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Absolute Great Teacher (Web Novel)




Action Adventure Fantasy Xuanhuan

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After the gold medal teacher, Sun Mo of the city’s No. 2 Middle School, fell into the water, he transmigrated to Tang Guo, Zhongzhou Academy and became a newly graduated intern teacher. Sun Mo bound the Peerless Master System, turning waste into little geniuses. Under Sun Mo’s guidance, the little children became masters after one year, passed emperor level after three years, and attempted god level after five years.

An emperor-level boss! How dare you say that this master and apprentice are fakes? Swordsman, spear saint, sword demon, Wushuang Guoshi, a generation of devil emperor, two great saints, three saint supremes, all are taught by me. Are you afraid?

He had a pretty, white and rich fiancée who was the principal, but the prestigious school was declining. Any lower and it would be delisted and deposed. Sun Mo’s task is to help his fiancée sit firmly in the position of principal and help Zhangzhou return to the rich list.

I will turn tr*sh into gold, quoth Sun Mo.

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 162 A celebrity’s headaches2020-09-26
Chapter 161 Upgraded to the Ancestor-Level, #1 in Rankings2020-09-26
Chapter 160 The Powerful Living Blood Technique2020-09-25
Chapter 159 Golden Prescription2020-09-25
Chapter 158 Three Treasure Chests, Ample Rewards2020-09-25
Chapter 157 Paying Someone Back in Their Own Coin2020-09-25
Chapter 156 Human-shape Alchemy Pill2020-09-23
Chapter 155 I, Li Ziqi, Am Really Excellent!2020-09-23
Chapter 154 Girl Group, Shooting to Fame with a Single Battle!2020-09-23
Chapter 153 Victory! Victory! Victory!2020-09-23
Chapter 152 Great Teacher Halo, Soul Imprint2020-09-21
Chapter 151 The Battle At Victory Dojo2020-09-21
Chapter 150 Amazing Talent2020-09-20
Chapter 149 Paying Someone Back in Their Own Coin2020-09-20
Chapter 148 Soar2020-09-19
Chapter 147 Hot Item2020-09-19
Chapter 146 Getting Along Amicably2020-09-19
Chapter 145 Consummate Inference2020-09-19
Chapter 144 The Potted Plant Teacher2020-09-17
Chapter 143 A Great Increase in Fame Again2020-09-17
Chapter 142 Spirit Intent2020-09-16
Chapter 141 The Sixth Student2020-09-16
Chapter 140 Do You Want to Join My Great Teacher Circle?2020-09-15
Chapter 139 Justice Might Come Late, but It Would Never Be Absent!2020-09-15
Chapter 138 Iron-fist Punishment2020-09-14
Chapter 137 Celebrity teacher2020-09-14
Chapter 136 Home Is Where My Mother Is!2020-09-13
Chapter 135 I, Ying Baiwu, Refused to Resign Myself to Fate!2020-09-13
Chapter 134 Those Who Offend Sun Mo Will Be Destroyed No Matter the Distance!2020-09-12
Chapter 133 Beating Up Scum2020-09-12
Chapter 132 Giving Food2020-09-11
Chapter 131 A Girl Who Loves Money So Much That She Could Die for It2020-09-11
Chapter 130 Mysterious Major Character2020-09-10
Chapter 129 Spirit-Refinement Realm, Acupoints Open!)2020-09-10
Chapter 128 Please Bring Me Along Next Time!2020-09-10
Chapter 127 Giant Medicine Packet, Miraculous Effect2020-09-08
Chapter 126 Great Arrogance from One with Power2020-09-08
Chapter 125 Goodness Gracious! Excellent Skill!2020-09-08
