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A Wizard’s Secret (Web Novel) - Chapter 664: A Past Acquaintance II

Chapter 664: A Past Acquaintance II

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The young First Elder’s eyes gleamed a crimson light. He could not forget the scene where he fled away from Merlin.

“Merlin. He had finally appeared. I knew that he wouldn’t have died that easily!”

A smile appeared on the First Elder’s lips as if he was not surprised at Merlin’s appearance. Back then, when Ozmu had completely ruled over the southern Spell Caster world, he thought that Merlin had already died.

However, now it seemed that Merlin was not dead.

“Have you found out detailed information about Merlin?”

The First Elder asked solemnly.

“We have. Merlin most recently appeared at Subzero Snowfield. At that time, he had already controlled the three-headed dragon, and used it to eliminate the Sleet Fort and the Bloodlion Tower, and controlled the entire Subzero Snowfield. Then, he went south alone, and arrived at the southern spell casters’ organizations, and fought against Ozmu everywhere, destroying stronghold after stronghold!”

The red-robed Wizard had investigated Merlin so carefully in such a short period of time, which also showed how huge Ozmu’s power was now. It was far from what the Three Major Spell Caster organizations could match.

“First Elder, I suggest to just send one or two Great Wizards. They’ll be enough to kill Merlin. His three-headed dragon is only comparable to an ordinary Great Wizard at best.”

The red-robed Wizard suggested to the First Elder.

“Send only one or two Great Wizards?”

An old smile appeared on the First Elder’s lips, and he shook his head. “No, ordinary Great Wizard definitely isn’t Merlin’s match. We don’t understand Merlin enough. Since he dares to appear, then he has a certain degree of assurance. I sincerely want to meet him again. Back then, he used Darkness Eye to defeat me, and it was also my first time losing to someone… However, I can’t leave now, and the decisive battle with the northern Spell Caster world is about to begin.”

Then, the First Elder hesitated for a moment before staring at the red-robed Wizard, and said solemnly, “Wizard Tamo, you’re the most cautious and dependable, and you’re also a peak Great Wizard. If you go, I’ll be at ease! However, you don’t understand Merlin. I have a feeling that he won’t be easily beaten by you when he returns to the southern Spell Caster world this time. Therefore, Wizard Gerdoff, Wizard Zavir, and Wizard Gilles will go as well. Right, there’s also Wizard Lenon who was overseeing Abbes Stronghold. Merlin destroyed your stronghold, so you go with them. The five of you Great Wizards should be able to deal with Merlin!”

The First Elder arranged for the five Great Wizards including the red-robed Wizard Tamo, to go. With such a strong line-up, besides the Three Major Spell Caster organizations that went against the southern Spell Caster world, no one could let Ozmu mobilize such a large force.

“First Elder, we’ll go. You still have to fight in the decisive battle with the northern Spell Caster world. This time, the Seven Major Spell Caster organizations have made up their minds. You…”

Before he finished speaking, the First Elder interrupted coldly, “It’s good that the Seven Major Spell Caster organizations joined hands. It saves me the trouble of dealing with them one by one. Ever since I became a Great Wizard, who could stop me? No one. Not even the Spell Casters from the Seven Major organizations!”

The First Elder exuded powerful confidence.

“Alright, go. Don’t bother me about other things. I’ll wholeheartedly prepare for the decisive battle with the northern Spell Caster world! Whether or not we control the entire Spell Caster world will depend on this battle!”

The First Elder’s tone was also slightly excited. To be able to unify the entire Spell Caster world was something that not any Wizard or force could do since the Molta Empire collapsed.

However, now, the opportunity was right before his eyes, and it seemed to be within his reach…

“Haha, you can’t run!”

In the dense forest, there were more than ten Fifth-level and Sixth-level Spell Casters chasing after four Spell Casters in front of them.

“D*mn those remnants from the southern Spell Caster world. They haven’t been completely killed even after so many years. This time, I heard that headquarters ordered that the Abyss Fort remnants be pursued. If we can catch them and hand them over to headquarters, we’ll all get a lot of benefits.”

“Abyss Fort used to be just a small spell casters’ organization at the southern Spell Caster world. Why is headquarters so nervous about the remnants from Abyss Fort?”

“You don’t know about this. Although Abyss Fort is indeed a small spell casters’ organization, they have many good things. Rumor has it that Abyss Fort is proficient in Darkness-type spells, and there’s also a special Pandora Demon Ability among those Darkness-type spells called Darkness Heart. Back then when Abyss Fort was destroyed, no one discovered the cultivation method for Darkness Eye. Therefore, headquarters has always suspected that a remnant from Abyss Fort had escaped after secretly stealing the cultivation method for Darkness Eye. For decades, they did not give up on pursuing them. Hehe, do you see that female Wizard in front? I received information that this female Wizard seems to be a very important Wizard among the Abyss Fort’s remnants. It’s rumored that she cultivated Pandora Demon Ability Darkness Eye, and she has its cultivation method with her. As long as we catch her, we’ll be awarded by headquarters!”

Hearing the word “reward”, a hint of greed appeared in the eyes of some Spell Casters. Ozmu pursued the remnants of the southern Spell Caster world with great efforts especially Abyss Castle, all because they wanted to obtain Abyss Castle’s Darkness Eye.

