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A Wizard’s Secret (Web Novel) - Chapter 666: Important Information

Chapter 666: Important Information

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The sixth form of Darkness Eye – Darkness Demon Spirit, appeared in the sky. That huge body brought along an extremely shocking trepidation.


Darkness Demon Spirit was originally a powerful being capable of fighting against the Giant Tribe. The sixth form of Darkness Eye, Darkness Demon Spirit was comparable to peak Great Wizards in terms of strength.

Therefore, his sudden appearance sent the three Great Wizards – Wizard Lenon, Wizard Gerdoff, and Wizard Zavir – flying. Of the five Great Wizards sent out by Ozmu Headquarters, only Wizard Tamo was a peak Great Wizard. The other four Great Wizards were still a great distance away from a peak Great Wizard.

Three Great Wizards were smashed at once. The three Great Wizards were all badly hit, especially Wizard Lenon, who glowered at Darkness Demon Spirit with a look of disbelief.


Wizard Tamo finally reacted. He knew that they were in trouble after seeing Merlin wielding the sixth form of Darkness Eye, Darkness Demon Spirit. Darkness Demon Spirit was an existence comparable to peak Great Wizards. Not even he was confident of victory.

However, Wizard Tamo still firmly believed that with the other Great Wizards, they would definitely be able to go against Darkness Demon Spirit. In fact, that was the truth. Even though they were injured, the Great Wizards very quickly surrounded Darkness Demon Spirit.

For a moment, all that could be heard were Darkness Demon Spirit’s roars.

“A peak Great Wizard?”

Merlin did not expect Darkness Demon Spirit to be able to defeat all five Great Wizards. It seemed that the strongest being in Ozmu – Merlin’s enemy, Kleis, truly understood Merlin for him to send such a powerful and grand team.

After all, this was not the Void Zone. Even a large spell casters’ organization might not be able to produce a peak Great Wizard.


Merlin cast a Hallucinating spell against Spell Casters for the first time in the Glorious Land.

Mind Power Masters seemed to only gradually develop after Spell Casters had stepped into the Void Zone. Therefore, in the Glorious Land, Spell Casters had no contact with Mind Power Masters and did not know the characteristics of Mind Power Masters.

With Merlin’s current Hallucinating spell realm, he naturally could easily plunge all these Great Wizards into an illusion. As a result, the five Great Wizards all fell into the illusion with glassy eyes.

“Speak. Where’s Ozmu Headquarters?”

Merlin asked bluntly.

However, these Great Wizards were indeed very alert. None of them answered. Merlin only made them fall into the illusion. He did not control them.


Merlin’s voice rang like thunder, reverberating in Wizard Lenon’s ear. Wizard Lenon immediately awoke.

However, when Wizard Lenon saw the other Great Wizards around him were still dazed, a trace of fear appeared on his face. Even Spell Casters would feel afraid in the face of unknown power.

“What did you do to them? Darkness spells don’t have such an ability. Furthermore, there’s no trace of you casting a spell. What exactly did you do?”

Wizard Lenon fired off questions. However, Merlin’s gaze was calm. He remained silent and merely stared coldly at Wizard Lenon.

After a long moment, Merlin finally asked slowly, “Speak. Where’s Ozmu Headquarters?”

Wizard Lenon paled, and a violent Elemental fluctuation quickly appeared on his body. He was both surprised and overjoyed to find that he was not restricted and could still cast powerful spells.

Merlin shook his head, and his huge Mind Power once again plunged Wizard Lenon into the Hallucinating spell.


Darkness Demon Spirit smashed its fist against the defenseless Wizard Lenon. A Great Wizard died just like that!


Next was Wizard Gerdoff and Wizard Zavir. When the two of them awoke, Merlin asked them the same question but they were not willing to answer either. Merlin could only let them follow Wizard Lenon’s footsteps, directly killed by Darkness Demon Spirit.

Seeing Merlin casually killing a terrifying Great Wizard, Yulais, who was successfully rescued by the three-headed dragon, gaped openly, and stared at Merlin. Her body even seemed to tremble with nervousness and excitement.

That was a Great Wizard, not a Seventh-level, Eighth-level or a Ninth-level Spell Casters. That was a Great Wizard that only large spell casters’ organizations had!

However, now, Merlin had casually killed them all.

“Awaken! Wizard Gilles, I don’t think I have to say anything. You’ve already seen the fates of those three Great Wizards. Tell me. I only want to know the specific location of Ozmu Headquarters.”

Wizard Gilles’ face was ashen. He was frightened, and hurriedly said, “All Great Wizards have already signed contracts. We can’t reveal the specific location of Ozmu Headquarters.”

Since a contract was signed, no one could violate it.

“However, in a while, Ozmu’s First Elder will fight a decisive battle against the Seven Major Spell Caster organizations of the northern Spell Caster world. At that time, all of Ozmu’s Great Wizards will go.”

Although Wizard Gilles did not reveal the specific location of Ozmu Headquarters, he provided an important piece of information.

“Decisive battle?”

Merlin pondered carefully, and found that it was very possible. Ozmu and the northern Spell Caster world had already incurred deep hatred against each other. There had been many conflicts between the two sides but they had suddenly calmed down recently.

There would surely be undercurrents behind the calm that they were experiencing. It would not be unprecedented for there to be a decisive battle.

“Who’s your First Elder?”

Merlin asked in a heavy voice. Although he already guessed in his heart, he still wanted confirmation from the mouth of an Ozmu Great Wizard.

“You don’t know? Ozmu’s First Elder is Great Wizard Kleis!”

Wizard Gilles said everything he knew. At this point, there was nothing left to hide. After all, he learned his lesson from watching Wizard Lenon and the others. He did not want to become the fourth one.

“Kleis? It was him…”

Merlin shut his eyes as countless thoughts flashed past his mind. Wizard Gilles was most likely telling the truth. Merlin’s Mind Power could detect any changes in the other party’s expression, which was enough for him to distinguish truth from falsehood.

“A decisive battle. Perhaps that’s an opportunity!”

Merlin’s aim was to end the dispute in the entire Spell Caster world as soon as possible and unite them. Now, Ozmu was about to have a decisive battle with the northern Spell Caster world, and all the experts would come to play. This was a great opportunity for Merlin.

As long as he could interfere in the decisive battle or even use absolute strength to suppress those Spell Casters, then the forces in the entire Spell Caster world would be unified in the shortest possible time.

The Church of Light was the Glorious Land’s greatest threat!

Then, Merlin made the peak Great Wizard Tamo awaken, who understood what had just happened. It seemed like he found Merlin more terrifying than Kleis.


Merlin waved his hand, and allowed Wizard Tamo and Wizard Gilles to leave.

“You’re letting us go?”

Wizard Tamo and Wizard Gilles glanced at each other, their faces revealing suspicion.

“Of course, I’m letting you go. The strength of the Spell Caster world shouldn’t be consumed too much. Besides, we’ll meet again in the future!”

A mysterious smile was revealed on Merlin’s mouth.

Although they did not know why Merlin was letting them go, Wizard Tamo and Wizard Gilles naturally refused to stay there any longer. They immediately turned around, and flew to the skies, leaving in just a short time.

Merlin jumped onto the three-headed dragon. He no longer prepared to find Ozmu Headquarters but prepared to go to the northern Spell Caster world instead, before the decisive battle between Ozmu and the Seven Major Northern Spell Caster organizations started.

Just as the three-headed dragon spread its wings and prepared to leave, Yulais’ face flashed with determination as if she had made a final decision.

“Honorable Sir Wizard, please take me with you!”

Yulais gathered up her courage, and shouted loudly.

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