. “The truth is, it doesn’t matter how I dress. He likes them all.”

The key was her, not how she dressed.

“Pft.” Han Ruoxi sneered coldly. “You think you have a stronger backing than before. All just because he loves you, isn’t it?

“Oh, that’s not it.” Su Jianan went all out to provoke. “It is because—he loves only me.”

Xiao Yunyun heard Su Jianan’s reply just when she came out, and glanced at Su Jianan in astonishment. It was really unexpected to see that her cousin, who appeared to be such a little rabbit, could actually pull off such a domineering line, and very well done even.

“Yunyun, let’s go.” Su Jianan did not wish to participate in that pointless squabble with Han Ruoxi any longer.

Xiao Yunyun reacted in a moment. “Oh, okay!”

Watching Su Jianan’s departing view, Han Ruoxi violently stubbed out the cigarette in the ashtray. A sneaky shadow went down from the back of the wall. She could recognize that it was one of those tabloid journalists.

The second floor was out of bounds to uninvited guests. Who knew how this paparazzi managed to sneak in. He must have heard the conversation between her and Su Jianan just then.

Han Ruoxi was actually going to inform her manager, but just when she had taken out her phone, a man in a black windbreaker suddenly appeared.

The man’s features were distinct and handsome, surprisingly comparable to Lu Boyan or Su Yicheng. His healthy bronze complexion and overly sharp contour would make anyone feel uncomfortable and threatened.

With a cigarette clasped between his rough fingers, he leaned against the wall looking at Han Ruoxi, like a fearsome beast which had found a new prey.

Han Ruoxi had been used to being high and mighty, so being surveyed by that stranger had thoroughly made her uncomfortable. She was about to leave when he said, “Ms Han, let’s talk.”

“You think anybody could just talk to me?” Han Ruoxi sneered. “Scram!”

“You like Lu Boyan.” Kang Ruicheng spoke Han Ruoxi’s mind so nonchalantly.

These words froze Han Ruoxi on the spot. She glared intensely at Kang Ruicheng.

Kang Ruicheng shifted into a more casual posture. It was as if his eyes could see through Han Ruoxi. He said, “This isn’t any secret in your industry. The media knows about it. To uphold your image, your manager has exhausted all means to suppress the news reports.”

Han Ruoxi grew alerted. “Are you tring to threaten me?” she derided. “If you thought so, then you’ve gotten the wrong person!” And she was about to walk away.

“Ms. Han, you’re mistaken.” Kang Ruicheng said, “I just wanted to help you. Oh, or rather, it would be more suitable to say that I would like to work with you.”

Han Ruoxi locked her gaze on Kang Ruicheng.

She had met too many men, and could judge with a single glance, whether they were truly capable or not.

The man before her, was capable indeed. But it was not like Lu Boyan’s type of a business competency. It was mysterious. She could not make sense of it.

However, as long as it was good for her, she did not care who it was.

“Speak on,” Han Ruoxi said aloofly.

“You want Lu Boyan, while I am going to win Su Jianan for sure. We both want to separate them.” Kang Ruicheng smirked. “Say, shouldn’t we work together?”

“You are interested in Su Jianan too?” Han Ruoxi laughed scornfully. “What’s so good about her?”

“You are jealous. You will dismiss wholeheartedly anything I say.” Kang Ruicheng walked towards Han Ruoxi. “So, we do not have to discuss about how good Su Jianan is. Now, give me an answer. Do you want to work with me?”

Han Ruoxi was clear that the man was very dangerous. She would be ruined if anything went wrong.

But she recalled those words Su Jianan had uttered, “No, it is because—he loves only me.”

That was clearly a very arrogant woman. Yet, her smile appeared to be so naive and harmless, like a pristine little white flower under the sunlight, so beautiful that it made her feel like… wanting to violently tear that smile apart.

Jealousy had suppressed her sense of vigilance and fear. Han Ruoxi raised her hand towards Kang Ruicheng.

Kang Ruicheng shook her hand. “My name is Kang Ruicheng.”

“Whatever your name is doesn’t matter.” Han Ruoxi said, “What are you going to promise me, to ensure that you can help me without jeopardizing my reputation? I am a public figure. I cannot have any scandals, you know.”

