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A World Worth Protecting (Web Novel) - Chapter 211: Resume Our Journey!

Chapter 211: Resume Our Journey!

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Zhuo Yifan’s combat robes had been damaged and torn. Wang Baole didn’t have to use too much strength to rip out a large strip of his clothing, revealing Zhuo Yifan’s pale, tender skin…

He waved and shouted his lungs out, and the approaching cruiser immediately saw them. In reality, compared to the cloth being waved around in mid-air, Wang Baole’s round body was even more eye-catching.

The cruiser approached almost instantly. Seven to eight cultivators from the college leaped from the cruiser hurriedly. Leading them was the Deputy Sect Lord of the Ethereal Dao College. His long red robes fluttered as he leaped down, and an aura stronger than that of the giant tree spread across the sky in an instant.

Wang Baole had only felt it slightly, but he still found breathing difficult as feelings of oppression rose uncontrollably within him.

A middle-aged man followed behind the Deputy Sect Lord. He wore a long blue robe and looked ordinary, but there seemed to be lightning in his eyes, and his entire person exuded an overwhelming aura of violence. Even standing beside the Deputy Sect Lord, it didn’t pale in comparison to the latter’s aura. It was clear that he was also at the Core Formation realm!

The appearance of the pair sent the surrounding winds a-stirring and clouds a-shifting. Waves of aura that belonged to a Core Formation realm cultivator spread outwards in all directions. Their descent was followed by the arrival of three elders. The three elders’ cultivation energy was forceful and overwhelming, exceeding that of a True Breath realm; they were at the Foundation Establishment realm.

“Greetings to the Deputy Sect Lord, and to the elders!” Upon seeing the group, Wang Baole’s heart brimmed over with warmth and agitation. He placed Zhao Yameng down gently, stood and cupped his fists, bowing deeply.

His clothes were tattered and torn, and he looked like a mess. Zhuo Yifan and Zhao Yameng were both unconscious. The Deputy Sect Lord and the middle-aged blue-robed man saw the sight of the three and were taken aback.

The Deputy Sect Lord stepped forward and stopped before Wang Baole. He grabbed his wrist and immediately checked for injuries. There was concern in his eyes, and he softly asked what happened.

The middle-aged man in blue robes also stepped forward and tapped his finger on Zhuo Yifan and Zhao Yameng’s foreheads. Both of them trembled instantly, then slowly, they opened their eyes.

“Grand Elder!” Upon recognizing who the middle-aged man in blue robes was, Zhuo Yifan struggled to stand and greet him. He was pressed down gently by the latter. The man comforted Zhao Yameng as well before turning towards Wang Baole.

“… it was a giant tree, with its cultivation at the perfecte Foundation Establishment realm… it had the power to cast illusions through aural attacks and has the power to seal one’s abilities…” Wang Baole said quickly. He hurriedly shared what the three of them had encountered and gone through and pointed out the direction in which the giant tree had escaped.

Wang Baole had also heard what Zhuo Yifan had said earlier, and knew that the middle-aged man in blue robes was the Grand Elder of the Combat Pavilion!

“A tree mutating and turning into a monster is something the Federation has never come across. I’d like to find out if this monster is indeed a blockhead who dares to harm the disciples of the Ethereal Dao College!” Upon hearing what Wang Baole had told them, the expression on the blue-robed man’s ordinary-looking face turned solemn. The aura of violence surrounding him seemed on the verge of explosion. It was clear he was filled with rage inside. After listening to Wang Baole’s story, he turned and nodded at Wang Baole, a look of approval in his eyes. He whispered a few words to the Deputy Sect Lord, then, with a sway, sped away in the direction Wang Baole had pointed.

He was extremely fast, but it seemed as if he found himself still not fast enough. He pulled out a huge black banner and wrapped it around his body, and his speed suddenly increased exponentially compared to his previous speed. He sped away, his consciousness cast out and spread in all directions as he searched and hunted for the giant tree.

Wang Baole grew excited as he watched the middle-aged man in blue robes race off. It was the same for Zhuo Yifan. Even Zhao Yameng, who had remained quiet throughout and was currently in a weakened condition, let loose an obvious sigh of relief.

“What did you do to make the giant tree run away?” After a round of reassurance and comfort to the three, the Deputy Sect Lord asked curiously.

As soon as he had spoken, Zhuo Yifan lowered his head, Zhao Yameng fell silent, and Wang Baole blinked and let out a dry cough.

“Maybe I scared it off. I told it that our seniors from the college were coming, and if it didn’t leave soon, it would be killed. That was why… it ran away.”

The Deputy Sect Lord heard what Wang Baole said. He looked at the expressions on the three people’s faces and couldn’t help but laugh. He pointed at the three of them.

“You rascals only know how to spin tales. Every one of you seems to be hiding secrets. Fine, the advent of the Cultivation Era had brought along with it countless opportunities. Any blessings you receive is due to your own luck. You can tell the college when you are ready to share your secrets.”

Wang Baole felt a little embarrassed and scratched his head. The Deputy Sect Lord laughed again. When he looked at the three of them, it was with approval and recognition. He retrieved three pills from the storage bracelet he carried on his person and gave each of them a pill.

