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Abe the Wizard (Web Novel)


I was reincarnated into another world, and I’ve brought the Horadric Cube from Diablo II with me.
Being a knight is cool and all, but being a wizard is pretty neat as well.
So, which one will it be?

1108 • 2020-01-13 22:47:55


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 381 Official Wizard2020-07-03
Chapter 380 Risky Level Up2020-07-03
Chapter 379 Bottleneck2020-07-03
Chapter 378 Big Downside2020-07-03
Chapter 377 Leaf2020-07-03
Chapter 376 Making Runes2020-07-03
Chapter 375 Johnson: Wizard Killer2020-07-03
Chapter 374 Dividing Potions2020-07-03
Chapter 373 Return2020-07-03
Chapter 372 Withstand2020-07-03
Chapter 371 Hell’s Curse2020-07-03
Chapter 370 The Rune Word Ingredient2020-07-03
Chapter 369 Betray2020-07-03
Chapter 368 The Countess2020-07-03
Chapter 367 Twitchthroe2020-06-26
Chapter 366 Unexpected Power Potions2020-06-26
Chapter 365 Blood Clans2020-06-26
Chapter 364 Small Luck Charm2020-06-26
Chapter 363 Forgotten Tower2020-06-26
Chapter 362 Four-Claw Dragon2020-06-26
Chapter 361 Flying Flame Fighting2020-06-26
Chapter 360 Running From Death2020-06-26
Chapter 359 Tristram2020-06-26
Chapter 358 Master Multitasker2020-06-26
Chapter 357 A “Fake” Knight’s Head Commander2020-06-26
Chapter 356 Knight’s Training2020-06-26
Chapter 355 Full Recovery Potion2020-06-26
Chapter 354 Light Healing Potion2020-06-26
Chapter 353 Separation2020-06-19
Chapter 352 Obedience2020-06-19
Chapter 351 Beauty Potion2020-06-19
Chapter 350 Time to Launch An Attack2020-06-19
Chapter 349 Stone Giant2020-06-19
Chapter 348 What Drgaon’s Blood Could Do2020-06-19
Chapter 347 Study Time2020-06-19
Chapter 346 Back to the Camp2020-06-19
Chapter 345 Level Five Wizard2020-06-19
Chapter 344 A Request For the Sake of Mankind2020-06-19
Chapter 343 Deckard Cain2020-06-19
Chapter 342 Treehead Woodfist2020-06-19
Chapter 341 The Dead Prince is Quite Rich2020-06-19
Chapter 340 Battle Trophy2020-06-19
Chapter 339 Level Four Wizard2020-06-12
Chapter 338 Time for some “Harvesting”2020-06-12
Chapter 337 White Flame2020-06-12
Chapter 336 Soul Chain2020-06-12
Chapter 335 Two-Foot Dragon2020-06-12
Chapter 334 A Dragon’s Roar2020-06-12
Chapter 333 Blackfire Staff2020-06-12
Chapter 332 Making Magic Staffs2020-06-12
Chapter 331 Healing2020-06-12
Chapter 330 Talk About Wasting Energy2020-06-12
Chapter 329 Emergency Retreat2020-06-12
Chapter 328 Dragon-Beast2020-06-12
Chapter 327 Compensation2020-06-12
Chapter 326 Blackrock Python2020-06-12
Chapter 325 An Ongoing Investigation2020-06-05
Chapter 324 Immediate Return After a Successful Hit2020-06-05
Chapter 323 Assassination2020-06-05
Chapter 322 Sneak In2020-06-05
Chapter 321 Careless Morrie2020-06-05
Chapter 320 Ghost-face Poisonous Tarantula2020-06-05
Chapter 319 The Soul Beast Along The Way2020-06-05
Chapter 318 Cooking Skill2020-06-05
Chapter 317 Soul Speaker2020-06-05
Chapter 316 Set Out2020-06-05
Chapter 315 Set Up2020-06-05
Chapter 3142020-06-05
Chapter 313 Rank 25 Commander2020-06-05
Chapter 312 Killing2020-06-05
Chapter 311 Archies Died2020-05-29
Chapter 310 Visit From The Dwarf2020-05-29
Chapter 309 Threat2020-05-29
Chapter 308 Potion Auction2020-05-29
Chapter 307 Master Abel’s Big Sword2020-05-29
Chapter 306 Auction Items2020-05-29
Chapter 305 Lawland Squad2020-05-29
Chapter 304 Contact2020-05-29
Chapter 303 The Prince’s Banquet2020-05-29
Chapter 302 The Tir Rune2020-05-29
Chapter 301 Care2020-05-29
Chapter 300 Morton Levelled Up2020-05-29
Chapter 299 Commission2020-05-29
Chapter 298 Hanging Out With White Cloud2020-05-29
Chapter 297 Old Friends Meet Again2020-05-21
Chapter 296 Stalking2020-05-21
Chapter 295 Going Back2020-05-21
Chapter 294 Real Runes2020-05-21
Chapter 293 What the Belt Could Do2020-05-21
Chapter 292 Second Floor of the Underground2020-05-21
Chapter 291 Underground Battle2020-05-21
Chapter 290 Underground Tunnel2020-05-21
Chapter 289 Blue Howling Bunnies2020-05-21
Chapter 288 Black Wind’s Speed2020-05-21
Chapter 287 Rakanishu2020-05-21
Chapter 286 Stinky Ravens2020-05-21
Chapter 285 Spirit Bearing2020-05-21
Chapter 284 Druid Practice Handbook2020-05-21
Chapter 283 Spirit Guardian Knights2020-05-14
Chapter 282 Rocky Wilderness2020-05-14