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A Wizard’s Secret (Web Novel) - Chapter 417: The Frost Lord II

Chapter 417: The Frost Lord II

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A heavy snowfall had just lifted and the sky turned azure blue. From the clear skies, warm sunlight shone on the entire Subzero Snowfield.

Nestled in the icy depths of the snow-capped mountains, stood a majestic palace complex. At this moment, several snow sprites were flying toward one of the palaces.

From a distance, a few Spell Casters gazed wistfully at the scene. “There’re so many snow sprites. Tsk tsk. Besides here, where else can you see such a spectacular view?”

“Yeah. If these snow sprites were encountered elsewhere, they would be in great danger. In this place, however, the Frost Lord reigns supreme. Especially here, the rank of snow sprites is second to none. Who would dare challenge them?”

“Today is probably the day the Lord Master opens the Frost Pond, so these snow sprites are rushing to accept the Frost Lord’s test to get an opportunity to be baptized in the Frost Pond.”

There was a fervent discussion among the crowd. These people consisted of Spell Casters who were allowed to enter the Frost Lord’s area and were given a relatively safe degree of guarantee. However, in this area, the highest status still belonged to these snow sprites.

Like sprites from the other elements, snow sprites inherently possessed a weaker status, so if they were encountered elsewhere, they would be caught by Spell Casters. In this place, however, the Frost Lord reigned supreme, so no one would even dream of harming the snow sprites.

The Frost Lord too had started as a weak little snow sprite, and slowly grew into a remarkable overlord in Subzero Snowfield.

Nevertheless, the Frost Lord was very low-key and basically only focused on nurturing the snow sprites. In Subzero Snowfield, there were many snow sprites born here, so most of them would come to the Frost Lord’s area for protection as well as to enjoy the various facilities prepared for them by the Frost Lord.

This was the ultimate paradise for snow sprites!


Suddenly, three silhouettes flew swiftly toward the huge palace with mighty winds swirling around their bodies. From afar, they looked considerably impressive.

“Who’s that?”

“Is someone trying to provoke the Frost Lord?”

Many of the Spell Casters were astonished. After all, the Frost Lord had lived in Subzero Snowfield for many years and was yet to be provoked by anyone. According to rumors, there had been Spell Casters who attempted to catch some of the snow sprites but ultimately their fates were unbeknownst to anyone.

In short, the Frost Lord was extremely low-key, to the extent that no one knew its true abilities. However, that also did not mean that it was not powerful.

However, it was still unheard of for someone to provoke the Frost Lord so brazenly.

The three silhouettes in the sky landed in front of the palace with a mighty swoop.

“Ernie, Watson, you two go ahead and negotiate with the Frost Lord on what are the conditions that will allow me to be baptized in the Frost Lake.”

These three people were of course Merlin accompanied by Wizards Ernie and Watson. They arrived directly in front of the Frost Lord’s palace. Merlin must first use the Frost Lord’s Frost Pond to improve his body and his physique in order to cultivate Glacier Country.

“Us again…”

Wizards Ernie’s and Watson’s expression paled. Initially, they thought that after signing a slave contract with Merlin, they would just find a peaceful place to construct their own spells where a hundred years would pass by quickly enough.

However, beyond their wildest expectations, in just a short period of time, they had already faced one dangerous situation after another. Moreover, in every single instance, Merlin had sent them to carry out the most dangerous missions.

The Frost Lord was definitely not someone to be provoked. Although both Ernie and Watson were Seventh-level Spell Casters, they knew that they amounted to nothing in the eyes of the Frost Lord.

In this case, the Frost Pond was the most precious treasure which belonged to the Frost Lord and was only ever allowed to be used by the snow sprites. Never before in history had the Frost Pond been opened to be used by a Spell Caster. Thus, they were quite certain that this impending negotiation with the Frost Lord would not allow them to escape unscathed.

However, since it was Merlin’s orders, they had no choice but to obey. They flew directly into the palace.

The moment they crossed the palace doors, a few snow sprites flew out. Upon spotting Ernie and Watson, they shrieked loudly. “Stop, who are you? How dare you enter the forbidden area? The Great Lord Master will surely punish you severely for this. Leave now!”

The snow sprites were fearless in this place.

Wizards Ernie and Watson looked at each other and decided to release their formidable Elemental fluctuations as Seventh-level Spell Casters. For a split second, these intimidating Seventh-level Spell Caster auras stunned the snow sprites into silence.

“Seventh-level Spell Casters. These are Seventh-level Spell Casters!”

“I’ve seen these two before. Are they not Wizard Watson and Wizard Ernie?”

“Turns out it’s those two cunning Spell Casters. Hmph, they were never good news in Subzero Snowfield to begin with. Nothing but a bunch of wicked, abominable Spell Casters. Let’s quickly report to the Lord Master!”

Once they recovered from the shock, the snow sprites swiftly flew back inside the palace and reported to the Frost Lord.

Ernie and Watson stepped backward and spoke with a trace of embarrassment, “Master, let’s just wait here. I’m sure the Frost Lord will be coming out soon.”

