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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu (Web Novel) - Chapter 281 Intimidating Express

Chapter 281 Intimidating Express

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Three days later, major media all reported that the “Financial Figures” would be released soon, to warm up the first issue of the magazine.

If that type of report was intended to be read, providing gossip was always the best way.

Therefore, at the magazine’s celebration wine party, the encounter between Han Ruoxi and Su Jianan once again became the first big news, and Lu Boyan was also present that night. The triangular relationship between the three was once again talked about by people.

The last time Han Ruoxi and Su Jianan wore the same dress at the anniversary celebration of the Lu Enterprises, Han Ruoxi was first defeated in dressing, and lost to her rival in love, which looked pretty bad.

At the current time, there was news that Han Ruoxi’s team was very careful, and the two would be compared from head to toe.

But looking at the photos, one was the glamorous Queen with the beauty, the other was a pure and innocent bunny with good temperament. It was difficult to make a comparison, and people had their own tastes.

Everyone had been gearing up and ready to fight, but in that uncontroversial situation… they could only talk about it on the keyboard.

Fortunately, entertainment journalists would never let the gossip-loving netizens down.

At noon, a report titled “Han Ruoxi and Su Jianan secretly quarrel, showing disharmony” was reprinted by the major gossip websites. Although the attached photos were not very clear, they were indeed only Su Jianan and Han Ruoxi there.

Su Jianan smiled slightly and looked as if she were harmless. Han Ruoxi looked cold and gloomy and her expression was distorted. One didn’t need to look carefully to feel the hostility between the two people.

What was more exciting was the dialogue between Han Ruoxi and Su Jianan.

“The truth is: no matter what I wear, he likes it.”

“Because he only loves me.”

What Su Jianan said made her look so bossy, and defeated Han Ruoxi on her feet with a few words.

Naturally, Han Ruoxi’s fans said terrible things to Su Jianan, but there were also netizens who hated Han Ruoxi and applauded. They were already Su Jianan’s fans when they saw that she thoroughly pissed Han Ruoxi off.

In just one afternoon, the post about that matter was covered in the screen of the gossip section. The reporter called Han Ruoxi’s agent and asked if the incident was true. The agent only said that he wasn’t aware of that because he wasn’t with Han Ruoxi at that time.

If the object of quarreling with Han Ruoxi was replaced by someone else, the agent would totally deny that kind of thing. After all, it would hurt the artist’s image. But Su Jianan was Mrs. President of Lu Enterprises; he couldn’t offend her. Such a conservative answer was basically equivalent to confirming that the thing was true.

The anti-Han Ruoxi netizens were even more stunned, and they started to kick up a fuss: ‘though you didn’t lose in the dressing department, you still lost on the talking. just go back to practice for hundreds of years’.

No one thought that there would be two more exciting things happening the next day.

The first one was the official release of “Financial Figures”, which was an interview with Lu Boyan and Su Jianan on the first page.

Most of what Lu Boyan talked about was financial and economic matters. But obviously, what everyone was most concerned about was their private life.

—”She didn’t do anything, I already fell in love with her.”

—”I didn’t like others before I liked her. After falling in love with her, I can no longer love others.”

—”Before marriage, all my life was work. It should be said that after marriage, I have life, and I’ve lived a life.”

These three sentences from Lu Boyan were madly passed along; people didn’t care about the stock market, management secrets and the future development of Lu Enterprises. People were all amazed by Lu Boyan being just like a normal guy.

It turned out that he was also a man of flesh and bones, instead of a god. He could also fall in love with a woman and tell her sweet loving words.

The magazine was hyped the previous day, so it was sold out when it was listed that day. The sales department had to call the printing factory to expeditiously print the second batch of magazines.

At noon, a sensational writer presented an article titled: “The Rich also Have Simple Happiness.”

The author analyzed Lu Boyan’s feelings for Su Jianan from each of his sentences, and carefully analyzed the only photo in the magazine, saying that he really saw love.

Because he saw his love for Su Jianan from Lu Boyan’s movements, and also saw Su Jianan’s deep dependence on Lu Boyan from Su Jianan’s free relaxation.

The author even broke the news at the end of the article that Lu Boyan and Han Ruoxi actually had nothing to do with each other, and they had always been unilaterally hyped by Han Ruoxi’s team. Until Lu Boyan got married, Han Ruoxi stopped her false propaganda.

The second big thing that day was that Han Ruoxi issued a statement, announcing that she would no longer cooperate with Lu Enterprise Media.

After many years of her debut, Han Ruoxi was only popular after signing with Lu Enterprise Media. She repeatedly expressed her gratitude to the company, and she said that she would never leave unless she had to.

At that time, she suddenly announced that she would no longer cooperate with Lu Enterprise Media. It was inevitable for everyone to associate what happened between her and Lu Boyan.

Fifteen minutes later, Lu Enterprise Media’s official Weibo confirmed Han Ruoxi’s statement, and that they had been very happy by cooperating with Han Ruoxi in the past six years, to also express their hope that she would have better development after leaving the company.

The discerning eye had already seen that Lu Enterprises’s statement was written long ago and was only sent out when Han Ruo’s statement was issued. On the surface, Han Ruoxi took the initiative to abandon the company, but in fact, the company wasn’t interested in keeping her.

Someone soon analyzed that Lu Enterprises’s abandoning the most profitable artist who represented the company most likely was because Lu Boyan did not want to be tied up with Han Ruoxi, so as not to cause Su Jianan’s misunderstanding.

