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Chapter 898 “Watchdog (4)”

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He’s not a five-year-old child anymore, he’s almost seven this year, that means he needs to stop pestering his own mother day in and day out. Instead, what he needs to do was to become his mother’s intimate little cotton wool. Even if the food outside wasn’t all that great, it would suffice if it would cause less trouble.

Wang Xiaopeng had a look of dismay on his chubby face: “Boss, you are trading friendship for love.”

“What is trading friendship for love? Are you referring to me only having Mother in my eye like how Baddie Father likes to ignore me?” All puzzled in his cute little face, Bai Xiachen didn’t understand what he’s doing wrong. “If that’s the case then I admit I am. Dragony is my little sister so of course I’ll look after her first.”

The poor chubby was absolutely thrown off his feet by his friend’s openness of betrayal. He’s always under the assumption that he knows about the interrelationship between the two sexes, but he seems to have forgotten something crucial. The chubby himself was only a few years older than the little steambun. In terms of understanding love, he’s far from it.


The portal into the Misty Fairy House still hasn’t been closed yet so there were no obstacles when the kids made their way back over. It’s just that the chubby clearly felt somewhat left out after the group decides to go take a stroll around the streets for food.

“You treat me the best Xiaotong,” wiping a droplet of tear filled with his own sadness, “only you are willing to accompany your brother here.”

Unfortunately for this hopeful big brother, his little sister had other thoughts in mind while they walked. Wrapping her hands around those cheeks, the girl had on a look of worship and idolization when looking at that manly back in front: “Brother, how can someone be so handsome in this world? Xiachen’s figure looks so dashing even from back here.”

Completely dark in his chubby face now, This little traitor, can I pretend to have never known her?

“Prince, I want to eat this…” Dragony was pointing at a restaurant located across the street. There’s a strong scent of salivating aroma so the establishment had instantly captured the girl’s appetite.

“Boss,” Wang Xiaopeng has got to hand it to the little dragoness for picking this one of all places. Speaking in an awkward tone: “I know about this restaurant. Because of the cook’s skill, the food here is extremely good. I’m afraid that if we go in now there won’t be any seats available….”

Understanding the implication, Dragony hurried to remove the drool coming off of her mouth. “Prince, let’s change a place then.”

Looking at the poor face his girl was making, Bai Xiachen immediately started to get ideas. Patting his own chest like he’s going to handle it: “Don’t worry Dragony, leave everything to me.”


“Mother’s word, girls are used to smother with affection. If there’s any requirement then I am to oblige it.” Taking that hand without permission, the little steambun led the way inside without a second thought.

Meanwhile in the back, Wang Xiaopeng really wanted to throw his hats off for this boss of his. That sort of smooth talking went beyond anything he could manage. Heck, its leagues ahead of his old man’s usual attempts as well.

“Che~ When did the Dragon Cove Restaurant become so low class. Even a guard dog is allowed to come in?” Its right after the kids entered the restaurant that this derisive comment shot out.

“Where’s the dog? How come I don’t see a dog?” All confused and curious, the chubby scans the area for signs of said dog.

“Hahaha!” A burst of laughter rocked the restaurant, their voices filled with contempt: “The Wang family must be filled with idiots. Your family is in charge of watching our door so of course you are that dog!”

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