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A Wizard’s Secret (Web Novel) - Chapter 669: Battle Preparations

Chapter 669: Battle Preparations

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There was a big gap between peak Great Wizards and preeminent Great Wizards. Generally, only Spell Casters with more than five Elements could become preeminent Great Wizards.

Of course, there were also some Four-Elemental Spell Casters who became preeminent Great Wizards due to special reasons but they were far too rare, and all of them were Spell Casters with huge destiny.

Therefore, for many years, the entire Spell Caster world had hardly produced any Great Wizard but now, Fog City’s alchemy puppet had actually killed a preeminent Great Wizard before. This naturally greatly shocked the six other Wizards.

“Wizard Ian, what other conditions are needed to activate this alchemy puppet?”

Finally, someone seemed to sense the crux of the situation. The stronger the alchemy puppet, the higher the cost needed to activate it.

Therefore, a high price had to be paid to activate an alchemy puppet that could kill a preeminent Great Wizard. Otherwise, Fog City would have relied on this alchemy puppet to unify the entire northern Spell Caster world.

“Say it. What’s needed to activate this alchemy puppet?”

The other Great Wizards also raised their gazes and stared at Wizard Ian.

“It’s very simple. It just needs elemental crystal stones…”

Wizard Ian laughed.

“Elemental crystal stones? It’s that simple?”

“How can that be? Even low-grade alchemy puppets need elemental crystal stones. Do high-grade alchemy puppets also need elemental crystal stones?”

All the Great Wizards were slightly stunned. They had never thought that an alchemy puppet that was capable of killing a preeminent Great Wizard would only need ordinary elemental crystal stones.

“Wait, if only elemental crystal stones are needed, why can’t your Fog City activate the alchemy puppet?”

Hearing these words, the other Great Wizards were surprised as well. Indeed, if only something simple like elemental crystal stones were needed, why would Fog City be unable to activate this alchemy puppet?”

A wry smile appeared on Wizard Ian’s face, and he said, “How many elemental crystal stones do you think this alchemy puppet needs to activate?”

“How many elemental crystal stones? One million?”

Wizard Ian helplessly shook his head. Fog City would be able to take out one million elemental crystal stones. If it were that simple, Fog City would have unified the entire northern Spell Caster world long ago.

“Is it ten million elemental crystal stones?”

A Great Wizard finally reacted. His face was solemn. Ten million elemental crystal stones weren’t a small amount. It was a very large sum.

“Everyone, if it were only ten million elemental crystal stones, our Fog City would still be able to gather it at all costs. Why would we wait until now but still be unable to activate the alchemy puppet? I’ll be honest and not hide things from everyone. If it weren’t for the threats that Kleis and Ozmu pose to us, my Fog City wouldn’t have exposed the secret of this alchemy puppet. I wouldn’t have revealed it even if it can never be activated.

“However, with Kleis’ threat now, we already calculated that it’ll cost at least eighty million elemental crystal stones to bring out the alchemy puppet and activate it. Eighty million elemental crystal stones will only be enough to support it for a few hours of battle! Therefore, even if we want to activate this alchemy puppet to deal with Kleis, it’s not something that a single spell casters’ organization like my Fog City can achieve. Only with our Seven Major Spell Caster organizations unite and concentrate our efforts would we be able to activate the alchemy puppet!”


The other six Great Wizards immediately stood up after Wizard Ian had finished speaking. Their faces were full of shock, and the entire hall seemed to be full of violent Elemental fluctuations.

“Eighty million elemental crystal stones? Which spell casters’ organization can afford that? The most we can produce is five million elemental crystal stones. That’s the limit.”

“That’s right. How can activating an alchemy puppet use up so many elemental crystal stones? Even if we spend all we have, it’s still not enough to activate this alchemy puppet!”

Eighty million elemental crystal stones were an unimaginably large number for the entire Spell Caster world. The Spell Caster world was no more glorious than the Spell Casters three thousand years ago. At that time, elemental crystal stone lodes were everywhere but now, only a few lodes were controlled by large spell casters’ organizations.

The reason why large spell casters’ organizations were superior to other spell casters’ organizations was not only because there was a Great Wizard in charge. It was also because they had controlled elemental crystal stone lodes.


Wizard Ian clapped his hands and said deeply, “Eighty million elemental crystal stones might be a huge amount for everyone but if we don’t act against Ozmu and Kleis’ aggression, we’ll end up following in the footsteps of the southern Spell Caster world.”

Hearing Wizard Ian’s words, all the Great Wizards fell silent. They knew exactly what had happened to the southern Spell Caster world. Large spell casters’ organizations that had been passed on for thousands of years were instantly destroyed by Ozmu.

The Seven Major Spell Caster organizations could not accept such a fate!

After a long time, one of the Great Wizards raised his head and took a deep breath before saying, “Each spell casters’ organization will have to pay a huge price for eighty million elemental crystal stones. If we clench our teeth, we’ll still be able to make it. However, we must sign an agreement!”

“Sign an agreement? What agreement?”

Wizard Ian’s heart soared. As long as they could gather eighty million elemental crystal stones, Fog City would be able to activate that powerful alchemy puppet. The greatest wish of all the previous Elders of Fog City would be realized in his hands.

“The conditions are simple. After we’ve gathered eighty million elemental crystal stones and activated the alchemy puppet, your Fog City cannot attack our six Major Spell Caster organizations. Furthermore, after repelling Ozmu and Kleis, the remaining elemental crystal stones have to be returned to our six Major Spell Caster organizations! If you agree with these two conditions, we’ll gather the elemental crystal stones and deal with Ozmu and Kleis together!”

Hearing the conditions demanded by the Great Wizards, Wizard Ian’s expression changed slightly. This agreement hit the key point. If Kleis was defeated, Fog City might threaten the remaining six Major Spell Caster organizations by using the alchemy puppet.

After all, the large spell casters’ organizations in the northern Spell Caster world were not a monolithic whole. They were still fighting and competing with each other in the dark, so naturally, they could not let Fog City put on airs.

“Haha, indeed. If you sign this agreement, we can deal with Ozmu wholeheartedly!”

The other Spell Casters had agreed to sign the contract. It was an agreement made to restrict Fog City, and was not detrimental to them, so it was only natural that they would support it.


Wizard Ian hesitated slightly. He did have some thoughts but it seemed that if he did not sign the agreement, it would be impossible to persuade the other six large spell casters’ organizations to gather the elemental crystal stones.

That would not be good for anyone!

“Alright, I’ll sign it. I’ll sign it now!”

Wizard Ian gritted his teeth, and finally decided to sign the contract. Thus, he directly took out a contract from the ring on his finger. The other six Great Wizards also left their mind imprint on the contract.


The contract exuded an invisible force which made the Great Wizards feel bound. This was the characteristic of a successful signing of an agreement.

“Alright, the contract has been signed. It’s not too late. We’ll go back immediately to gather the elemental crystal stones.”

These Great Wizards also did not stay, and returned one after another, beginning their preparations for the battle.

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