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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu (Web Novel) - Chapter 282 Han Ruoxi Was Controlled

Chapter 282 Han Ruoxi Was Controlled

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The air pressure in the carriage suddenly plummeted, and Lu Boyan’s beautiful facial features were shrouded with a layer of haze.

Su Jianan suddenly felt that a storm was coming, and grabbed Lu Boyan’s hand. “I am fine. Moreover, the little boy has been detained.”

Lu Boyan’s face was still gloomy and cold.

Detention—it was nothing for him.

Su Jianan knew that Lu Boyan would not give up easily. She had to say, “I don’t want to make this thing a big deal. Forget it, okay?”

She had been a transparent person for more than 20 years, and she had long been accustomed to being free to do whatever she wanted. Since being exposed and married to Lu Boyan, she was always reported about on the entertainment edition, and some people who knew nothing about her had commented about her as if they had seen her through…

Although it did not affect her life, it was enough to cause her resentment.

If the matter was exposed, Han Ruoxi’s fans would probably only clap their hands and scream for it.

Lu Boyan called Shen Yuechuan to check the whole thing.

He was very efficient. He called back in less than fifteen minutes to say, “The little boy was just a huge fan of Han Ruoxi. They believed in some so-called breaking news on the Internet, thinking that Han Ruoxi’s departure from Lu Enterprises was forced, and he was too irrational. There is no one behind the act. At present he was detained by the police; what… what do we need to do?”

Lu Boyan looked at Su Jianan and said, “Nevermind.”

“Never—?” He specially asked him to check, and then just ‘nevermind’?

Shen Yuechuan was also smart. He immediately understood that Su Jianan was not willing to make a big deal out of it so he smiled. “Well, listen to sister-in-law!”

Lu Boyan hung up the phone, but still looked serious and nervous, so Su Jianan leaned over and smiled at him. “You forgot what I do?” saying, proudly raising her elegant chin, “it’s just a small mouse, it’s not good enough for us to practice and learn from the autopsy!”

“…” Lu Boyan finally erased his worries and put a smile on his face.

Su Jianan felt relieved.

Back at home, there were two strange young women sitting on the sofa in the living room; blond, white and high nosed—real Europeans.

“The two ladies are the assistants of Mr. Jesse.”

With the introduction of Uncle Xu, they stood up and waved to Su Jianan, speaking very standard English, “Mrs. Lu, hello. Mr. Jesse is designing a wedding dress for you, we need you to take some measures.”

Su Jianan looked at Lu Boyan with some incredulity. “Is Mr. Jesse, Jesse David?”

Though she knew nothing about fashion, she still knew who Jesse David was.

In the words of Luo Xiaoxi, he was the most dreamy wedding dress designer in the world. The three conditions necessary for a perfect wedding were: the groom was the favorite person, the bridesmaids were the best of friends, and the wedding dress was from the hands of Jesse David.

Even Han Ruoxi, a front-line actress who was like a duck to water in the fashion world, had personally called Jesse David to design a wedding dress for herself. At the time when the media reported the news, there were countless people who speculated that Han Ruoxi was going to marry Lu Boyan.

It was usually difficult to ask favor from big celebrities, not to mention Jesse David. It was said that he refused the Hollywood superstar in public. Just because he didn’t like the appearance of the actress, not to mention that oriental people would be less likely to call him. Such was the reason for Su Jianan’s surprise.

Lu Boyan looked pretty calm. “Who else it should be?”

In shock, Su Jianan followed the design assistant to the room upstairs, to take the measurements.

Su Jianan learned from the assistant that the dresses for when she takes pictures and several wedding dresses to be used for weddings, as well as the dresses to be used before and after the wedding, wold all be designed by Jesse. He would not take any orders until he had designed all the ceremonial gowns and the other dresses for her.

“Mrs. Lu, it has never happened before,” assistant said to Su Jianan while measuring her arms. “Mr. Jesse originally only promises to design a wedding dress, but after accidentally seeing your photo, he offered to take charge of all the designs!”

Before Su Jianan had time to say anything, another assistant suddenly mentioned Han Ruoxi, “You have a famous female star here, Han… Oh, Han Ruoxi! In the past few years, she wanted Mr. Jesse to help her design a wedding dress to take photos, but Jesse refused!”

Su Jianan was stunned. “At the time, Miss Han wanted a wedding dress designed only to take pictures?”

“Yeah,” said the assistant, “she doesn’t have a boyfriend. What can she do in addition to taking pictures in a wedding dress?”

Su Jianan was sad and happy at the same time.

At that time, she saw the news that Han Ruoxi wanted to design a wedding dress. Her first reaction was the same as that of many people. Han Ruoxi and Lu Boyan were finally about to be together.

After thinking about it, that was just a means for Han Ruoxi to maintain her exposure and topicality. Letting out the old tricks that seem to be unreal, and detonating the outside discussion.

She was sad about it for many days!

After measuring all the sizes, Su Jianan sent the design assistants downstairs. The assistant took the initiative to explain to Lu Boyan, “Mr. Lu, Mr. Jesse said that he will send the design drafts to you as soon as he makes a satisfactory proposal.”

“Thank you.” Lu Boyan let Uncle Xu send the assistant to leave.

Su Jianan was in a good mood and ran over to hold Lu Boyan’s hand. “Are you sure you don’t want me to help with the wedding?”

