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A World Worth Protecting (Web Novel) - Chapter 458: The Great Emperor’s Many Empresses!

Chapter 458: The Great Emperor’s Many Empresses!

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He recalled his experiences for the past two hundred millennia. Everything had started out fine. As a State Preceptor of a small kingdom, he had enjoyed an elevated status. He had grown ambitious and had soon discovered a more powerful kingdom that needed a State Preceptor. The kingdom had extended a sincere invitation, which he had accepted. Years later, another even more powerful kingdom had required a State Preceptor and invited him to join them…

At that time, his ambitions remained grand, so he had gone to them. Every time he had become the State Preceptor of a new kingdom, he would find another even more powerful kingdom in need of a State Preceptor soon after. The cycle repeated itself. He had been doing the same thing for the past two hundred millennia. He couldn’t even remember how many kingdoms he had been State Preceptor of.

He had grown tired of this office. He had done it so many times that he had been about to throw up… There had been no end in sight. He would continue to discover more kingdoms that needed a State Preceptor… Finally, he had gone completely mad. He could no longer take it anymore. Even hearing the words “State Preceptor” would drive him to the verge of a breakdown.

That was why he had started to run away. But he had never managed to escape successfully. They had always managed to catch him and bring him back, where he would continue his office of State Preceptor… He had thought of every means and ways. He had even resorted to destroying an entire kingdom. Regardless, there would still be new kingdoms waiting to capture him and invite him to become their State Preceptor…

He had been weeping tears of blood by then. The old fox let loose a heart-wrenching howl. What he desired the most now was to have a peaceful life. He no longer desired the position of State Preceptor. As long as he could have an ordinary life, he was even willing to become an Artifact Spirit.

That was why when he saw Wang Baole as he was fleeing, he burst into tears. He fell to his knees immediately and prostrated before Wang Baole. He began howling.

“Master, you’ve finally arrived. Please take me away. I agree to become an Artifact Spirit. I no longer wish to be a State Preceptor… Why was I such a fool, thinking about staying a State Preceptor?”

Wang Baole led the weeping old fox away. He couldn’t help but lament. He felt as if he had just gained a deeper understanding of human nature.

They should thank me. I am the one who made them realize what it is that they truly need!

Becoming my Artifact Spirit, that is what they desire the most! Wang Baole patted his tummy with great satisfaction. He suddenly found the gesture extremely soothing and did it a few more times.

Seems like I’m still missing something… Wang Baole thought hard about it. After thinking for some time, he finally realized what it was he was missing.

What a pity, the dream’s still better, there were snacks. Wang Baole shook his head with great regret. Then, he soon developed a great interest in the world that the extremely perverted man was in.

I remember putting him in a matriarchal world where he is the only man. Wang Baole’s eyes shone brightly. With a series of hand seals, he entered the world of the pervert.

This world began as a rather primitive one. However, after two hundred thousand years of development, it grew into a world with multiple empires. The empires had constant skirmishes and clashes with one another.

Everyone, from the empress to the foot soldiers, were women. There were no men. Their reproduction systems were unique, and they were able to give birth to the next generation of women after carrying out a certain kind of ritual.

Rightfully speaking, if a pervert was thrown into such a world, he should be basking in female company and enjoying a blissful, happy life…

In reality, it was quite an exaggeration to say that he was basking in female company, and barely truthful to say that he was enjoying a life of utter bliss and happiness. When Wang Baole arrived in this world and found the pervert, he noticed that they were holding a grand funeral…

Countless women in armor guarded the area. Every single one of them was extremely beautiful and had well-formed, voluptuous figures. The mere sight of them would incite a primitive urge in the opposite sex.

They surrounded a raised platform that served as an altar. Above the altar lay someone. He was extremely thin, almost skeletal, and there were many tubes injected into his skin, all over his body. Great volumes of fluids serving as nutrients were being pumped into this person’s body.

This person… was the great pervert that Wang Baole had thrown into this world two hundred thousand years ago.

There was bewilderment in his eyes, and his entire body shuddered as the fluids continued to flow into his body. They kept him alive, no matter how much he wanted himself dead. Beside him were a dozen women dressed in clothes befitting a female empress. They surrounded him, and every single one of them was staring at the pervert with lust in their eyes.

They stared at one another with enmity and hostility in their eyes.

Wang Baole was stunned at the sight. Before he could ponder further on the matter, the empresses began to speak.