“You want my guarantee?” Kang Ruicheng smiled, his gaze turned cold instantly. “Woman, differentiate clearly between showbiz and reality. You may be powerful and dominating in the entertainment business, but in my eyes, you’re nothing. At most a beautiful entertainer. You don’t deserve my guarantee!”

Han Ruoxi hated the most when people described as her an “entertainer”. She was so filled with hatred but had no choice but to tolerate. The man was much more crueler than her. She could not get confrontational with him.

Kang Ruicheng lifted Han Ruoxi’s chin disdainfully. “Rather, I need you to guarantee that you’ll never betray me.”

Han Ruoxi looked proud as always, “How do you want me to guarantee?”

Kang Ruicheng smirked. “You’ll know in the future.” He placed a note in Han Ruoxi’s palm. “My number. Contact me if there’s anything.”

Han Ruoxi took the note and stuffed it in her purse, then headed downstairs.

She did not notice at all that Kang Ruicheng had silently sneaked a hand in her purse when they physically brushed by each other.

Her cigarettes had been substituted.

The event hall downstairs.

Su Jianan and Xiao Yunyun went downstairs. A young gentleman was chatting up Xiao Yunyun. She “unintentionally” mentioned that her boyfriend also liked the same brand of suit he was wearing very much. The gentleman left in resentment.

There would be evident traces telling of whether someone had a boyfriend. Su Jianan looked at Xiao Yunyun doubtfully. “You… really have a boyfriend?”

Xiao Yunyun stuck a tongue out. “Nah.” “The type of dogs I like have not appeared. The one that have appeared are not my type. Therefore I have been single for 22 years.”

Su Jianan recalled that Lu Boyan and Su Yicheng would probably be acquainted with numerous young elites, so she asked casually, “Then, what’s your type?”

“Um…” Xiao Yunyun pondered carefully. “Can’t be younger than me! I want the sort who is reliable and humorous. He knows how to whisper sweet nothings, but not sweet-talk to deceive little girls!”

Before Su Jianan could shortlist a suitable candidate in mind, Lu Boyan suddenly came over and took her by the hand. “Come with me. Don’t go anywhere alone.”

“What’s the matter?” Su Jianan was startled.

Lu Boyan said, “Kang Ruicheng is here.”

Su Jianan subconsciously combed through her surroundings, and coincidentally saw Kang Ruicheng coming down from the stairs. Su Hongyuan was around too. He must have been worshipping Kang Ruicheng; introducing Kang Ruicheng to every single person he met as the Mr. Kang who had invested in Su Enterprise.

To have resuscitated Su Enterprise with such a resounding sum of money, was the person that everyone had joked about being the God of Fortune. Now that the God of Fortune had made a personal appearance, so young and extraordinary. Everyone was of course happy to get to know him. Kang Ruicheng greeted and toasted with everybody as well. It seemed that he had noticed Su Jianan looking at him, and thus smiled at her. He raised his glass, and downed it at once—

Uncertain whether it was the cold gust of wind from outside, Su Jianan’s spine grew chilly.

Something in her urged that Kang Ruicheng’s smile… was not simple.

Xiao Yunyun stayed with Su Yicheng. Su Jianan pulled Lu Boyan out, and unexpectedly ran into a group of journalists gathered together. When they saw them, one of the journalist immediately ran over. She could not leave at that moment, even if she wanted to.

The journalist asked candidly, “Mrs. Lu, were you quarreling with Ruoxi on the second floor just now?”

Su Jianan was stunned for a moment. She immediately understood—her conversation with Han Ruoxi earlier on had probably been overheard by that journalist.

She smiled, sounding doubtful, “Quarrel? No, we had just met by chance, and chatted casually.”

‘Who chats like that’, the journalist persisted. Su Jianan was able to dismiss each question skillfully, and finally found an excuse to walk away with Lu Boyan.

Not long after, Lu Boyan asked, predictably, “What happened?”

Su Jianan knew it would be hard to deal with Lu Boyan, so she decided to be honest with him. Then she emphasized with a face of innocence, “I didn’t want to care about her! She was the one who provoked me first! If someone was going to bite you, it’s not like you would stupidly allow her to bite, right?”

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