The pill was purple in color and sealed in amber, and there seemed to be smoke moving within it; it didn’t look like an ordinary pill. While the three of them were not disciples from the Alchemy Pavilion, they could tell that the pill had impressive healing properties.

“There’s no need for you to concern yourselves with this matter anymore. The college will seek justice for you. It doesn’t matter where the giant tree came from. We will exterminate anyone who dares to harm the disciples from the Ethereal Dao College!”

“All of you deserve recognition for what you’ve done. You’ll be rewarded accordingly after you’ve completed the Federation’s Hundred Seedling assessment!” The Deputy Sect Lord smiled faintly. He passed down a few more instructions and made arrangements for the Foundation Establishment realm cultivators standing behind him to escort the three to the Federation capital.

“You can take the pill during your journey to recover your cultivation. Recover from your injuries before re-embarking on your travel. I look forward to your return as one of the Federation’s hundred seedlings!”

“Many thanks to the Deputy Sect Lord!” Wang Baole tried to control his excitement and hurriedly cupped his fists and bowed.

“You little rascal, did you run into some sort of extraordinary luck? Having a breakthrough in your cultivation level and escaping successfully while carrying both of them. Well done. Not a weakling at all.” The Deputy Sect Lord pointed at Wang Baole.

Wang Baole was secretly pleased. He noted inwardly that the Deputy Sect Lord was really something. Not only that, he was extremely astute as well and knew Wang Baole’s capabilities. After all, the giant tree had really been frightened off by him. It looked extremely undignified as it made its escape and clearly looked like it was about to wet its pants.

He thudded his chest and said loudly, “Of course, we disciples of the Ethereal Dao College will never back down when something happens. I, Wang Baole, will live and die as one of Ethereal Dao College!”

There was a strange look on the others’ faces when they heard him say that. They felt that Wang Baole never let go of any chances to market himself, but the Deputy Sect Lord clearly found his words easy on the ears. He laughed out loud. The more he looked at Wang Baole, the more he liked him. He chatted for a while longer before arranging for the rest of the group to spread out and conduct a search.

Wang Baole and his friends then boarded the college’s cruiser and continued their journey to the Federation capital under the escort of the two Foundation Establishment realm cultivators. Only then did they finally release long and genuine sighs of relief.

They stared at one another. Each one of them could tell that the way they looked at one another had changed. Especially when Zhuo Yifan and Zhao Yameng looked at Wang Baole, their eyes held a hint of surprise as if looking at something slightly strange, and a warmth that was more intense than before.

They didn’t question Wang Baole about his battle with the giant tree after they had passed out, or his trump card, as that would intrude upon his secret. Wang Baole didn’t ask them in detail about their attacks either. They had reached a common understanding without having to say anything and smiled at one another.

Compared to Zhuo Yifan’s smile, Zhao Yameng, who was already so beautiful, gave the impression of an unparalleled beauty when she smiled. It was like the blossoming of a hundred flowers.

Wang Baole glanced over, blinked, and pointed at Zhao Yameng’s face. He opened his mouth.

“Zhao Yameng, there’s something on your face.”

“What?” She was momentarily stunned, and lifted her hand unknowingly, touching her face. She thought she had some dirt on her face.

“Beauty,” Wang Baole coughed quietly and said casually.

Next to Wang Baole, Zhuo Yifan’s eyes widened instantly when he heard Wang Baole’s words. The two Foundation Establishment realm cultivators serving as their escorts had been sitting cross-legged a short distance away, smiling at them. Upon hearing what Wang Baole said, the expressions on their faces shifted immediately. One of them seemed to be deep in thought as he studied Wang Baole. It was as if he was looking at God himself.

Zhao Yameng was taken by surprise and, unable to help herself, started giggling. Wang Baole’s flirtatious words had been completely unexpected. Despite being generally poised and calm, Zhao Yameng still fell for it.

Wang Baole saw how his simple teasing had generated such a response and was inwardly pleased. He had learned such tactics since he was six and had used them countless times. He felt like he was walking on air, and with a wave of his hand, he said, “Okay, this incident has ended. Next, we’ll head for the Federation capital, show them what we’ve got, and become one of the Federation’s hundred seedlings!”

Anticipation shone in Zhuo Yifan and Zhao Yameng’s eyes, and they watched as the distance separating them and Coulomb Basin grew bigger and bigger. Inhaling a deep breath, they continued chatting for a while longer before returning to their own rooms, taking the pill and starting the healing process.

Even though Wang Baole’s injuries weren’t as serious as Zhuo Yifan’s or Zhao Yameng’s, he would still require quite some time if he were to rely on his body to recover naturally. He swallowed the purple pill, and heat rose within his body as his internal injuries healed at an alarming rate.

The physical injuries on his body slowly healed as well…

Time passed steadily. After a few hours, as the cruiser slowly approached the vicinity of the Federation capital, the three ended their healing sessions. Energized, they left their rooms and stood at the deck, gazing at what was growing more and more majestic in their eyes… the Federation capital!

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