“Esteemed Emperor, the funeral has ended, so let us get down to serious business!”

“That’s right, Great Emperor. Our empire has more than thirty million female subjects awaiting the Great Emperor’s service. They wait for you to grant them bliss. We implore you to make a visit!”

“That won’t do, he’ll have to come to us first. I have more than fifty million subjects in my kingdom, and they have been waiting for the Emperor for a very long time. I fear disaster if he doesn’t pay us a visit soon!”

“All of your requests can be delayed. I have two hundred million subjects that were about to revolt when I left. If I don’t bring the Emperor back with me, they’ll come charging here!”

The empresses continued their endless dispute until one of them frowned and said coolly.

“Let’s not fight. We have to seek the Great Emperor’s views. As a last resort, we can place him on the altar, and our subjects may make a visit themselves. We can even earn considerable fees this way, but we’ll have to arrange for guards to ensure that the Emperor is unharmed.”

As soon as she said that, the pervert lying on the altar, who had no love for this living world, suddenly widened his eyes. Tears began to flow from his eyes as he struggled to speak in his weakened state.

“Please, I beg you all, let me go. I really can’t do it anymore…”

The high-spirited and ambitious pervert had reached the end of his rope. He broke down and wept loudly. However, no matter how much he cried, the empresses seemed to have reached a consensus. They had decided to leave him on the altar…

It was then that the man, at the depths of his despair, saw Wang Baole hovering in mid-air. He started to howl excitedly when he saw Wang Baole.

“Master, save me. Please, save me. As long as I get to leave this place, I’ll do anything you want. I’ll… I’ll become an Artifact Spirit!”

Wang Baole looked at the man with great sympathy. With a wave of his hand, the illusion vanished. When he reappeared, he was back in his residence. In front of him were the three souls, and they fell to their knees before him. The vengeful aura surrounding them had faded away considerably. They hadn’t yet been completely cleansed, but they no longer resisted the idea of becoming an Artifact Spirit. They even seemed to look forward to it.

Wang Baole was greatly consoled when he saw that. He felt that he was still quite charismatic, considering the three souls willingly decided to devote their loyalty to him. Then, he stared at the young boy and the sly State Preceptor again. Doubt flickered in his eyes.

When he had first seen the two, he had felt they were familiar, but he hadn’t been able to recall why. Now that he was looking at them again, the sense of familiarity intensified.

I should’ve met them before… Wang Baole rubbed at his forehead. He thought for a very long while but couldn’t come up with anything. He decided to set this matter aside. He reported to his master with the results of his attempts to make the three souls submit to him.

Ming Kunzi didn’t ask about the details of how Wang Baole had managed to purify and cleanse the three souls within the time limit given. He led the three souls away so that he might craft Dark Artifacts for Wang Baole and infuse the artifacts with Artifact Spirits.

At the same time, he gave Wang Baole another assignment.

“Go to the Ten Thousand Art Pavilion of the Dark Sect. Read everything about the Dark Sect and the dark mystic arts and techniques. Even if you cannot learn them all, you should still know and understand these mystic arts and techniques. When you are able to gain certain enlightenment, you can then try to break through the Foundation Establishment realm and enter the Dark Core realm!”

Wang Baole followed his master’s instructions obediently. He realized that there was still something amiss as he began to regain his memories, but he didn’t have his entire memory back. He needed to read up on the various information on the Dark Sect and their sect’s divine powers and information so that he might try to regain more control over his memory.

In the following month, Wang Baole spent almost all his time in the Ten Thousand Art Pavilion. He browsed through collections of books and scrolls on mystic arts and techniques. His knowledge of the Dark Sect and the Dark Art grew considerably.

The Spirit Immortal realm is divided into five minor realms—the Foundation Establishment realm, the Core Formation realm, the Nascent Soul realm, the Soul Conduit realm, and the Spirit Immortal realm… The corresponding levels of Dark Arts are the Corpse Face, the Soul Guidance, the Soul Fracture, the Burial Procession, and the Abyss Return! Wang Baole’s eyes shone with a bright light. He learned from the documents that the various levels from the Corpse Face to the Abyss Return formed the first tier of the Dark Art!

The Dark Art… had seven tiers!

In addition, Wang Baole also found an extremely unique divine power after reading through the various materials. It was similar to the Rebirth Hallucination Array Formation and yet different.

Its name was… the Dark Dream!

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