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A Wizard’s Secret (Web Novel) - Chapter 662: Wiping Out the Strongholds II

Chapter 662: Wiping Out the Strongholds II

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In the Abbes Mountains, Merlin was currently standing atop the three-headed dragon, watching its attack. Nonetheless, its first attack only rattled the entire Abbes Stronghold slightly but it did not completely shatter the stronghold’s Runic Magic Circle.

“It looks like the defenses of this Abbes Stronghold aren’t too shabby!”

Merlin no longer possessed the Runic Heartprint, so naturally, he was unable to decipher the Runic Magic Circle surrounding Abbes Stronghold or discern how special it was. Nevertheless, it was rare enough that it could withstand the three-headed dragon’s blow.

After all, the three-headed dragon was comparable to a Great Wizard. In the Glorious Land, existences on par with Great Wizards were rather rare. Back then, the southern Spell Caster world had less than ten Great Wizards. As for Great Legends, ever since the fall of the Molta Empire, no Great Legends had emerged.

The three-headed dragon seemed indignant, and its three heads stretched their jaws. Just as it was about to start its attack to break the Runic Magic Circle in one blow, the Runic Magic Circle rippled like water as rings undulated across the surface. Following that, a massive passage appeared.

Many Spell Casters flew out from the passage. On closer look, there were eleven in total. The Elemental fluctuations of their bodies indicated that they were Ninth-level Spell Casters!

Such a line-up could be considered very formidable. If one was not a Great Wizard, it would be impossible to resist. Nonetheless, Merlin was instead curious. If they knew it was a three-headed dragon, why would they send eleven Ninth-level Spell Casters to their deaths?

“You’re still hiding a Great Wizard?”

Merlin’s gaze swept across the faces of the eleven Ninth-level Spell Casters, then looked toward the castle behind this group. As far as he knew, the large strongholds of Ozmu were all managed by a Great Wizard.

“Not coming out?”

Merlin still had not discovered any traces of a Great Wizard. Although his Mind Power was all-penetrating, this stronghold was protected by a Runic Magic Circle, one which was unlike the average. Therefore, Merlin’s Mind Power was unable to investigate the situation inside.

“Since you won’t come out, let me invite you!”

Merlin gently patted the three-headed dragon’s head.


The three-headed dragon appeared to be excited, and the three heads opened their mouths. A terrifying wave of Elemental fluctuations was brewing, causing the eleven Ninth-level Spell Casters to be scared witless.

“This Wizard is truly insane. He won’t listen to what we have to say, and attacks immediately. Since that’s the case, let us send out the Abbes God-fighter!”

“That’s right, send out the Abbes God-fighter!”

Following that, Wizard Docent created countless runes with his hands, and the entire Runic Magic Circle started to vibrate. Soon, a giant puppet appeared, with a body that was pitch-black like ink, and nearly as large as the three-headed dragon.

“A puppet… The product of alchemy?”

Merlin, as a Spell Caster of the Void Zone, was naturally able to tell in one glance that this was a puppet – a product of alchemy when it was developed to its peak during the golden age of Spell Casters!

These puppets were transfigured from the sturdiest material, possessing boundless strength. Powerful puppets could even compare to those formidable Great Wizards.

In the Void Zone, Merlin had seen way too many puppets but in the Glorious Land, especially in the southern Spell Caster world, it was the first time he had seen an alchemy puppet. Based on its tremendous magnitude, it must be comparable to a Great Wizard.

“In the past, the Three Major Spell Caster organizations of the southern Spell Caster world didn’t even have such a powerful alchemy puppet. There’s no doubt that this is Ozmu’s alchemy puppet! Ozmu, it looks like you’re keeping plenty of secrets…”

Merlin was now interested in Ozmu. Back then, Ozmu had been very enigmatic, enlisting genius Spell Casters everywhere, not hesitating to make enemies out of large spell casters’ organizations.

Such an insane gambit was outrageous to most Wizards. Now, after Ozmu had taken over the southern Spell Caster world, its powers had experienced a huge surge, and many formidable Great Wizards had risen. Even in terms of number, it was not something the previous Three Major Spell Caster organizations could compete with.

There was even a being like Kleis who was unrivaled among Great Wizards!

Even though Kleis was a Six-Elemental Spell Caster, and further possessed a unique Spatial-type talent, for him to become a Great Wizard so quickly, there must something beyond his outstanding talent.

Surely Ozmu must be hiding some big secrets.

“Abbes God-fighter, I grant you the power to go forth and pulverize all enemies before you!”

Docent seemed to have a way to activate this alchemy puppet called the Abbes God-fighter. His body did not exude Elemental fluctuations. Instead, it was his Mind Power that was unusually active.

Following that, lines of complicated runes appeared in Docent’s hands, and he swiftly imprinted those into the Abbes God-fighter’s chest.


Suddenly, that massive bulk of the Abbes God-fighter trembled violently. Merlin could feel that a frightening force was awakening within the ice-cold body of the puppet.


