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Abyss Domination (Web Novel) - Chapter 187 Legend Rating

Chapter 187 Legend Rating

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

“False god!…”

From afar came the roar of the Ascended Priest. Even when there was a violent explosion in the city, the Ascended Priest did not care; only the demigod vampire mattered to him. Consecration of gods was actually a very despised act, especially if the reputation of the consecrated had not spread throughout the multiverse. Legend Rating was one of the core elements of consecration. The higher a person’s Legend Rating, the smaller the chance of rejection because the person’s reputation had already spread throughout the world.

Thus with a higher Legend Rating, others would not be as resentful!

If your name has been heard by even the gods and had impressed upon the Abyss, then when you decide to become a god, others would be more accepting.

That’s right.

‘I’ve heard this name more than once. This name has so much prestige. His name has spread all over the world and he has defeated many enemies. He has traveled to so many places, thus that the world of mortals was already nothing to him.’

For a person like this, he could only strive to become a god as there’s nothing more in the world for him.

Legend Rating was something that could help a person become a true god because his existence has been known by many people. People who feared you would give you strength, and people who loved you will also give you strength. When they recall your name and your existence, your first wave of powers would be generated. Those who feared you would tremble and those who loved you would cheer!

That was how power was created.

A power that was similar to the power given by a fanatic; even though it only happened at the consecration.

Unfortunately, Legend Rating was not so easy to grasp. Up until now Soran only had 10 Legend Rating. Normally only a Legend Rating of around 200 would mean that your name has been heard in the Abyss and Underdark; even the gods would have heard of your name.

It didn’t matter if the person was evil or good!

His name must at least be known throughout, in order to become a god.

The demigod vampire was a clever one in this case. He relied on the spreading of fear to gather power and then used the divinity and divine powers of the Dread Lord to maintain his believers. Therefore, he could only be regarded as a false-god, maybe he would reach the level of a Saint at most.

Soran couldn’t tell if the demigod vampire had more tricks up his sleeve, but with the current situation, he would probably have a tough time in the future; because his enemies had increased in number. Anyone trying to be god without a strong backing would always enter a fierce fight for survival.

Even at the consecration of The Grain Goddess, with the support from both Earthmother and the Lord of Glory—two very powerful gods, there were still others that tried to find trouble, trying to compete for the portfolio of agriculture, plants, nature and so on.

You can see now how difficult the process of consecration was and the challenges a new god must face. A new god was very fragile, and killing the new god would mean inheriting his or her portfolio.

If the demigod vampire was killed, then the divine title of [God of the Vampires] would be taken.

At the same time, the portfolio of Fear would be taken by other gods to strengthen themselves.

If that deity did not have the domain of fear, he could acquire the divinity of Fear and use it as a springboard to further take charge of that domain. If that deity already possesses the domain of fear, then he could use it to enhance his strength and even extend to other domains of fear. Even a deity of good could rely on the domain of fear and the divinity of Fear to transform it into a part of courage; for example, [Fearless Fear] or [Overcome Fear]. Even though it might take some time for the change to occur.

That was why divine titles were so sought after; they were platforms to extend one’s power.

Soran went out from the City of Wealth; He would not want to be caught in the middle of this epic battle.

The Ascended Priest was a weakened version of the Saint form. The demigod vampire was also a Saint after the consecration, while the Hand of Silver was a high-grade legend. It was best for a small figure like Soran not to be involved in such a level of fighting. The most important thing right now was Vivian, although Vivian’s breathing was stable, she had not woken up. If she really couldn’t control the divine power, then Soran would have to help her strengthen her divinity, or merge a Shard of Divinity.

Under no circumstance would he allow her to absorb the divinity of Fear!

That was because the effects of the Dread Lord on his descendants were still very strong. Even though it seemed as though the Vampiric Son of Fear had overcome the will of his father, his mind was still greatly affected.

