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Chapter 897 “Watchdog (3)”

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Dragony didn’t forget about Di Cang’s existence, just that in the missy’s head the guy didn’t matter even if he was the demon king.

Pinching those lips, Wang Xiaotong didn’t get any better: “My brother is such a coward, he must be scared to death against those fierce looking men….”

“It’s all right, even if he dies, Her Highness will be able to go to the underworld and bring him back.” Dragony proudly cocks her chin high to showcase how much confidence she has in Bai Yan.

Unfortunately, those words of comfort only had the opposite effect. Going pale, Wang Xiaotong breaks out crying: “Brother died, he died, wahhh!!! If he’s dead then no one is going to bully me, no one is going to steal my snacks, and no one is going to fight me for Brother Xiachen….”

The little dragoness was gobsmacked by what she’s heard. This girl, is she cursing her own brother or celebrating his death?

“Wang Xiaoton, what did you say about me stealing your snack, and who is fighting you for Xiachen?!” All of a sudden, an enraged roar breaks over from the front, startling the crying girl until she discovered who the owner of that voice was.

“Brother!” A surge of happiness comes out of Wang Xiaotong’s face. Without delay, she throws herself into that ball of meaty flesh, “Brother, I’m so happy you are alive….”

“From listening to what you said just now it sounded more like you can’t wait for me to be dead.” The chubby rolls his eye at the sister. But instead of arguing like the siblings usually do, the little sister simply wiped her tears and snot at the brother’s shirt.

Feeling all icky around the chest area, Wang Xiaopeng promptly pushes the crybaby aside. That face couldn’t be anymore disgusted: “Dammit Xiaotong, how old are you already? How can you be this gross, you…” Then just as he was about to lecture the girl about what it means to be a female and how she should behave, the beautiful young lady further behind his own sister had instantly captured the chubby’s attention.

Though Dragony’s mouth was still clinging with pastry crumbs from all the stuff she’s been eating, it couldn’t hide her fine contour. In fact, it only gave her a touch of naïve and lovely air.

“Oh Dragony, do you remember me?” Grinning right up to his chubby eyes, Wang Xiaopeng begins his usual pick up phrase.

This would be the second time this boy had met the dragoness. The first being when Bai Yan brought the two kids to the Wang family before stepping into the Misty Fairy House. For this chubby, he could vow to the heavens he’s been lovestruck. An arrow straight through the heart and love at first sight.

On the contrary though, Dragony herself only felt troubled by the added attention. Turning to the princely boy in her view, she pleads for help using her own eyes.

“Wang Xiaopeng!” Bai Xiachen swiftly cuts in between her friend and the girl. Pushing the chubby a bit back like a mother hen, “You already have a little sister so you are not allowed to hit on mine! One is not enough for you?”

“Boss, you don’t understand, this is what you call a helpless act. Once you grow up then you will understand.” Wang Xiaopeng then makes a heaving long sigh, just like those adults do when discussing certain topics of love.

“Prince,” Dragony didn’t care about the extra around herself, she only wanted to fill her tummy at this moment. In order to rectify the problem, she turns to the little steambun for help. “I’m hungry, can we go get something to eat?”

Easing up at the plead, Bai Xiachen still shot a warning stare at his own friend before turning back to the missy. “Don’t worry Dragony, we can go into the Misty Fairy House first. There is a lot of fine food in there.”

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