The Abbes God-fighter opened its eyes. There was no liveliness in its eyes, which immediately fixed upon the three-headed dragon.


It was as if the three-headed dragon had been aggravated. Ever since it had followed Merlin and destroyed a few strongholds of Ozmu in succession, the three-headed dragon had not seen such an “aggravating” look for a long time.


The three-headed dragon’s wings flashed, and its gigantic body moved like a shadow which covered the Abbes God-fighter’s head. Nevertheless, the Abbes God-fighter began to sprint frantically as well, pulling out a massive hammer from behind.


The two colossal monsters crashed together thunderously. Half of the three-headed dragon’s solid claws were smashed instantly whereas the Abbes God-fighter was also scorched by the flames spat by the three-headed dragon.

However, this seemed to be useless against the Abbes God-fighter. A faint layer of light covered the Abbes God-fighter’s body. No matter how furious the flames burned, their effect was nullified.

As for the poison fog, it would be of no use against an alchemy puppet.

Therefore, the three-headed dragon spewed out a wild gale which could stop the alchemy puppet. Moreover, it relied upon its own physical prowess to match the Abbes God-fighter’s strength – meeting force with force.

The three-headed dragon was truly ferocious. Back then, it had been subdued by Merlin but only because the disparity was too great. Otherwise, not even those preeminent Great Wizards would be able to conquer the three-headed dragon.


Although the Abbes God-fighter was an alchemy puppet, it was very agile. Moreover, as a battle puppet transfigured especially by Great Alchemists, the Abbes God-fighter also displayed an extreme level of skill in combat. Its wielding of the hammer had no weak spots at all.

Therefore, in a drawn-out battle, the three-headed dragon gradually became at a disadvantage.


The three-headed dragon was not happy about this, and spat out a gust of violent wind. Its humongous body was like an unstoppable force as it dashed madly toward the Abbes God-fighter.

This mighty force nearly destroyed the Runic Magic Circle of the stronghold. Those Ninth-level Spell Casters retreated further and further, not daring to approach the center of the battle.

Faced with the intimidating onslaught of the three-headed dragon, the Abbes God-fighter simple shrank its massive body, then immediately put away its giant hammer. It stretched its hands from behind, like a pincer, viciously clamping down on the three-headed dragon.


The Abbes God-fighter pounded backward resolutely, smashing the helpless, colossal three-headed dragon into the ground. Blood splattered everywhere, and the three-headed dragon could only whine pitifully on the ground.

“Well done! The Abbes God-fighter is indeed the mighty battle puppet that could handle two Great Wizards! Back then, headquarters had placed the Abbes God-fighter in each large stronghold. At first, we thought we won’t get to use it but it turns out to be very useful now.”

A smile had crossed Wizard Docent’s face. He looked at the three-headed dragon whimpering on the ground, and laughed coldly. “Haha, the three-headed dragon is defeated. You’re a mere Ninth-level Spell Caster. What else do you have? Abbes God-fighter, go on, kill that Wizard then capture the three-headed dragon alive. I believe that headquarters will definitely reward us handsomely!”

These eleven Ninth-level Spell Casters could almost see the huge rewards they would get from headquarters upon capturing the three-headed dragon alive.

“Thump thump thump.”

The Abbes God-fighter was only an alchemy puppet controlled by Wizard Docent. Of course, it would obey the orders. Thus, its eyes instantly locked onto Merlin, and it raced toward Merlin in great steps.

As he looked at the approaching Abbes God-fighter, Merlin wore a calm expression. He only glared coldly at this gigantic alchemy puppet. It really was powerful to be able to defeat the three-headed dragon.

The enormous Abbes God-fighter raised its black hammer high in the air. That huge hammer was like a mountain peak, whistling as it cut through the air toward Merlin. The immense pressure was enough to suffocate.

Merlin simply stretched out a fair arm leisurely, then pushed forward lightly.


In the sky, endless Fire Element was condensed, and a giant palm of flames appeared in mid-air.

This giant palm, in accordance with the movement of Merlin’s arm, pressed down heavily upon the Abbes God-fighter.


The Abbes God-fighter, which had been incomparably magnificent, able to defeat even a terrible monster like the three-headed dragon, was now like a fragile plaything. It crumbled promptly under a single push from the flame palm.

The cracks spread swiftly, and in the blink of an eye, the Abbes God-fighter was thoroughly shattered. It fell to the ground, becoming a field of black splinters.


Everyone was completely stunned. The faces of the eleven Ninth-level Spell Casters were gripped by an irrepressible astonishment.

This was because, from the start, they had received news that the strongholds of Ozmu were wiped out by the three-headed dragon. Thus, they had assumed Merlin was an average Spell Caster who had used some special method to control the three-headed dragon.

However, it now looked like the three-headed dragon was nothing at all. This Ninth-level Spell Caster who appeared so puny was the truly terrifying one – countless times more fearsome than the three-headed dragon!

“We’ve been tricked. This Wizard is an existence even more terrible than a three-headed dragon…”

Right now, Wizard Docent’s eyes were filled with despair as he stared at Merlin.

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