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Chapter 899 “Watchdog (5)”

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This time Wang Xiaopeng had no illusion about who that person was referring to now. Angry and somewhat embarassed, the chubby immediately turns to glare at the outspoken man. Yet, instead of finding an adult like he expected, it’s another boy around fourteen years of age – or so in appearance anyways – that’s trying to mock their group.

“Who are you?”

The youth sneered: “Wang chubby, you seem to have forgotten the event from a few months ago. I and my father had just finished our business outside and was returning to the Misty Fairy House, but because we lost our identification badge, your blasted father refused to let us back in.”

The previous head of the Wang House was Wang Deqiu’s father, that meant the chubby’s old man wouldn’t have any impression of who belongs or whatnot. In the end the fault remains to be on the youth’s end if they got down to it. After all, that’s the rules set by the main house, it’s not like Wang Deqiu deliberately stalled the party from returning.

Realizing what the other side was referring, the chubby makes an astonished face: “So its you? Who can you blame for that incident other than yourself? It’s you and your family who lost your identification token. We only followed the rules.”

“Impudent!” The youth slams the table and jerks up, “Your Wang family is only in charge of watching the gate, a watchdog, and all of us inside the Misty Fairy House are your masters. How dare a dog try to block its master from coming home! If this isn’t your family’s fault then who else?!”

Wang Xiaopeng naturally didn’t take the word ‘watchdog’ well since someone’s making fun of his family. Flushing red in the face, the chubby directly rushes the youth and causes the guy to stumble backwards due to the loss of balance. Then just as the person wanted to react after realizing what has happened, a pair of chopsticks had come flying over and pinning his sleeve to a wall behind himself.

This greatly startled the youth in question. As per reflex, the youngster reached over to pull it out in order to free himself. Yet, the unexpected happened – he couldn’t regardless of how he tried.

This gave the chubby the opening he needed. Coming face first, “Who are you calling a watchdog? Your whole family is the watchdog!”

“You…” the youth ends up pointing his free hand accusingly in return out of frustration and inability to move.

But then who could’ve guessed, another pair of chopsticks had come flying over, nailing his remaining free hand to the wall. Of course, the youth was absolutely outraged by this preposterous situation. Sadly, even when using his strongest strength to rip his own sleeves off, he couldn’t like some mysterious force was reinforcing his clothes.

“What are you idiots doing?” The youth angrily turns to his own personal guards for help, “Hurry and come save me!”

“Huh?” Those bodyguards were stoically dumbfounded, It’s just some chopsticks. How can the young master be so weak that he can’t even tear some clothes off? Now he wants us to save him?

But opinionated thoughts were only just that, thoughts. They wouldn’t really ignore their employer and hurried over for the task. Oddly enough though, the youth didn’t lash out at the chubby as soon as he was freed by his men, instead he’s searching the restaurant with those burning eyes.

“Who? Who attacked me in secret?”

For those uninvolved and just want to enjoy the good show, these poor customers were having a hard time keeping their laughter in. Nevertheless, that slight smirk on their faces gave them away easily enough.

Ignoring the snickering laughter directed at himself, the youth cries out for a second time: “Who is the bastard that threw those chopsticks at me? I dare you to come out and confront me!” Those eyes were bloodshot red and his panting breath showed how indignant and outraged he was.

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