Chapter 124 Sun Mo, Unique!2020-09-08
Chapter 123 Immersed Deeply in the Study of Spirit Runes, Unable to Extricate Oneself!2020-09-08
Chapter 122 A Genius Invention2020-09-08
Chapter 121 #10 in the Battle Hall2020-09-08
Chapter 120 A Genius with Zero Will to Live On!2020-09-08
Chapter 119 Shock2020-09-08
Chapter 118 Grandmaster-grade Performance2020-09-07
Chapter 117 To Be Ranked First2020-09-07
Chapter 116 Great Teacher Halo, Misleading Students2020-09-07
Chapter 115 Finding a gem2020-09-07
Chapter 114 God Hands Are Truly Deserving of Their Reputation2020-09-06
Chapter 113 Controlling The Crowd2020-09-06
Chapter 112 A Change in Classroom, Snatching Seats!2020-09-06
Chapter 111 New Skill Obtained!2020-09-06
Chapter 110 Starmoon Tempering The Body, Second Level of Blood – Ignition Realm2020-09-06
Chapter 109 The School’s Ultimate Divine Art2020-09-06
Chapter 108: Contrast between Past and Present2020-09-05
Chapter 107: 0 points2020-09-05
Chapter 106: The Mysterious Darkness Continent2020-09-04
Chapter 105: The Protective Sun Mo2020-09-04
Chapter 104: I, Li Ziqi, Will Throw Money at You!2020-09-03
Chapter 103: Only Winners Gain Respect2020-09-03
Chapter 102: Spirit Rune Grandmaster2020-09-02
Chapter 101: All Attributes +12020-09-02
Chapter 100: Colleagues’ Exclamation2020-09-01
Chapter 99: A New Impossible Mission2020-09-01
Chapter 98: A Small Goal2020-08-31
Chapter 97: Completely Won Over2020-08-31
Chapter 96: Saint-Tier Cultivation Art? I Know One Too!)2020-08-30
Chapter 96: Saint-Tier Cultivation Art? I Know One Too!)2020-08-30
Chapter 95: Five Personal Disciples2020-08-30
Chapter 94: Defeating Enemies with a Single Move2020-08-29
Chapter 93: Public Guidance2020-08-29
Chapter 92: Sun Mo’s Name Rising Like the Wind2020-08-28
Chapter 91: An Upgrade in Combat Strength2020-08-28
Chapter 90: Generous Rewards2020-08-27
Chapter 89: I Give Full Marks, Not Afraid that You’ll Be Proud!2020-08-27
Chapter 88: Flooded with Favorable Impression Points2020-08-26
Chapter 87: Performance Time2020-08-26
Chapter 86: Black Doggy Sun Acts Up Again!2020-08-25
Chapter 85: Best in the Central Province2020-08-25
Chapter 84: Great Teacher Halo, Prestige Exploding Forth!2020-08-24
Chapter 83: God Hands2020-08-24
Chapter 82: Real Hammer2020-08-24
Chapter 81: Scram, Copy This a 100 Times!2020-08-24
Chapter 80: Harvesting Favorable Impression Points2020-08-24
Chapter 79: I Think I Should Learn How to Cook!2020-08-24
Chapter 78: You Guys Don’t Understand Teacher Sun’s Excellence!2020-08-24
Chapter 77: This Is My Stage2020-08-24
Chapter 76: Debut2020-08-24
Chapter 75: First Public Lecture2020-08-24
Chapter 74: Secondary Occupation Obtained!2020-08-24
Chapter 73: Entering Official Employment2020-08-24
Chapter 72: Imperious Manifesto!2020-08-24
Chapter 71: Returning from a Rewarding Journey2020-08-24
Chapter 70: Sun Mo Was Stunned, Ultimate Drawings2020-08-24
Chapter 69: Wondrous Blossom2020-08-24
Chapter 68: Becoming a Fan2020-08-24
Chapter 67: Three Grand Rewards2020-08-24
Chapter 66: An Xinhui’s Praise2020-08-24
Chapter 65: Crushing, Divine Skill2020-08-24
Chapter 64: Sun Mo, First Level of Blood-ignition, Please Guide Me!2020-08-24
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