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A Wizard’s Secret (Web Novel) - Chapter 663: A Past Acquaintance I

Chapter 663: A Past Acquaintance I

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The Runic Magic Circle of Abbes Stronghold was easily broken by Merlin. The three-headed dragon stood up unsteadily. It was merely injured somewhat, not grievously harmed.

Merlin patted the head of the three-headed dragon tenderly, saying softly, “Go on, use your raging fire to destroy Abbes Stronghold!”

The three-headed dragon gave a mighty roar, and its three heads immediately perked up with vigor. It spread its wings and flew toward Abbes Stronghold which was behind it.

Without any defensive measures, Abbes Stronghold was totally powerless to block the three-headed dragon’s attack. With a great wave of his hand, Merlin swiftly bound the eleven Ninth-level Spell Casters.

“Tell me, who among you know of any information regarding Ozmu Headquarters?”

Ultimately, what Merlin wanted was information on Ozmu Headquarters. Perhaps these Ninth-level Spell Casters might know.

No one said a word. Merlin laughed, and did not continue his inquiry. Instead, he unleashed his invisible Mind Power, and these Ninth-level Spell Casters were instantly caught in the illusion.

“Where’s the headquarters of Ozmu?”

Merlin asked softly. In the illusion, Merlin’s words were able to entice Spell Casters who were caught in the illusion to tell the truth. Nonetheless, this was not the realm of the Illusory Heart after all. Merlin was unable to directly control these Spell Casters, and those who had resolute willpower or robust Mind Power were able to resist him.

Therefore, out of the eleven Ninth-level Spell Casters, only three replied. However, their answers were all the same. They did not know where Ozmu Headquarters was.

Ozmu was extremely mysterious. It had been enigmatic even back when the southern Spell Caster world still had the Three Major Spell Caster organizations. Later, Ozmu gradually took over the southern Spell Caster world. Even though it set up countless strongholds of various sizes thereafter, the headquarters of Ozmu remained a secret.

According to what these Ninth-level Spell Casters said, only Great Wizards would know about the headquarters of Ozmu. Besides them, even the Ninth-level Spell Casters in these large strongholds would not know.

Merlin stared at the majority of the Spell Casters who were not “enticed” by him but he was no longer interested in asking more questions.

“Since I still can’t find the headquarters of Ozmu, then I shall let the headquarters of Ozmu find me instead!”

Merlin glanced at these eleven Spell Casters, following which he pointed with all his fingers.

“Bang bang bang.”

These Spell Casters were blown up, turned into a mist of blood on the spot, by some unseen force. As the wind blew, they disappeared without a trace.

The three-headed dragon also appeared abnormally berserk, annihilating Abbes Stronghold completely. Not even a single Wizard had escaped. It was not surprising that the three-headed dragon was named as one of the most tyrannical creatures even during the Spell Casters’ most glorious era. It was truly ruthless indeed.

Merlin glanced at Abbes Stronghold which had been destroyed in one day. This was a large stronghold, unlike the other small ones. News of this incident would certainly spread to the headquarters of Ozmu. At that point, Ozmu Headquarters was sure to become concerned.

This was Merlin’s objective!

“Let’s go. The strongholds of the northwest territory had all been destroyed. Time to head to the southwest region. Ozmu’s influence in the southern Spell Caster world isn’t insignificant. I’ll have to let them find me easily. If I wipe out the strongholds of the southwest territory, I believe they’ll get the message quickly…”

Merlin lightly stroked the head of the three-headed dragon as he spoke. When the three-headed dragon was razing the stronghold, it was matchlessly vicious but now, before Merlin, it appeared incomparably docile as it was patted by Merlin. It even wore an expression of enjoyment.


The three-headed dragon gave a resounding roar, and extended its wings, quickly flying toward the distance.

After a few hours, ten or so Spell Casters flew from the distance. They stared at the devastation of Abbes Stronghold before their eyes with a look of utter shock. The entire stronghold had been thoroughly razed to the ground.

