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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu (Web Novel) - Chapter 280 Han Ruoxi Left Lu Enterprises

Chapter 280 Han Ruoxi Left Lu Enterprises

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Lu Boyan took a deep look at Su Jianan, and smiled slightly by raising his lips.

That expression… was so profound.

Su Jianan felt that the words she was going to hear next would not be what she would like to hear, and sure enough—

“I wouldn’t mind if you were biting me like how you did last night.”

The low voice slammed into Su Jianan’s eardrum, and her cheeks turned red instantly. She said to Lu Boyan, “Rogue!”

The rogue was happily smiling, but finally returned to the business at hand. “Tomorrow I will find time to talk to Ruoxi.”

Su Jianan looked at him suspiciously and asked, “What do you want to talk to Han Ruoxi about?”

“Don’t you always hate that people find you trouble?” Lu Boyan touched Su Jianan’s head, “there will be no such people in the future.”

“…This is the best!” Su Jianan said, “I don’t want to fight people all the time, it hurts people…”


If he didn’t know about Su Jianan, Lu Boyan would be deceived by her innocent look.

There was a melodious dance music coming from the villa, and Su Jianan couldn’t stand the cold wind outside. She pulled Lu Boyan back into the house, only to see that Xiao Yunyun was being harrassed by a middle-aged man.

The little girl could cope with the young gentlemen, but was obviously not the opponent for the old guys. Her face turned red because of worry, and when she saw Su Jianan, it felt like that she saw the savior; she kept asking her for help by looking at her.

Lu Boyan had already indicated Shen Yuechuan to be there. The man was the president of a bank and he was sophisticated. Shen Yuechuan sent him away by saying something simple. Xiao Yunyun sighed with relief and left, even forgetting to say thank you. “I am going to find my cousin! It is safe to be with him!”

Shen Yuechuan was stunned on the spot, and then looked at Su Jianan after a long time. ‘What does she mean? I look very unsafe?’

‘Damn, I am such a handsome gentleman, okay?’

Su Jianan smiled with her lips pressed. At the time Tang Ming, the organizer of the wine party, came over and enthusiastically invited Lu Boyan and Su Jianan to dance with everyone. He said, “Relax, we will not stop until the sun comes up tomorrow!”

Lu Boyan suddenly said, “Tang Ming, we should go.”

Tang Ming was stunned, and subconsciously wanted to retain Lu Boyan, but he seemed to understand something after he looked at Su Jianan. He then smiled and nodded. “I will send you off.”

Su Jianan always felt that Tang Ming’s smile was meaningful, but she couldn’t ask since Tang Ming was right there. After getting on the car and talking about other things with Lu Boyan, she totally left that irrelevant doubt behind.

When they got home, someone called Lu Boyan. He answered in the room and Su Jianan went to remove her makeup.

Finally she wiped clean the lipstick on her lips and saw Lu Boyan coming in from the mirror’s reflection. On the next second, a hot body pressed on hers. Lu Boyan looked at her in the mirror and bowed his head, then kissed her on her neck.

He kissed it while his eyes closed and it was not like he would simply stop.

Su Jianan suddenly remembered Tang Ming’s deep smile, and finally understood. There were two shallow blushes appearing on her cheeks.

She pushed Lu Boyan like she was playing hard to get. Lu Boyan couldn’t help but hold her waist, and untied the thin shoulder straps of the dress with his teeth and kissed deeper…

From the time he went to the wine party till then, he had been forbearing for a long time.


He didn’t know whether it was whispering or whether he was really calling her. The voice was as low as ever, and there was an unspeakable hoarseness, which made it more sexy. It was like a curse, sweeping away Su Jianan’s will and sanity…


The next day, in the president’s office of Lu Enterprises.

Lu Boyan told the secretary that day that Han Ruoxi would visit, so when seeing the woman with the prada sunglasses coming out of the elevator, Daisy immediately opened the door of the president’s office. “Miss Han, the president is still in a meeting, please wait for a few minutes. Would you like to drink something?”

“Mineral water. You know which brand of mineral water I only drink, right?”

Han Ruoxi did not even look at Daisy and went straight into Lu Boyan’s office.

Daisy still maintained a professional smile, smiling to the arrogant back of Han Ruoxi. “Yes, please wait.”

When the door of the president’s office was closed, Daisy turned around and went to gossip with other colleagues. “What is her problem? Our president’s wife is not so cocky!”

Another secretary comforted Daisy, “Oh, you should pity her. She can now show nothing her arrogance.”

Daisy laughed. “Yes! She will never have the president’s surname in this life!”

Ten minutes later, Lu Boyan came back after the meeting. The secretary told him that Miss Han had come. He nodded slightly. He did see Han Ruoxi sitting on the sofa when he stepped into the office.

Han Ruoxi took off the sunglasses and stood up. She rarely smiled at people. “You called me specifically, is there anything important?”

“Jianan told me what happened yesterday.” Lu Boyan sat on the sofa opposite Han Ruoxi and said, “Ruoxi, let’s talk.”

Han Ruoxi’s smile disappeared when he heard the words “Su Jianan”. After hearing the latter part of the sentence, the indifference turned to mockery. “Did she complain to you?”

Han Ruoyi sneered before Lu Boyan answered. “Did she complain about my viciousness, or went to cry to you as if she was being bullied by me? You really should have seen the way she talked to me yesterday, she is not that innocent as you think! She is just pretending…”

“Enough!” Lu Boyan interrupted Han Ruoxi, with a heavy tone which sounded like a warning. “She is my wife. I know her and her personality better than you, and I don’t need you to tell me.”

“…” Han Ruoxi looked at Lu Boyan with her eyes wide open, and she was speechless for a long time.

