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A Wizard’s Secret (Web Novel) - Chapter 665: Encounter

Chapter 665: Encounter

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In the quiet sky, the sun was shining. Tamo and four other Great Wizards flew directly from Ozmu Headquarters to the southwest territory.

“According to reports from some Spell Casters along the road, the three-headed dragon was heading toward the southwest territory. Are we reaching the southwest territory soon?”

Wizard Tamo looked around, and asked somewhat uncertainly.

“We’re almost at the southwest territory. The three-headed dragon wouldn’t miss such a large target! This time, we’ll find Merlin. I’ll be sure to kill him myself!”

Wizard Lenon said through gritted teeth. His Abbes Stronghold was destroyed by Merlin, and even the Abbes God-fighter had lost, causing him to lose his prestige in Ozmu Headquarters. His position might even drop his Elders ranking. Wizard Lenon’s hate for Merlin naturally reached his bones.


Suddenly, the five Great Wizards raised their heads, and looked at the sky. Currently, the sky was covered in dark clouds. However, upon closer look, one would realize that those were not dark clouds but Darkness Elements.

“Darkness-type spell? An ordinary Darkness-type Wizard won’t be able to produce such fanfare. We don’t have many Darkness-type Wizards in Ozmu either. Could it be from those remnants of the Spell Caster world from back then?”

“It’s possible. We’ve just recently received a report that there were Abyss Fort remnants discovered at the southwest territory.”

Hearing about Abyss Fort, all the Great Wizards’ eyes brightened. Abyss Fort had the cultivation method for Darkness Eye, which had passed the point of legendary.

“Haha, if it really is remnants from Abyss Fort, then we’re too lucky. Let’s go take a look!”

Great Wizard Tamo laughed, and locked onto the source of the Darkness Elemental fluctuations, and swiftly flew toward it.

Above Yulais’ head was a shadow. The terrifying Darkness Elements was rich enough to be able to affect someone’s emotions but it was not a threat to these Fifth-level and Sixth-level Ozmu Spell Casters.

“Swoosh swoosh.”

More than a dozen Spell Casters quickly surrounded Yulais. Only then did they finally feel relieved.

“Hehe, after chasing for so long, we finally caught you!”

The leader, a Sixth-level peak Spell Caster sneered.

“Yes, it’s been so long… However, you won’t be able to catch me!”

Yulais’ long hair draped over her shoulders, and her face grew cold. Coupled with the Darkness life force around her body, it caused others to feel cold as if Yulais was extremely terrifying.

“Darkness Nightmare!”

Yulais’ voice was icy. The dozen or so Spell Casters surrounding Yulais were immediately stunned as if they encountered something terrifying. Their faces were full of panic.

“Illusion? D*mn it, it’s a Darkness-type spell!”

Several Sixth-level Spell Casters instantly became alert. They also knew about the special characteristics of Darkness-type Wizards. However, they did not expect a mere Fourth-level Spell Caster like Yulais to be able to cast such a powerful Darkness-type spell.

Not any ordinary Spell Caster could construct Darkness Nightmare. Even some Darkness-type Wizards needed an extremely high talent as well as a deep understanding of Darkness-type spells in order to successfully construct it.

As a Fourth-level Spell Caster, to be able to momentarily trap a dozen or so Fifth-level and Sixth-level Spell Casters into an illusion was already enough for Yulais to feel proud.

However, Yulais was only a Fourth-level Spell Caster, and Darkness Nightmare was not a powerful Pandora Demon Ability. Therefore, it could not shake the Sixth-level peak Spell Casters.

“Just give up!”

A ripple like water appeared in the hands of a Sixth-level Spell Caster. It was a Sixth-level binding spell. Yulais knew that she could not resist it, and gently closed her eyes.

“I don’t want to run anymore…”

In Yulais’ memory, she thought back to the days at Abyss Fort. Although the competition was fierce, as Wizard Hobbes’ disciple, her life was undoubtedly free and rich.

However, Ozmu came and destroyed Abyss Fort. From then on, she started to run for her life. She truly felt tired.

“Hum hum hum.”

The Elemental fluctuations on Yulais’ body began to grow chaotic. It became extremely violent as if it would explode at any moment. Experienced Spell Casters immediately saw what Yulais was planning.

“Stop her. We can’t let her Spell Model collapse!”

Some Ozmu’s Sixth-level Spell Casters yelled. Once the Spell Model in Yulais’ body collapsed, there was no way for her to survive.

Although a dead Abyss Fort remnant could bring some rewards, it was better if they were alive. If they could ask for the cultivation method of Darkness Eye, their rewards would be even richer.

Unfortunately, Yulais wanted to detonate the Spell Model in her body, and those Sixth-level Spell Casters could not stop her at all.

“It’s over. Explode!”

Yulais shut her eyes. Her Mind Power mobilized the Spell Model in her Awareness, and quickly became violent. Cracks even began to appear on her Spell Model.