Another saying was that Han Ruoxi irritated Su Jianan, and Su Jianan told Lu Boyan, who then didn’t want her to stay in Lu Enterprise Media.

There were different opinions, but they were all because of Su Jianan.

Some fans had comforted Han Ruoxi and shouted “What are you so afraid of since you are so popular!” and some people went to Han Ruoxi’s Weibo to leave a message: ‘Don’t cry, be Su Jianan in the next life’.

Han Ruoxi locked herself in the apartment, looked at the messages on Weibo and the discussions on the Internet, and then broke a tea set and took out the cigarettes from the purse to keep smoking…

Her world had completely changed, and even those who were comforting, she could no longer believe them.

She was Han Ruoxi. Han Ruoxi, who would never lose, what comfort was needed!

Soon, a lot of calls were made to Han Ruoxi’s mobile phone, which were done by the bosses of major brokerage companies. They wanted to talk to her about cooperation.

“Ruoxi, as long as you can come to my company, I’ll agree whatever you say! Even if you want the moon in the sky, I will find a way to get it for you!” It was from the boss of the second largest brokerage company in China, where Lu Enterprise Media was the largest—Chuangtian Enterprise Media.

Han Ruoxi spit out smoke and said, “I don’t want the moon in the sky. I want a grand signing ceremony.”


“After signing to your company, let your most connected agent handle my brokerage affairs. Assistant, makeup artist, and something like that, you must know me as much as my original team.”

“No problem!”

“And, I want you to find a way to maintain my exposure,” Han Ruoxi said word by word, “I don’t want to live in a worse way after I change jobs.”

“I understand!” said the boss, “I will give you a specific plan tomorrow. If you agree, we will hold the signing ceremony. What do you think?”

All the conditions made by the Chuangtian Enterprise Media were very good. Han Ruoxi consulted a lawyer to amend several terms and promised to sign a contract with Chuangtian Enterprise Media.

The signing ceremony was very grand. The CEO presented Han Ruoxi with a diamond necklace worth more than 3 million. He welcomed Han Ruoxi to join the Chuangtian Enterprise Media.

There had been so many things in just a few days; the entertainment journalists were too busy to stop, and many people didn’t even realize what was going on; Su Jianan was no different.

The news of Han Ruoxi changing companies even spread across the police station, plus the news that she had argued with Su Jianan before. Almost everyone who saw Su Jianan would ask: “Jianan, is it because of you that Lu Enterprises stopped cooperating with Han Ruoxi?”

In fact, Su Jianan knew nothing, not to mention knowing it in advance.

Lu Boyan just told her that no one would come to her again in the future. She did not expect that his solution would be so simple… and straightforward.

Many colleagues in the police station were fans of Han Ruoxi. That day, Han Ruoxi signed with a new company and accepted a gift worth 3 million. Su Jianan would inevitably hear some talking. She even heard that some people said that she made Han Ruoxi leave. She chose to ignore that and do the work at hand.

In the afternoon, there was a courier sent to the police station for Su Jianan.

She bought something on the Internet two days prior. She forgot to write the address of the house or the police station. She didn’t think about it and opened the package. She didn’t expect it to be a bloody mouse corpse, which smelled bad.

Though she was a medical examiner, Su Jianan was still shocked. She screamed and threw away the box; her face turned pale and froze at her desk.

Some people and Captain Yan heard the sound and went over; someone immediately went out to chase the courier. Captain Yan also asked people to clean up the mouse body. Xiao Ying helped Su Jianan to sit down and asked her, “Are you okay?”

Su Jianan sighed deeply. “It’s nothing. Fortunately it’s not something dangerous.”

“They are so bold to dare sending something like that to the police station!” Xiao Ying was indignant.

“The courier company would not accept this kind of package,” Captain Yan asked Xiao Ying to be less excited. “The courier just now should be a fan of Han Ruoxi.”

The “courier” was quickly caught and brought back. As Captain Yan expected, it was a fan of Han Ruoxi, and he was a student, saying that he would teach Su Jianan a lesson in Han Ruoxi’s stead. If it weren’t for Su Jianan talking to Lu Boyan, Han Ruoxi would not have left Lu Enterprises.

“Don’t you know that this is illegal!?” Captain Yan grabbed the collar of the little boy and pushed him out, “take him to the interrogation room and inform the parents!”

The matter of Su Jianan being threatened spread throughout the police station. Jiang Shaokai asked her if she would go back to have a rest after work. She shrugged and said, “What’s the big deal?”

But she was still a little scared. That time it was just a mouse corpse, but next time… no one would know what it would be.

When she got off work, Su Jianan couldn’t help but ask Lu Boyan, “What caused Han Ruoxi’s job change?”

Lu Boyan said simply, “The conditions for renewal were not settled.”

Although Su Jianan didn’t know much about it, she also knew that Han Ruoxi was the most representative female artist of Lu Enterprises. She had already stepped onto the international stage and she would have a better development. Lu Enterprises had no reason to let her go at that time.

She wondered. “What conditions did Han Ruoxi present that you couldn’t agree with?”

Lu Boyan did not answer, but instead stared at Su Jianan, “This thing has been going on for so long, why do you care about it today? What happened?”

Su Jianan avoided his eyes, “No, nothing…”

Lu Boyan saw Su Jianan covering up something, but did not force her to answer. “If you don’t say it, we can turn back to the police office.”

Su Jianan hesitated for a moment, and told Lu Boyan about the intimidation of the express delivery.

At the time, she never imagined that the real horror had not happened yet.

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