Merlin looked at Wizards Ernie and Watson coldly. As for the thoughts that were running through their heads, Merlin knew it as clear as day. While the two of them dared not defy his orders, they also would not execute his orders uncompromisingly. Unlike Wizard Bammou, Wizards Ernie and Watson were unwilling to put themselves in unnecessary danger.

Waiting outside was obviously much safer compared to entering the palace because no one knew what the Frost Lord had prepared inside the palace. They did not dare enter the palace but also dared not defy Merlin’s orders. Thus, they came up with such a ruse to attract the Frost Lord outside.


Soon enough, the main door of the palace slowly creaked open and a flock of snow sprites flew out. The surrounding temperature dropped radically, causing everyone to shudder.

Right in the center of these snow sprites, like the moon cradled by the stars, was a lady covered in a long, snowy white robe, similar to a Wizard’s robes. This delicate-looking yet stone-faced lady was the Frost Lord!

Merlin was not that much surprised because snow sprites had no gender to begin with. Even if they became as powerful as the Frost Lord, this fact would still be unchanged. All the Frost Lord did was transform itself according to its own preferences. Therefore, even if it turned into a man right this instant, Merlin would not be surprised.

“Wizard Ernie, Wizard Watson, why have you trespassed into my forbidden expanse?”

The Frost Lord’s gaze was locked on Wizard Ernie and Wizard Watson. After all, they were not unknown entities but Seventh-level Spell Casters in Subzero Snowfield. Despite being far from comparable to the Frost Lord’s abilities, it would not regard them lightly.

“Hehe, Frost Lord, this time it’s not us who are looking for you but our Master, Wizard Merlin!”

There was a smile on Wizard Ernie’s face. At this juncture, he no longer had anything to worry about. Since it was an unchangeable fact that he had become Merlin’s slave, and the news would soon spread throughout Subzero Snowfield in a matter of time anyway, he might as well acknowledge it now. Perhaps, it would even help him gain some favor with Merlin.

“Your Master?”

The Frost Lord paused slightly but seemed to recall something in its head and glanced at Merlin with a half-smile. “There were rumors that Wizard Ernie and Wizard Watson signed a slave contract with a mysterious Spell Caster to be his slaves! Seems that the rumors were true…”

The looks on Wizards Ernie and Watson’s faces turned sour. Although it was a fact that they had become Merlin’s slaves, the Frost Lord’s words uttered before them were laced with ridicule.

“Hmph. Frost Lord, the reason our Master came today is to ask for your permission to use the Frost Pond. Tell us, what are the conditions that you may grant our Master to use the Frost Pond?”

Wizard Ernie asked quietly.

Just as he ended the question, and the Frost Lord was yet to answer, a few snow sprites began to shriek in a shrill voice. “No, no, you wicked, abominable Spell Caster, how dare you try to suggest to the Frost Lord to use the Frost Pond. That’s solely for the use of the snow sprites. We’ll never allow despicable Spell Casters like you to use it! Get out from the Lord Master’s land!”

Wizard Ernie’s face glowered. “I’m talking to the Frost Lord. Wo are you to speak up, you little cretin?”

Following that, Wizard Ernie’s gestured with his hand, and a large icy palm appeared to grab the snow sprite. Although Wizard Ernie was not particularly powerful, he was still a Seventh-level Spell Caster. So, even a simple gesture from his hand was not a blow that could be endured by an average Spell Caster, not to mention a snow sprite.

Furthermore, despite the Frost Lord’s nurturing of the many snow sprites, none of the snow sprite besides itself had been able to achieve the level of a Seventh-level Spell Caster. There were, however, a number of them that were comparable with a Sixth-level Spell Caster.

Between Sixth- and Seventh-level laid a huge hurdle, not only for snow sprites but also Spell Casters. Merlin had once found a flame sprite whom he had trailed after in the ancient monuments. It had lived in the ancient moment for countless years and yet remained at the level of a Sixth-level Spell Caster, unable to move forward.

This was enough to show the massive gap to achieve the Seventh-level. Especially for these elemental sprites, it was even more arduous to achieve.


The large icy palm cast by Wizard Ernie was shattered into smithereens with just gentle touch from the Frost Lord. In terms of control over the Ice Elements, a Seventh-level Spell Caster like Wizard Ernie was still far beneath the Frost Lord.

After all, the Frost Lord was inherently a snow sprite. Once a sprite was able to break through its shackles, its control over its own element would increase many folds, and the power of its spells would become incredible beyond imagination.

This was also the reason why the extent of the Frost Lord’s abilities was so unfathomable!

After shattering Wizard Ernie’s spell, the Frost Lord’s tone was frosty. “Wizard Ernie, Wizard Watson, and this Wizard Merlin, the Frost Pond belongs to the snow sprites. It’s impossible to allow you to use it. Please leave!”

The Frost Lord immediately rejected Merlin’s request as it was impossible for him to use the Frost Pond.


Merlin lifted his gaze and stared directly at the Frost Lord.

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