A gust of wind blew, and Yulais paled as she opened her eyes. The Spell Model in her body had already stopped rampaging. Around her, there seemed to be a powerful force that confined them. She could not even put up the slightest resistance.

“It really is a remnant from Abyss Fort. Do you want to die? It won’t be that easy!”

Five Spell Casters stood in mid-air in the sky. Even the Wizards from Ozmu could only blankly look at the five Spell Casters.

They felt a terrifying life force as boundless as the ocean. It was the Elemental fluctuation of Great Wizards. There was no intent of hiding it at all.

“Honorable Great Wizards, we’re Spell Casters from Cyton Stronghold chasing after remnants from Abyss Fort. This female Wizard carries the cultivation method for Darkness Eye with her!”

The six-level Spell Caster who acted as the leader hurriedly saluted the five Great Wizards in the sky.

All Ozmu’s Great Wizards were high-ranking figures. Some of them were even powerful Wizards in charge of large strongholds. They were much nobler compared to mere small stronghold Spell Casters like themselves.

Many Spell Casters would not even see a Great Wizard in their entire lives.

“Oh? Does she have the cultivation method for Darkness Eye? Our luck this time is quite good, haha!”

Great Wizard Tamo stared down at Yulais, and laughed along with the other four Great Wizards. They had never thought that while they were chasing after Merlin and the three-headed dragon, they would coincidentally encounter a remnant from Abyss Fort.

More importantly, they might even obtain the cultivation method for Darkness Eye. Before them, a mere Fourth-level Spell Caster like Yulais would find it difficult to die even if she wanted to.

“You’re a Spell Caster from Abyss Fort, right? Abyss Fort had been destroyed for so many years, and you’ve been in hiding ever since. In fact, there’s no need for that. As long as you hand over the cultivation method for Darkness Eye, you can become a Wizard for Ozmu, and you won’t have to hide anymore. No matter who destroyed your Abyss Fort back then, when you become strong in the future, you can openly challenge that Wizard and kill him in order to avenge your Abyss Fort! We at Ozmu never refuse challenges. There are many such examples which I’m sure you’ve heard of as well.”

Yulais gnashed her teeth but did not move. Ozmu indeed allowed one to challenge anyone else but once one became a member of Ozmu, one would no longer have freedom.

Furthermore, even if she handed over the cultivation method for Darkness Eye, those Great Wizards would be able to tell at a glance that it was fake. At that time, they would kill her as well. In that case, why should Yulais die so sullenly?

Therefore, Yulais was still trying to detonate the Spell Model in her body. However, the distance between the Great Wizards and her was too large, and she was unable to mobilize the Spell Model in her body.

“Wizard Tamo, what’s the use of Darkness Eye? Even if Abyss Fort has Darkness Eye, wasn’t it destroyed by us, Ozmu, back then as well? We should just hurry and find Merlin and kill him as well as his three-headed dragon to support the First Elder in his decisive battle with the northern Spell Caster world!”

Wizard Lenon did not value Darkness Eye, and urged them to leave.

“Wizard Lenon, before the First Elder became the First Elder, he only lost once, and that was to Darkness Eye!”

This matter was well-known to all.

However, Wizard Lenon continued to sneer. “Back then, the First Elder’s Spatial Pandora Demon Ability had not been cultivated yet, which was why he was defeated. Hmph, I don’t believe it. How strong could Darkness Eye be? I heard that the Spell Caster who destroyed Abbes Stronghold was Merlin who defeated the First Elder back then. Hehe, I want to see just how powerful his Darkness Eye is.”

Wizard Tamo ignored Wizard Lenon. He raised a hand, and prepared to capture Yulais. When they slowly interrogate her, they would naturally obtain the cultivation method for Darkness Eye.”


Suddenly, a terrifying roar sounded, shocking everyone present.

At the same time, a shadow appeared in the distant sky, and a huge three-headed dragon slowly appeared in their line of sight.

“A three-headed dragon? Merlin?”

The five Great Wizards immediately cried out, feeling shocked. They had never thought that they would meet Merlin here.


The three-headed dragon stretched out its wings that blocked out the sun. It roared as it flew over and casually hovered in the sky.

Standing on the dragon’s back was Merlin, who coldly stared at Yulais as well as the five Great Wizards. His eyes instantly fixed at Great Wizard Lenon. As those sharp eyes glared at Great Wizard Lenon, even the Great Wizards seemed to feel a huge pressure, and became alert.

“You want to experience Darkness Eye? In that case, I’ll grant your wish and let you see it with your own eyes!”

Merlin gently patted the three-headed dragon, and it swooped down directly. Its sharp claws caught Yualsi, and directly broke the binding spell on her body.

At the same time, Merlin stood in the air, and gently raised his palm. A strange blood-red eye appeared on the center of his palm.

“Darkness Eye, summon Demon Spirit!”

As Merlin’s voice fell, Darkness Elements a thousand times stronger than the Darkness Elements formed by Yulais swarmed together, and seemed to cover the entire sky.

In the darkness, it was as if a terrifying force was slowly awakening…

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