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Chapter 900 “Watchdog (6)”

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It’s then at this moment a childish voice answered that demand: “You were too noisy just now.”

In that instant, everyone’s attention was glued to the child’s face. Around six to seven in appearance, aside from that adorable contour, there’s not much else special these customers could discern from the boy.

“Who is it that attacked me? How dare you do it not have the nerve to step forward?” The youth dismisses the boy as the perpetrator and continues to scream at thin air.

“Pahh!” It was Dragony’s turn to slam the table neaby, causing the occupants of said table to jump in fright.

“His Highness said you’re yapping too much, didn’t you hear him?” A flare of anger comes off of the missy’s face, “Since you like yapping so much then I will make it so you shut up for good!”


No one could figure out how Dragony managed to get right up to the youth so quickly, but that loud smacking hit across the face said it all. And if hitting the teen wasn’t bad enough, the impact had directly caused that cheek to swollen up into a purplish red lump. A pig face, that’s how swollen it has become.

Turning back over in dismay after being hit, “YOU….”

Sadly, the teen’s words didn’t even get to finish before another round of smacking came swinging over.

Left, right, left right, Dragony pulls off a duo attack with both her hands until the youth’s head had become a rocking drum. Now one could barely recognize this swollen lump of bruised up meat as the teenager from earlier.

“Poooffff!” Suddenly, a mouthful of blood came spitting out of the teen’s mouth. Mixed in with plenty of broken teeth in that puddle, no one wanted to look at this painful sight. But apparently this little lesson wasn’t enough to scare off the youngster. A jumbled garbled slew of words came pouring out of that pig face. Obviously its some kind of curse word or threat.

The guards that came along may not know what their employer was trying to say just like every other customer in the restaurant, but they could already take a good guess and decides to act as a interpreter. “Just you wait Wang Chubby, our house master will definitely make a case with the chief’s house. Be prepared to be expelled from the Misty Fairy House!”

Bai Xiachen bursts out laughing: “Alright, alright, I’ll wait for you to come expel me.”

“Young master, let’s go back and tell your father about this. I’m sure he will avenge you.” Since the guards were too cowardly to fight, they didn’t let their employer butt in another word and forcibly dragged the teen off without a second delay.

“Prince,” Dragony cheerfully comes up to the little steambun after seeing the group disappear, “those people are gone now so they won’t be bothering us anymore. Better yet, there’s now a seat open for us!”

“Good job Dragony, you did well there.” Bai Xiachen praises the girl by giving her a pat on the head. This was how Bai Yan rewards him when he does something well so the act has become his way of approving others as well.

“Young sirs and lady,” the waiter decides to chime in with some advice after seeing how carefree the kids were acting when strolling towards the table. “It’s best if you all return home to find your elders right away to discuss a solution, otherwise you may really be expelled from the Misty Fairy House.”

“Don’t be silly, someone that is able to kick my boss out of the Misty Fairy House still hasn’t been born yet.” The chubby snorts at the advice and dumps his big ass onto the chair to indicate his decision.

It’s exactly as the chubby says. Bai Xiachen was the grandson of the chief’s house. If anything, it’s the other way around and the youth should be panicking.

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