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Abyss Domination (Web Novel) - Chapter 185: Consecration

Chapter 185: Consecration

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“Something’s wrong!”

Soran’s pupils shrank slightly, swung his curved swords upward in an instant, slashing at the man’s neck. With a splash of blood, the man’s head was cut off. The headless body fell to the ground while an unknown lifeform still moved slightly. Then it gradually stopped moving.

A row of data appeared:

“Target killed!…”

“Extracting soul energy from target!…”

“Received 4500 Slaughter Experience Points!…”

“Target was a Divine creature!”

“Extracting Divinity from the target!… You’ve gained 3 Divinity!”

“Target possesses the divine power of Fear!”

“Extraction of divine power failed!… Shard of Divinity storage failed!… Divine Title storage failed!… You do not possess any portfolio to store the divine power of Fear!… divine power being transferred!…”

The man was beheaded and killed directly by Soran, but the divine powers he possessed did not seem to be stronger than that of the Elf Ranger. Soran only got 3 points of Divinity, and at the same time, the divine powers were being transferred to someone else.

Soran was a little worried that the divine power would be transferred to the vampiric Son of Fear, but it seemed that there was a link between the man and Vivian. The man’s divine power was transferred to Vivian as Soran witnessed the figure of the little girl floating in the air.

The powers of three Sons of Fear were integrating now!

Vivian’s expression seemed to show a tinge of pain. Her tiny body trembled slightly and suddenly fell from the sky.

Did the integration fail!?

Soran’s expression changed slightly. After killing a Son of Fear, his desire for killing subsided and he felt full. He flew over to catch Vivian, who had fallen from the air and then retreated with her in his arms.

On another front, the demigod vampire, the Hand of Silver, and the Ascended Priest who also had the power of a demigod were there. This kind of scuffle was bad for the two of them because Soran and Vivian did not have any allies.

The Hand of Silver might attack them and so would the Ascended Priest. The demigod vampire, of course, would want nothing more than to kill Vivian.

Celestial beings were legendary creatures; summoned by the Ascended Priest it also joined the battle. The situation of the demigod vampire immediately became somewhat bad. At the same time, the artifact of the Hand of Silver [Morning Star] suddenly burst out a strong light; destroying the dead rotten while purifying all the souls within 300 meters.

At the same time, Soran’s body which was illuminated by the light also emitted some smoke, as if his skin was being cooked.


A powerful spell that dealt great damage to the evil and undead; sometimes even more effective than legendary spells.

The vampire’s body was blackened from top to bottom, but his flesh and blood recovered at an alarming rate. The legendary spell [Vampiric Feast] was still working thus this level of damage could not kill him. Demigods were a very special existence—they had divinity and divine powers, and may have shards of divinity, but they had no corresponding divine title.

That’s to say that demigods had no believers nor the corresponding portfolio!

Divine titles were a very important part of the gods. Only with the corresponding divine title could they be regarded as true gods. That was why, many gods killed each other; to fight over the portfolios, which were the source of divine power and the source of improving their shard of divinity. Only after obtaining the corresponding divine title could the gods obtain a source of divine power. The vampiric demigod possessed the power of Fear and the divinity of Fear. He may even possess Minor Shards of Divinity.

However, he was still not the Dread Lord as the divine title was still not his.

Many powerful Liches could transform themselves into demigods, but few could become true gods. That was because if they wanted a divine title, they would have to kill other gods. Then slowly integrate their portfolio with the divine title. When they finally had a divine title, then they were true gods and could develop their followers on a large scale. Unfortunately, so far, there were only a few Liches that got consecrated. Most were given minor divine titles after they’ve been used by other powerful deities.

Demigods could also form their own divine title simply by having worshippers.

They were called “pseudo-gods” in this process and were targets of many true gods. If the challenger wanted to form a divine title close to, or similar to another god’s title, then the challenger would be attacked relentlessly. Throughout the ages, demigods have mostly reached the level of Saint or Chosen—few qualified to be called pseudo-gods; unless a true god was willing to give up some power.

“How is this possible?!”

Soran shielded Vivian from the blazing light and escaped swiftly. Vivian’s condition was similar to that of the previous one. After absorbing the power of a Son of Fear, she fainted directly. The reason for this was not clear to Soran, but it may have something to do with the Divinity; normally Vivian should have also absorbed the Divinity, but now it has been transferred to Soran. If Vivian could not control the divine power, then integration would be hard.

I can’t let Vivian absorb the Divinity of Fear!

Soran knew how terrible the will of Fear was and how difficult it was for him to fight against. If Vivian absorbed too much it, he was afraid that her whole person would be controlled by Fear; especially when The Witch of Terror, Lilian was still in her.