Seeing that there were more than ten Spell Casters behind them, the four Spell Casters in front exchanged looks. Two Wizards immediately stopped, and told the female Wizard, “Yulais, you’ve cultivated Darkness Heart. Only Abyss Fort can cultivate Darkness Eye, so you can’t be in danger. Too many from our Abyss Fort had already died, and only the four of us are left. You and Wizard Henry run now, the further the better. I heard that there are Spell Casters in northern Subzero Snowfield. Go there and stay away from the northern Spell Caster world, and pass on our Abyss Fort!”

Saying that, the two Spell Casters flew back, trying to block the ten or so Wizards from Ozmu.

“Another two are sending themselves to their deaths again. These remnants are annoying. Kill them! Don’t let the female Wizard escape!”

Elemental fluctuations immediately appeared on the ten or so Ozmu Spell Casters’ bodies. Spells covered the heavens and cascaded down wildly, directly drowning the two Abyss Fort Spell Casters.


The female Wizard saw this scene. Her eyes turned red, and her voice seemed to become hoarse.

“Yulais, let’s go. We can’t let them die in vain!”

The other Spell Caster, Wizard Henry, forcefully pulled Yulais deep into the forest to escape.

“Rustle rustle.”

The sky gradually darkened but the chase in the woods did not end. The two Spell Casters blocked Ozmu’s Spell Casters with their lives but they only bought a bit of time. Ozmu’s Spell Casters were still chasing after them.

Feeling that the pursuers were getting close, Henry also suddenly stopped. His deep eyes flashed with boundless nostalgia as he stared intently at Yulais. After a long time, he finally said, “Yulais, go. I’m afraid I can’t accompany you to Subzero Snowfield anymore. Remember, you need to hide the cultivation method for Darkness Eye. It’s the last chance of our Abyss Fort. Hopefully, one day, you can cultivate Darkness Eye. At that time, what can Ozmu do? Our Abyss Fort will return to glory, haha…”

Henry laughed, and turned around, choosing the same path as the previous two Spell Casters. He rushed head-on toward Ozmu’s Spell Casters, fighting with his life to buy time for Yulais to escape.

Yulais’ body shook violently. In the beginning, there were so many Spell Casters in Abyss Fort but now there was only her left.

While looking at Wizard Henry’s figure, Yulais desperately wanted to tell him the truth. The truth was that there was no Darkness Eye at all.

Back then, when Abyss Fort was in danger, and suffered Ozmu’s attack like many other spell casters’ organizations in the southern Spell Caster world, Hobbes gave Yulais some important Abyss Fort inheritances. Among them was the cultivation method for Darkness Eye.

However, Hobbes had gnashed his teeth, and said that the cultivation method for Darkness Eye was fake. It was impossible to cultivate Darkness Eye by following that method.

Thereafter, when Abyss Fort was destroyed, many Spell Casters who escaped Abyss Fort with Yulais firmly believed that Wizard Hobbes took Yulais as his last hope, and even passed on the cultivation method for Darkness Eye to Yulais.

As a result, Yulais was protected by so many Abyss Fort Spell Casters. Otherwise, how would a third-level or fourth-level Spell Caster like her survive until now?

It was because countless Abyss Fort Spell Casters protected Yulais with their lives. They had already regarded Yulais as Abyss Fort’s final hope. If Yulais could cultivate Darkness Eye, she would be able to restore the glory of Abyss Fort.

However, there was no Darkness Eye in Abyss Fort at all but Yulais did not dare to say it. Even Ozmu was convinced that she had the cultivation method for Darkness Eye with her.

As a result, Yulais had been followed by many Abyss Fort Spell Casters, and more and more Wizards were willing to sacrifice themselves for her safety.

It was also because of Darkness Eye that Ozmu pursued her relentlessly, never giving up on catching her.

Yulais’ mood was very complex. At this moment, she saw Wizard Henry’s frail figure being drowned in violent spells. His life force rapidly weakened until it disappeared…

“He has died. There’s only me left.”

At this time, Yulais finally understood that the time Wizard Henry bought for her was completely useless. However, she felt calm instead, and a cold smile was revealed on her mouth.

After running away for so long, she also grew tired!

“Come, I don’t want to run anymore.”

Yulais raised her hands and large amounts of Darkness-type Elements gathered by her side, almost making the entire sky black. The mighty Darkness-Elemental fluctuations rapidly spread out in all directions…


The huge heads of the three-headed dragon opened their mouths wide and fiercely inhaled a clear river in front of it.

Immediately, the water in this small river was completely drained by the three-headed dragon. Even the bottom of the river was dried up. The river would not be recovered unless a rainstorm happened.

“Alright, let’s go after you finish drinking. We should be close to the stronghold of Ozmu’s southwest territory. Maybe Ozmu Headquarters already received the news and is waiting for me to arrive at the southwest territory.”

Merlin lightly patted the three-headed dragon’s head, and then jumped up on it.

The three-headed dragon spread its wings and was just about to take to the skies when a fierce Elemental fluctuation suddenly appeared deep in the forest in the distance. Half the sky seemed to darken.

“What a familiar feeling. Is that Darkness Heart?”

Merlin’s heart stirred as he raised his head and looked into the deep forest.

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