A Row of data appeared:

“Consecration ceremony (The God of Vampires ) [Legendary Battle]: In late October 1675, the City of Wealth; Rhinehart, the vampiric Son of Fear, conspired to become a god. Spreading fear and killing in the city. The Hand of Silver tried to stop him but failed. The Ascended Priest of the Goddess of Riches joined the battle. In this serious legendary event, you’ve turned into the Slaughter Form and killed another Son of Fear. The news of a new Son of Slaughter will gradually spread, and many beings will be shocked by the name. A special group of people would also spread your name afar. [Legend + 6]”

This was the first time Soran got so much Legend Rating.

Even he was a little surprised at the figure because even if he had killed a white dragon of pure blood, he would not necessarily be able to get 6 Legend Rating. In the Battle of Whiterun, he got only one Legend Rating. During the High Hunt, he disrupted the sacrificial ceremony of the hunters, and also killed a Son of Fear incidentally; he only got 3 Legend Rating. But now he got twice that from the High Hunt incident; some nobles may not even have such a reputation.

Soran held Vivian and went far away.

Even though he was weaker, he wasn’t as worried since he could just transform into the Slaughter Form.

His main concern now was Vivian. It was obviously impossible to find Gloria because they had been involved in a legendary battle. The vampiric Son of Fear would have become a false-god, and his powers would be greatly improved. It was also very likely his existence would attract a large number of vampire believers. At that time, his power would be unprecedented huge, and other Sons of Fear would be in great danger. Even if there were many temples to suppress him, there would be the factor of distance, time, location, and the problem of the dormant gods. Thus it would be impossible to eliminate a false-god in a short time. If he lasted until the Times of Trouble then few would be able to care about him.

Soran was thinking about their future.

In fact, he already had a plan. However, only after he was able to morph to the Slaughter form that he could implement his plans.

His plan was to bring Vivian abroad!

Originally Soran hoped become a legend first then wait until the descent of the gods; however, it seems that the mainland was unstable now.

They also had countless enemies.

He was going to take Vivian overseas. On the one hand, he could avoid the power of the demigod vampire. On the other hand, there were many important opportunities overseas.

The overseas population was relatively small and the geographical environment was special. Beasts and insects were rampant, and the whole civilization was relatively barren. There were also many weaker gods and false-gods active there, some of them could not even be regarded as gods at all, just demigod beasts.

Of course, this was only Soran’s opinion. They were mainly called the [Enchanted Creatures].

They were created by totemism.

There were many primitive tribes scattered overseas, many of them were based on totem beliefs. There were many demigods in the tribes; even though they were not as powerful as gods, they were more powerful than the legends. This place was gradually explored after The Avatar Crisis, but now Soran was undoubtedly able to challenge it.

A lot of these Enchanted Creatures were almost demigods; they had divinity, but not divine powers or shard of divinity.

Among them were some false gods. They may only have tens of thousands of believers, but they have multiplied for thousands of years. Many creatures, originally spiritual beings, were worshipped by the Totemist for too long, and gradually had a trace of divinity. This place was behind the rainforest and near the Amazonian women warriors.

The Storm Lord didn’t care about these little false gods as they were too weak.

Even after thousands of years, these false gods would not be able to compare to the Storm Lord.

It was a very wild and primitive place. Occasionally legendary wizards traveled there, but few other professions would. Because divinity was a very powerful force, which could be compared to nuclear fuel. It was useless to add nuclear fuel to a combustion engine. Soran and Vivian could transform the divinity, but it was almost impossible for other legendary professions to do so. Even descendants of gods might not necessarily be successful because it took a certain amount of power in order to understand divinity. Even legendary wizards had to study it for a long time. It also had to be relatively powerful, or else there would be nothing to extract.

It was recorded.

That a legendary Wizard extracted divinity from a Son of Slaughter and even extracted some of his powers.

As for the other reason why Soran wanted to travel overseas.

Was because he figured that the top priests on the mainland who were willing to heal him were very few; they might even attack him. Overseas, however, many worshipped evil gods. Those legendary priests only recognized money.

These places had unique rules, and they were very tolerant people of evil alignment!

They didn’t care if you were good or evil, they only cared if you had money.

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