There were three kinds of vessels that could contain divine powers. The first was Divinity, that was why the vampiric Son of Fear could become a demi-god. The second was the Shards of Divinity, which was a huge container that can hold a considerable amount of divine powers.

Lastly, a divine title, which could hold an even larger amount of divine power!

Only with a divine title could one start to gain worshipers and turn one’s divine powers into blessings for their worshippers. It was also vital in making one’s Shard of Divinity.

A divine title was a very important part.

That was why the Dread Lord held on to the divine title of Fear; only spreading his divine powers and divinity to his descendants.

The Ascended Priest noticed Soran running away.

But his expression was slightly hesitant, and eventually, he raised his hand and cast Dimensional Lock; ready to deal with the demigod vampire in front of him. An ordinary Son of Fear and a weak Son of Slaughter was obviously not as important as the demigod vampire. The danger and destructiveness of the demigod vampire were probably more than ten times that of Soran’s. That was also why the Hand of Silver concentrated on him and didn’t even care for the demons.

A demigod vampire!

If he was allowed to grow and grow, he could transform others into vampires and then into a believer. The consequences would be absolutely disastrous.

No one hoped to witness the creation of a new Dread Lord!

Soran rushed away with Vivian in his arms. Over time, Vivian’s demonic wings gradually disappeared, her scarlet pupils became normal again, and the tattoos on her cheek gradually disappeared. At the same time, the changes with Soran’s body were also gradually fading. They changed almost at the same time—When Vivian changed back to her original appearance, Soran was also in his human form.


An unprecedented sense of weakness struck, and as the power Slaughter faded, Soran was immediately affected by the effects of the legendary spell Energy Absorption. His profession level has been permanently lowered by eight, and all his Slaughter EXP have been sealed. He would never be able to raise his level again unless he found a high-grade priest who could cast [Greater Restoration].

The corrosive negative energy was now permanently in his body, rendering him useless!

“Damn it!”

Soran glanced at his character data and found that his attributes had been reduced by four points. His Shadow Jump ability was no longer available and his fighting capabilities were almost half of what it used to be.

The only lucky thing was that he could morph into Slaughter Form. It seemed that when he was in that form, he could counteract the effects of Energy Absorption and temporarily regain his abilities. He hugged Vivian tightly and rushed away from the City of Wealth. Intuition told him that the demigod vampire would go on a killing spree!

It seemed that the demigod vampire had other motives in mind!


The demigod vampire stood up with a smile. He looked weak after the facing head-on the spell Sunburst, but his expression was very exciting. He glanced at Soran and Vivian, who had gone away, and did not seem to be in a hurry to kill them. The demigod vampire stepped back and looked at the also injured Hand of Silver in front of him. He jumped gently to the top of the bell tower and then laughed eerily, “It’s almost done at last!…”

“Fear is propagating!… This city has already given me enough power!… now there’s only one last step!…”

“My dear sister!…”

“Father has arranged so much for you!… He even wanted to wake you up first!… But you have failed to live up to his expectations!… now everything is easier for me!…”

“But our incompetent father would not have expected this!… His will is not as strong as he imagined!…”

“His death has been destined!…”

“As I would become the real Dread Lord!…but!…Let me first gain more power!…”

The demigod vampire whispered in a crazy tone. Suddenly his pupils turned red and the blood around him surged like a tide. He gave a sharp howl to the moon in the sky and a pair of huge Vampiric Wings appeared. As if some powerful force was brewing, the moon was gradually dyed red and the whole City of Wealth was now tinted in red.

That moment!

As if the whole world felt it.

Countless legendary professions looked up to the sky as the moon gradually dyed red. They all whispered, “A creature of the night? Who is it? Who is going to get consecrated?”

Countless temples began to glow.

Distributing all over the mainland, where the demigod vampire has traveled, groups of people dressed in blood-red robes gathered in dark corners. They have pale faces and sharp tusks on the corners of their mouths. They knelt before altars, praying in a weird voice, “My Lord, Rhinehart!…”

“You’re the lord of the vampires!… You’re the incarnate of Fear!… The most powerful creature of the night!…”

“My Lord, Rhinehart!…”

“You’re the protector of the vampires!…a hunter in the night!”

“My Lord, Rhinehart!…”

“Your name is sacred among vampires!… You will be greater than your ancestors!… The fear of mortals will turn into your divine power!… Their fear makes you stronger!… Your kingdom will bless our souls!… From today on, the soul of the vampire will not return to nothingness! As long as we believe in the great vampire! Our souls will be reborn in your kingdom!…”

“My Lord, Rhinehart!…”

“Glory to your kingdom!…let it be among the stars!…”

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