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A World Worth Protecting (Web Novel)


By the year 3029 CE, Earth’s technology has developed rapidly, borders no longer exist, and Earth has been unified, marking the beginning of the era of the Federation.

At that time, a huge sword flew from the heavens, piercing the sun and causing a huge sensation on Earth.

Perhaps because the scabbard of the sword was already in tatters, countless shards have broken off from it following the collision with the sun and spread across the universe. Many of these shards have landed on various places across Earth.

With the arrival of the bronze sword and its shards, a new unlimited energy source has suddenly appeared on Earth. This energy source has since been named Spirit Qi.

Spirit Qi is like air, thick in some places and thin in others. As the Federation and other factions gather more shards, they discover more information on cultivation, pill refinement, Spirit Stone refinement, and other techniques. The words on the shards have an ancient feel to them, making it a trend for people to use ancient language.

The appearance of Spirit Qi rapidly makes the original energy sources obsolete and has completely changed people’s lives. Not only has the Spirit Internet been formed, Spirit Qi has also changed the course of Human Civilization, causing the world to enter a civilization of cultivation. This would later come to be known as the Spirit Inception Era.

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 477: Breaking Into the Alchemy Pavilion!2019-11-19
Chapter 476: Settling Down in Ethereal City2019-11-18
Chapter 475: A Partner2019-11-18
Chapter 474: Going Home2019-11-17
Chapter 473: A Glorious Homecoming2019-11-17
Chapter 472: The President’s Autobiography2019-11-16
Chapter 471: Baole Is a Good Kid2019-11-16
Chapter 470: Spectating2019-11-15
Chapter 469: Extraterrestrial Dharmic treasure!2019-11-15
Chapter 468: Mysterious Stone Box2019-11-14
Chapter 467: Huge Returns!2019-11-14
Chapter 466: Fellow Daoist, It’s Time to Begin Your Journey!2019-11-13
Chapter 465: The Dark Mirror2019-11-13
Chapter 464: The God of Death!2019-11-12
Chapter 463: A Medial-Grade Divine Armament!2019-11-12
Chapter 462: Resume Your Position!2019-11-11
Chapter 461: Turning Dreams into Reality!2019-11-11
Chapter 460: Waking From a Dream2019-11-10
Chapter 459: The Dark Core!2019-11-10
Chapter 458: The Great Emperor’s Many Empresses!2019-11-09
Chapter 457: Master, You’ve Finally Arrived!2019-11-09
Chapter 456: The Three Intractable Souls2019-11-08
Chapter 455: No Future!2019-11-08
Chapter 454: The Dark Art, Soul Guidance2019-11-07
Chapter 453: Senior Brother Chen Qing2019-11-07
Chapter 452: Corpse Face!2019-11-06
Chapter 451: Master, I Had a Dream2019-11-06
Chapter 450: Dark Dream2019-11-05
Chapter 449: I Have Wrongly Blamed the Donkey2019-11-05
Chapter 448: Underground City!2019-11-04
Chapter 447: Escape!2019-11-04
Chapter 446: This Is His Territory as Well!2019-11-03
Chapter 445: I’m Going to Kill This Zhuo Yixian!2019-11-03
Chapter 444: All Hail Little Missy!2019-11-02
Chapter 443: Little Missy, Quick, Open the Door!2019-11-02
Chapter 442: A Fierce Battle!2019-11-01
Chapter 441: Crisis!2019-11-01
Chapter 440: The Federation Rages!2019-10-31
Chapter 439: The Mercury Crisis!2019-10-31
Chapter 438: An Invasion!2019-10-30
Chapter 437: The Records Were All Lying!2019-10-30
Chapter 436: A Gang of Robbers!2019-10-29
Chapter 435: For the Governor’s Deliberation, Please2019-10-29
Chapter 434: Attack Chen Mu2019-10-28
Chapter 433: An Expert!2019-10-28
Chapter 432: The Donkey Wins All!2019-10-27
Chapter 431 - Beware, the Donkey Lurks!2019-10-27
Chapter 430: The Trump Cards Are Revealed!2019-10-26
Chapter 429: Massacre!2019-10-26
Chapter 428: Flesh Puppet!2019-10-25
Chapter 427: Unleashed!2019-10-25
Chapter 426: Half-Done Dharmic Armament!2019-10-24
Chapter 425: The Perfected Foundation Establishment Realm2019-10-24
Chapter 424: Parasite!2019-10-23
Chapter 423: Alliance!2019-10-23
Chapter 422: Old Wang, I’ve Grown Up!2019-10-22
Chapter 421: What Does She Want?2019-10-22
Chapter 420: Breaking Off Relations2019-10-21
Chapter 419: The Icing on the Cake!2019-10-21
Chapter 418: Able Man!2019-10-20
Chapter 417: Healing Injuries…2019-10-20
Chapter 416: Knocking on the Door in the Middle of the Night!2019-10-19
Chapter 415: Take Responsibility for One’s Actions!2019-10-19
Chapter 414: Continue Bragging2019-10-18
Chapter 413: To Overpower with Lightning!2019-10-18
Chapter 412: Disturb the Grass, Startle the Snake!2019-10-17
Chapter 411: The Legend of the Dark Sect2019-10-17
Chapter 410: Lone Boat, Black Robe, and Lantern Oar!2019-10-16
Chapter 409: The So-Called Heavenly Evocation!2019-10-16
Chapter 408: Revealing!2019-10-15
Chapter 407: Research Facility!2019-10-15
Chapter 406: The Art of Longevity2019-10-14
Chapter 405: The Family Name of the Governor’s Partner is Zhao?2019-10-14
Chapter 404: A Video Showing Only Darkness…2019-10-13
Chapter 403: By the Order of City Lord Wang!2019-10-13
Chapter 402: Counter!2019-10-12
Chapter 401: The Little Donkey’s Persistence2019-10-12
Chapter 400: A Letter2019-10-11
Chapter 399: Wang Baole’s Military Warrant!2019-10-11
Chapter 398: Forceful Till the End!2019-10-10
Chapter 397: An Honest and Fair Reason!2019-10-10
Chapter 396: Confined Within a Prison!2019-10-09
Chapter 395: Choosing Humiliation Over Dignity!2019-10-09
Chapter 394: The Wind Blows!2019-10-08
Chapter 393: The Goal: Dharmic Armament Master!2019-10-08
Chapter 392: Don’t Be Too Serious!2019-10-07
Chapter 391: Autonomous Zone!2019-10-07
Chapter 390: Loggerheads Would Always Meet2019-10-06
Chapter 389: The Deputy City Lord is Appointed!2019-10-06
Chapter 388: Li Wan’er Gets Engaged!2019-10-05
Chapter 387: Remaining Vigilant Even in Safe Times2019-10-05
Chapter 386: Primary Rank Three!2019-10-04
Chapter 385: Unity is Strength2019-10-04
Chapter 384: Everything Prepared!2019-10-03
Chapter 383: Forever on the No-Hire List!2019-10-03
Chapter 382: Arrest Her!2019-10-02
Chapter 381: Trouble!2019-10-02
Chapter 380: Death Comes to Those Seeking It2019-10-01
Chapter 379: The Bigger the Territory, the More Powerful Baole Was2019-10-01
Chapter 378: Points Added and Points Deducted!2019-10-01