That was the first time Lu Boyan spoke to her in such a heavy tone because of that woman.

She smiled awkwardly. “I should have known that men would be fascinated by women like her, even if it’s you.”

Lu Boyan raised his eyebrows, and there was danger deep in his eyes. He said word by word: “Ruoxi, I said ‘enough’.”

Han Ruoxi still understood Lu Boyan, knowing that she was about to step on his bottom line, so she restrained herself. “You didn’t ask me to be here only to tell me ‘enough’, right? Or do you have to talk to me personally about the renewal thing?”

Her contract with Lu Enterprise Media would expire in a week. She had tried to threaten Lu Boyan with the contract renewal, but he didn’t mind if she was looking for a new company. She had to use the delay tactics until then, and didn’t sign the letter of renewal for the contract, but told the company’s top management that it could be renewed directly after expiration.

“Yuechuan will talk to you about the renewal,” Lu Boyan looked at Han Ruoxi faintly, “I called you here to tell you that you and Jianan will have to meet in public in the future. I hope that you can call her Mrs. Lu just like the others.”

The implication was that Han Ruoxi should treat Su Jianan as the wife of the president and respect her.

But she was Han Ruoxi. Even if she conceded, her pride would not!

“You know that I like you!” Han Ruoxi was mad and threw herself at Lu Boyan. “For you, I am willing to do anything. If you want me, I don’t need a title, I can be your…”

Lu Boyan’s eyes were cold and he promptly interrupted what Han Ruoxi was going to say, “Don’t forget your public image.”

“I am just an artist for you? Am I so unattractive?” Han Ruoxi smiled and laughed at herself. “Lu Boyan, for you, I have already said it so clearly, putting myself this low. Why do you still reject me?”

Lu Boyan just said, “Ruoxi, I love her.”

Han Ruoxi had never seen such a gaze, which was so stable and unwavering.

There was more despair in her heart. “Since when?”

Lu Boyan thought for a moment. “Too many years, I can’t remember.”

“When will it end?!” Han Ruoxi asked in an almost stubborn way.

Lu Boyan also felt helpless. “Probably, it never will.”

He was so helpless, but couldn’t deny that sweet fate.

Han Ruoxi felt that she was really crazy to force Lu Boyan to say that to hurt her.

She had been painstakingly managing and maintaining the image of a high-ranking queen, with strong independence and courage. She thought that a man like Lu Boyan would appreciate such an independent and beautiful woman.

But since she couldn’t get him by working so hard, it was better to tell him the truth!

“I just want to stay with you. Money, name, I don’t want them!” Han Ruoxi grabbed Lu Boyan’s hand. “Otherwise, I will sign with other companies! I have been in Lu Enterprises for many years and I know a lot of your operating secrets, including your future development plans. You must not want me to change jobs, do you? Also, I am the most profitable artist in the company. If I leave, there are no other female artists who can represent the whole Lu Enterprises!”

Lu Boyan still looked very calm. “In the current circle, there is no shortage of new talents who are willing to work hard. If Lu Enterprises wants to make another person popular, it’s actually much easier than you think.”

If Han Ruoxi was gone, he could easily make another better than Han Ruoxi.

Han Ruoxi paled and looked at Lu Boyan incredulously. Then she heard him saying, “As for the operation secrets that you have, you can tell them to your new company. It’s not a secret in the brokerage company; the key is the people.”

She could take the technology away but she couldn’t take the operators.

Han Ruoxi was frustrated with her shoulders lowered down. She looked desperately at Lu Boyan and said, “I finally know why Su Jianan can talk to me so confidently.”

Because she was not only Mrs. Lu, who is justified, Lu Boyan also loved her dearly.

No matter how high level she was in the entertainment industry, and what kind of image she had in the eyes of fans, in Su Jianan’s eyes, she was probably just a poor woman who couldn’t get what she loved.

“If I change my company, you will not make me stay, right?” Han Ruoxi’s eyes were dull, because she knew that there was no hope.

Sure enough, Lu Boyan said, “No need.”

Han Ruoxi stood up, with the last of her pride and arrogance returning to her beautiful big eyes. “Well, I will change jobs. Lu Boyan, don’t regret it.”

Lu Boyan said, “You may first declare that you will no longer cooperate with Lu Enterprises, and the company will make a statement later.”

He didn’t try to make her stay at all, letting her make a statement first, creating the illusion that she took the initiative to terminate the contract; it was probably his last gentlemanly gesture.

Han Ruoxi’s eyes turned red. “Lu Boyan, you are so cruel! Don’t regret the decision you have made today!”

She knew why Lu Boyan said “no need”.

Because she said that she was willing to be his mistress, and he worried that she would be entangled in the future to bring trouble to Su Jianan.

From the beginning to the end, Lu Boyan only considered things for Su Jianan!

After rushing out of Lu Enterprises, Han Ruoxi took out a note from the bag and dialed Kang Ruicheng’s phone number.

“What?” A chilly voice came from the receiver.

Han Ruoxi wiped the tears in her eyes. “I fell out with Lu Boyan.”

“Oh?” Kang Ruicheng said as if it was as he expected. “So?”

“I know a lot of things about him,” Han Ruoxi said. “As long as you can break him and Su Jianan, I will tell you whatever you want to know!”

“You can just betray the man you love like this?”

There was a cruelness flashing across Han Ruoxi’s beautiful eyes. “This is what he owes me! He made me popular, but I also made Lu Enterprise Media popular. Today, just to prevent Su Jianan from worrying too much about me, he agreed to to the termination of my contract.”


“Since he is ruthless, don’t blame me for being unjust!”

The voice of indifference floated in the wind, but hatred was pinned like the nail in the darkest corner of Han Ruoxi’s heart…

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