“Even Abbes Stronghold had been completely leveled to the ground. Quickly report to headquarters. This matter is way too big!”

These Spell Casters were Wizards from Ozmu’s other strongholds. They had heard the commotion and hurried over but they were too late. By the time they had reached, all they saw was that the mighty Abbes Stronghold had been razed to the ground.

Everyone was guessing who could have such power to completely raze Abbes Stronghold to the ground.

In a mysterious valley, on a flight of white jade stairs that went underground, a few figures were slowly making their way toward the depths of the passage.

In a moment, a brilliant ray of light appeared before them. This was an underground palace of unparalleled magnitude. It was a dazzling sight. The stone pillars were inlaid with gemstones each the size of an egg, and carved with many mysterious runes.

A soft radiance illuminated the entire palace, just as daylight would.

In front of the palace, a slim figure with closed eyes bore a serene manner but below this figure, many powerful Wizards stood separated. The Elemental fluctuations of their bodies were astonishing indeed because they were fluctuations indicative of Great Wizards.

“First Elder, we’ve just received news that Abbes Stronghold has been razed to the ground by someone!”

Down below, a red-robed old man reported to the slim man in a deep voice.

“What? My Abbes was leveled to the ground by someone? Who did that?”

Before the “First Elder” sitting above could speak, a Great Wizard below could not help but cry out. He was the one who was overseeing Abbes. Technically, he was the Great Wizard of Abbes Stronghold.

However, the stronghold he was managing had now been razed to the ground. This was extraordinarily humiliating!

“Wizard Lenon, be silent! We’ll follow the First Elder’s instructions!”

The red-robed Great Wizard spoke icily. Only then did Wizard Lenon seem to recall where he was. He hurriedly raised his head to glance at that slim figure, his eyes still marked by lingering fear.

Everyone knew how powerful and mysterious Ozmu was but very few knew how cruel it was within Ozmu. Even though there were many prodigious Wizards, once they had entered Ozmu, they would have to live with the merciless competition.

Of course, if one could rise above the rest in this competition, one would obtain generous rewards that were nearly inconceivable. Even after becoming a Great Wizard, one would have to compete.

Only the strongest Spell Caster could become Ozmu’s First Elder!

In particular, First Elder before them who looked so young was definitely the strongest Spell Caster in Ozmu’s history, inducing great fear in the other elders.

“Who would have the ability to raze Abbes Stronghold to the ground? I recall that Abbes Stronghold was a large stronghold. It even had an alchemy puppet on par with a Great Wizard, the Abbes God-fighter. Who could destroy Abbes Stronghold so easily?”

The youthful First Elder opened his eyes, and inquired in a level tone. Nonetheless, everyone felt a slight shiver in their hearts as if there was a chill.

“First Elder, before that, there’s another report. It was transmitted to headquarters by Wizard Docent of Abbes Stronghold. This report mentioned a mysterious Wizard who controls an ancient three-headed dragon, who had destroyed multiple strongholds. Wizard Docent had gathered eleven Ninth-level Spell Casters in addition to the defenses of the stronghold as well as the Abbes God-fighter. He planned to kill the three-headed dragon in one stroke… Clearly, he had failed as Abbes Stronghold was leveled to the ground!”

The red-robed Wizard gave a detailed report but the young First Elder remained unmoved. His eyes still flashed coldly as he said, “You haven’t answered my question. Who would have the ability to destroy Abbes Stronghold?”

The red-robed Wizard drew in a deep breath, following which he fixed an unwavering stare at the young First Elder, saying softly, “First Elder, this Wizard is a past acquaintance of yours. He’s the one who shared the title of the Dark Magic Region’s strongest genius with you – Merlin!”


The First Elder, whose face had always remained calm, now looked up abruptly. His piercing gaze locked onto the red-robed Wizard as his body flickered with terrifying Elemental fluctuations.

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