Lu Boyan took care of everything, and he said that what she only had to do was to be his bride. But right then, Su Jianan was worried that he would be too busy to manage that.

“I do need your help,” Lu Boyan said, “to not mess up.”

Su Jianan pouted, as if she would only mess up!

“But—” She smiled at Lu Boyan. “I really thought about messing up at your wedding!”

Lu Boyan raised his eyebrows and there was danger in his tone, “Fill me in.”

“What am I supposed to do if I saw you marry someone who’s not me? Saying ‘I wish you happiness’?” Before Lu Boyan said anything, Su Jianan said in stress, “I can’t do it!”

Lu Boyan felt happy and pulled the little moster into his arms. “When the weather gets warmer next year, we will hold a wedding.”

Su Jianan stayed in his arms, and her lips unknowingly raised to show a smile, as if she had seen the long grass in the coming year, and the warm sunny days.

But when she looked outside, she only saw the snow fluttering outside the window.

Su Jianan’s eyes lit up and excitedly grabbed Lu Boyan’s hand. “Honey, it’s snowing!”

Because of the cold, Su Jianan didn’t like winter very much, but she liked snow.

When the night was about to arrive, the snow fell and she would snuggle in the warm blanket. The next day, she could see the snow on the branches and under the eaves. The whole world was covered with silver and white.

Lu Boyan held Su Jianan’s hand as if he knew already that it would snow today. “Go out and see.”

The two walked outside. The lights in the garden just blinked and then lit up, making the falling snow especially clear. Su Jianan reached out. There were a few snowflakes falling on her palm and fingertips, but as soon as the cold wind blew, it immediately melted away, but left the fingertips the same feeling of cold knife cutting.

She refused to retract her hand and was lost in her memories. “I looked forward to snow when I was young, and I wore gloves and scarves that my mother gave us when it was snowing. I would play snowballing with my brother and my neighbor’s children. When we got tired, we would go home to have sweet soup that my mother had just cooked for us.”

In the blink of an eye, the mother had left her for almost ten years.

She had never played in a snowball fight, and she had never had such a sweet soup since then.

Lu Boyan didn’t say anything, just wrapping Su Jianan’s cold little hand into his, and Uncle Xu came out of the room, saying, “Young master, Young Madam, dinner is ready.”

Back to the restaurant to sit down, Su Jianan found that in addition to dinner at the dinner table, there was also a small pot of sweet soup. The materials were extremely common, not some valuable tonics, but it was the sweet soup that her mother liked, and it was the sweet soup that she usually drank when she was a child.

Su Jianan looked subconsciously at Lu Boyan with her eyes filled with surprises. Lu Boyan said lightly, “In the morning, your brother saw the weather forecast and called me.”

Su Jianan tasted a sweet soup, and the sweetness spread from the tongue to the heart.

She did lose some, but she also had a lot.

However, before the last moments of her life, she did not know whether she would lose her only happiness in front of her eyes; at the current moment of his life, since she had lost her mother.

That was the first winter snow; it was heavy and people couldn’t just ignore it. The people walking on the street had stopped to look up and reached for the falling snow. For a time, the streets were full of excitement.

Such weather was suitable for unsolicited transactions.

A car parked at the entrance of the club, and a woman in a coat with sunglasses and half-wrapped herself got off of a car. Even if the closest person couldn’t even recognize her.

She went straight to a private room on the fourth floor and took off her sunglasses to reveal her beautiful big eyes.

Kang Ruicheng in the private room had been waiting for a long time, and asked the woman in his arms to leave and made a “please” gesture to Han Ruoxi. “Sit.”

As soon as she was seated, Han Ruoxi suddenly felt uncomfortably sleepy, and yawned with her hand covering her mouth.

She didn’t know if there had been too many things happening recently. She often felt like this in the past few days, tired for no reason, but once she smoked, the feeling disappeared.

Kang Ruicheng glanced at her, and he seemed to smile in an impercetible way.

Looking closely, the smile was cold like the snow outside the window.

Han Ruoxi subconsciously opened the bag to find cigarettes, but found that the cigarette case was empty. Looking at Kang Ruicheng, she asked, “Can you ask someone to buy me a pack of cigarettes?”

“What’s the problem?”

Kang Ruicheng asked someone to do so, and soon had cigarettes brought in, which were of the brand that Han Ruoxi used to smoke.

She lit one up and took a puff. Han Ruoxi raised her eyebrows—something was wrong, but she couldn’t tell what it was.

She extinguished the cigarette, yawning time and time again, followed by a very uncomfortable feeling.

Everything seemed to be within Kang Ruicheng’s expectations. He handed Han Ruoxi a cigarette and said, “Miss Han, care to try this one?”

Han Ruoxi dismissed it. “I only smoke one kind of cigarette.”

“Just like you only drink a brand of mineral water?” Kang Ruicheng smiled and said, “trust me, you will like this.”


“You must have the feeling of 10,000 ants biting your bones now. If you don’t want to be more uncomfortable, just smoke the cigarette I’m giving you.”

If that was the case, and if she still couldn’t notice anything, she was not Han Ruoxi.

She stared at Kang Ruicheng with her cold and sharp look. “What did you add to my cigarettes!?”

“I said, I need to guarantee that you will not betray me in any circumstance,” Kang Ruicheng lit a cigar and leaned back comfortably, like a dark emperor who was strategizing. “I don’t trust anyone. Unless that person is fully controlled by me.”

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