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Absolute Choice (Web Novel)


A world filled with heroes with superpowers. A world attacked by calamity fiends. A modern world filled with wonders and dangers.

Shi Xiaobai, a child from normal Earth, walked into such a world, proclaiming to be its king. But at the first signs of danger, he is forced to make a choice, one which he cannot refuse for time would repeat, making him face the choice again.

He is not humble nor is he modest, but neither is he delusional. Yet, the Absolute Choice seems to make fun of him. Will the joke be on him or will he laugh at his opponents? There will be many watching his escapades, and there will be some joining him in his adventures.

To see through the world and to grasp its truth, that is the destiny of the King.

1135 • 2019-09-03 23:16:46


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 583: The Inheritor2019-09-03
Chapter 582: The Horror Of Being Dominated By A Bald Creature2019-09-03
Chapter 581: Plan For The Generational Legacy2019-09-03
Chapter 580: Transcendental Nine Transformations2019-09-03
Chapter 579: Full Moon Wheel2019-09-03
Chapter 578: Tianjie2019-09-03
Chapter 577: Shi Xiaobai Has Disappeared2019-09-03
Chapter 576: Companion2019-09-03
Chapter 575: Allocation of Time2019-09-03
Chapter 574: How about Ten Years of Confinement2019-09-03
Chapter 573: Making a Bet!2019-09-03
Chapter 572: Youth, are you willing to be the Messiah?2019-09-03
Chapter 571: Signal to Assemble for Invasion and That Plan2019-09-03
Chapter 570: The Apocalypse Will Come Soon2019-09-03
Chapter 569: The Kindness That Couldn’t Be Conveyed2019-09-03
Chapter 568: Hongyue’s Killing Intent2019-09-03
Chapter 567: Deep Abhorrence2019-09-03
Chapter 566: Granny2019-09-03
Chapter 565: The Holy Tree Blooms2019-09-03
Chapter 564: Only Resorting to Sophistry2019-09-03
Chapter 563: Do you Believe Now2019-09-03
Chapter 562: Cherryblossoms in Despair2019-09-03
Chapter 561: You are Instigating a War between Both Races!2019-09-03
Chapter 560: Reclaiming the Homeworld2019-09-03
Chapter 559: Thank you for being this gentle2019-09-03
Chapter 558: The World's Most Stirring Scenery2019-09-03
Chapter 557: Actors2019-09-03
Chapter 556: Blissful Boy2019-09-03
Chapter 555: Finally asking the question2019-09-03
Chapter 554: This King doesn't know much about such matters2019-09-03
Chapter 553: Black Turtle Hibernation2019-09-03
Chapter 552: Wish I could give three tight slaps to myself2019-09-03
Chapter 551: Had an Accomplice!2019-09-03
Chapter 550: The Reason Speechless Li's name is Speechless Li2019-09-03
Chapter 549: Do you want to hear the truth or a lie?2019-09-03
Chapter 548: Misery Sea in misery2019-09-03
Chapter 547: The Buddha says: Go fuck yourself2019-09-03
Chapter 546: Reverend Misery Sea, Esteemed Monk2019-09-03
Chapter 545: Why did you kill him2019-09-03
Chapter 544: Nearly fishing out the dick2019-09-03
Chapter 543: Breaking the Balance!2019-09-03
Chapter 542: Truth of the Battle2019-09-03
Chapter 541: Upon hearing, Men cry while Women salivate2019-09-03
Chapter 540: That cold arrow was really damn cold!2019-09-03
Chapter 539: This isn't a boy, it's a monster!2019-09-03
Chapter 538: Defeat meant Death!2019-09-03
Chapter 537: Proud Dragon Repents!2019-09-03
Chapter 536: The worth of a piece of shit2019-09-03
Chapter 535: Absolutely not running2019-09-03
Chapter 534: NTR in the face2019-09-03
Chapter 533: A True Face Smacking!2019-09-03
Chapter 532: This King is very angry. The consequences will be severe2019-09-03
Chapter 531: Go back, you are not welcomed here2019-09-03
Chapter 530: I will not harm the both of you, really!2019-09-03
Chapter 529: I suspected that you cuckolded me!2019-09-03
Chapter 528: The Brave Girl's fight with a Ferocious Tiger2019-09-03
Chapter 527: Business World's Queen and the Political World's Emperor2019-09-03
Chapter 526: Where is Speechless Li's house2019-09-03
Chapter 525: Shi Xiaobai, I want to bear your children!2019-09-03
Chapter 524: Is it thrilling? Is it agonizing?2019-09-03
Chapter 523: A Series of Operations 0-82019-09-03
Chapter 522: The Infernal Queen had long seen through everything2019-09-03
Chapter 521: Six Mistakes2019-09-03
Chapter 520: Freedom or Annihilation2019-09-03
Chapter 519: Congratulations Darling2019-09-03
Chapter 518: Can you read more books?2019-09-03
Chapter 517: Overbearing Little Loli2019-09-03
Chapter 516: The Immaculate Black and the Holy White2019-09-03
Chapter 515: Unexpected Life-saving Straw2019-09-03
Chapter 514: Balance of One's Worldviews2019-09-03
Chapter 513: The Sin Poison of the Holy Tree2019-09-03
Chapter 512: Yamate, that place won't do!2019-09-03
Chapter 511: Can Shi Xiaobai be eaten2019-09-03
Chapter 510: XXX without a word2019-09-03
Chapter 509: None of you should harbor the thoughts of running2019-09-03
Chapter 508: The Upper Echelons that Harbor Evil Schemes2019-09-03
Chapter 507: The crop from the field is as large as your guts can yield!2019-09-03
Chapter 506: What are rules? They never existed from the beginning2019-09-03
Chapter 505: Massacre2019-09-03
Chapter 504: Here comes the Climax2019-09-03
Chapter 503: What's wrong with enjoying sufficient foreplay before the climax!2019-09-03
Chapter 502: The Endless Historical Story2019-09-03
Chapter 501: It's not something Darling can Stick it in or Retract as you wish!2019-09-03
Chapter 500: Girls do not know about pounding the meat2019-09-03
Chapter 499: Bunny learns to Scold2019-09-03
Chapter 498: This isn't an illness, but fate!2019-09-03
Chapter 497: The Elusive Big Boobed Loli2019-09-03
Chapter 496: An unmistakable 36E2019-09-03
Chapter 495: I have a 'Vajra Body Defending' book2019-09-03
Chapter 494: This child is a dragon2019-09-03
Chapter 493: Bunny Cao and Handsome Chen2019-09-03
Chapter 492: Breaking! A Particular Village Leader Repeatedly Climbs a Tree to Find Chickens!2019-09-03
Chapter 491: The Frog in the Well that Looks Forward to the Mighty Eagle2019-09-03
Chapter 490: Yama Minamiya's bet2019-09-03
Chapter 489: What did Little Pervert Experience2019-09-03
Chapter 488: A Fate that the World can only watch from the side2019-09-03
Chapter 487: Stick it in forcefully!2019-09-03
Chapter 486: Time for this game of chess to come to an end2019-09-03
Chapter 485: Triangular Slandering2019-09-03
Chapter 484: Thoughts separated by Three Thousand Years2019-09-03
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