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Adorable Creature Attacks! Cuteness Overload! (Web Novel)


Gu Qingyu, a licensed psychiatrist in the modern times, is thrown into turmoil.

Her own unjust death, a new world, and much more awaits her!

『A sudden attack from a shadowed figure in a hospital!

She reaches out with one wish on her mind as her blood flows out,

“I-I don’t want to die! S-Somebody save me!”

In the midst of her desperate cries, a mysterious being receives her wish and relocates her into a new body and world!』

Thrown into an ancient era without any warning, she discovers magic, monsters, and localities to explore!

On her journey through the four empires, she encounters hardships, meets new people and builds new relationships, all while trying to evade losing yet another life!

『New situations thrown at her at every turn, a comedic story of love, friendship and trust! Follow Gu Qingyu and her friends’ adventures through the four empires and her path to survival!』

514 • 2020-02-02 13:09:47


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 141: In My Dreams2020-08-02
Chapter 140: Back to the Past2020-08-01
Chapter 139: Yan Ruhuo2020-07-31
Chapter 138: Final Preparations2020-07-30
Chapter 137: Revenge2020-07-29
Chapter 136: A Feast2020-07-27
Chapter 135: Palmtop Tiger 22020-07-27
Chapter 134: Transfusion2020-07-25
Chapter 133: Unlikely Ally2020-07-25
Chapter 132: Poison and Porridge 22020-07-24
Chapter 131: Hope and Despair2020-07-22
Chapter 130: Cry, Ghost Howl2020-07-21
Chapter 129: Give Me Your Heart2020-07-20
Chapter 128: Catastrophe2020-07-19
Chapter 127: Premonition2020-07-18
Chapter 126: Contest for Attention2020-07-17
Chapter 125: Reunion2020-07-17
Chapter 124: Bolt from the Blue2020-07-16
Chapter 123: Where It All Began2020-07-15
Chapter 122: Goodbye, Little Cuties2020-07-13
Chapter 121: Weapons Unlocked 22020-07-13
Chapter 120: Halcyon Days2020-07-12
Chapter 119: Getting Lost2020-07-12
Chapter 118: The Squad of Seasoning Spices2020-07-11
Chapter 117: Masks2020-07-10
Chapter 116: True Colours 22020-07-07
Chapter 115: Yu2020-07-07
Chapter 114: I am Qi Wan, Your Husband2020-07-06
Chapter 113: Harbinger of Disaster2020-07-06
Chapter 112: His Devotion2020-07-04
Chapter 111: Abandon the City2020-07-03
Chapter 110: Preparations2020-07-02
Chapter 109: Salvation2020-07-01
Chapter 108: Emperor of Nanyou2020-06-02
Chapter 107: True Colours2020-06-02
Chapter 106: Sinking2020-06-02
Chapter 105: Jealousy2020-06-02
Chapter 104: Another Voyage2020-05-29
Chapter 103: Scissors-Paper-Stone2020-05-29
Chapter 102: Let's Not Sort the Whole Thing Out2020-05-29
Chapter 101: Friendship Forged in Flame2020-05-29
Chapter 100: Abduction and Betrayal2020-05-29
Chapter 99: The Qi Brothers2020-05-29
Chapter 98: Tempers Flare2020-05-29
Chapter 97: I Choose My Wife2020-05-29
Chapter 96: Divine Tune2020-05-29
Chapter 95: Ghostly Encounter2020-05-29
Chapter 94: Nightingale2020-05-29
Chapter 93: Tension2020-05-29
Chapter 92: A Decision was Made2020-05-29
Chapter 91: Big Brother!2020-05-29
Chapter 90: Interrogation2020-05-29
Chapter 89: Spy Headquarters2020-05-29
Chapter 88: Ye Jin2020-05-29
Chapter 87: Palmtop Tiger2020-05-29
Chapter 86: The White Tiger2020-05-29
Chapter 85: The Spider Queen2020-05-29
Chapter 84: Endurance2020-05-29
Chapter 83: Goodbye Wonderland2020-05-29
Chapter 82: The Martial Arts Competition2020-05-29
Chapter 81: To Wound Someone You Really Care for and to do it so Unconsciously2020-05-29
Chapter 80: Xie Li2020-05-29
Chapter 79: Wonderland2020-05-29
Chaptet 78: I'm Here2020-05-29
Chapter 77: Another Fight2020-05-29
Chapter 76: A Bamboo House2020-05-29
Chapter 75: He Stole My Clothes!2020-05-29
Chapter 74: Your Logic or Your Wife?2020-05-29
Chapter 73: His reaction is enough for me to laugh for a year!2020-05-29
Chapter 72: I Just Want You To Be Yourself2020-05-29
Chapter 71: I will help you beat him!2020-05-29
Chapter 70: Sightseeing2020-05-29
Chapter 69: Stumbling Block2020-05-29
Chapter 68: The Prime Minister of Xiqian2020-05-29
Chapter 67: I am Unparalleled!2020-05-29
Chapter 66: Mo Bai and the Leader of Ye2020-05-29
Chapter 65: I did not expect you to be like This, Master2020-05-29
Chapter 64: Both of You were so Noisy Last Night2020-05-29
Chapter 63: My Name is Wukong2020-05-29
Chapter 62: Cross-Country Marathon2020-05-29
Chapter 61: Let's go, Children!2020-05-29
Chapter 60: Xie Zang's Tenderness2020-05-29
Chapter 59: Off with Her Head2020-05-29
Chapter 58: The Emperor of Beiying2020-05-29
Chapter 57: We Just Kicked His Ass2020-05-29
Chapter 56: Weapons Unlocked2020-05-29
Chapter 55: My Daisy!2020-05-29
Chapter 54: Rescued2020-05-29
Chapter 53: Disappearance2020-05-29
Chapter 52: Xiao Qi's Crush2020-05-29
Chapter 51: Sunrise2020-05-29
Chapter 50: A Living Myth2020-05-29
Chapter 49: Actually, Fish are Herbivores2020-05-29
Chapter 48: Whiny Brats2020-05-29
Chapter 47: Let the Love Rivals Fight it out2020-05-29
Chapter 46: Poison and Porridge2020-05-29
Chapter 45: I want to Drink Wine2020-05-29
Chapter 44: You're not Someone so Simple2020-05-29
Chapter 43: Beauty and the Ten Thousand year old Rock Demon2020-05-29
Chapter 42: Stupid Bird2020-05-29
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