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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens! (Web Novel) - Chapter 902 “You Must Get Justice For Us (2)”

Chapter 902 “You Must Get Justice For Us (2)”

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When the youth recognized how familiar those two voices were, he immediately jumped up with excitement only to be followed by another loud and somewhat arrogant voice from the new entry.

“Boss, you are too picky, I think the restaurant’s food tasted just fine. If anything, its that dog who likes to bite others which tainted the mood.”

“Wooowooo!” The youth kept making whimpering sounds. Though vague and indecipherable, those angry eyes were dead set on the group of children who just walked into the yard.

Likewise, the kids had also taken notice of the kneeling father and son pair, causing them to stop in their track.

“Son,” Dou Tian suppresses his inner anger, “is this the group who attacked you?”

The youth nodded hurriedly, those eyes flaring with rage….

I now have Father and the chief acting as my support, as if I would be scared of them now.

Thinking of this, the young man’s pig face actually revealed a look of pride. Cocking that messed up chin, he arrogantly glared at the children like he’s about to step on some insignificant ant.

Bai Xiachen on the other hand could care less what the other side thought or wanted of him. Showing an innocent and bright smile, the little steambun hurriedly ran over to the chief’s side and tugged at the grandpa’s sleeve: “Great-grandfather, I’m so happy to see you.”

Now that’s what you call a bullseye. Chief Wu Wei literally felt his bones melting away from that word. Seriously, only the heavens would know how miserable he’s been since that day where they discovered the ‘goddess’ was no more than a fraudulent maid. Not only has his two sons and wife been ignoring him the entire time since then, Bai Yan still hasn’t recognized him as her grandfather yet.

Thank goodness, at least someone in this family recognizes my status…. Chief Wu Wei cries tears of joy at the sudden achievement he felt.

Dou Tian had originally wanted to make a case against this group of kids until he heard the way Bai Xiachen addressed the grandpa. Almost instantaneous, the man had become as hard as a rock and stared in horror at the boy.

Great… Great-grandfather? Then that means his mother is the rumored biological granddaughter of the Chief and Yun Feng’s biological daughter?

Like his old man, the youth who was still being overly excited at the possible chance of revenge was now staring his eyes out in absolute shock.

SHIT!!! The boy’s mother is Yun Feng’s daughter? What the fuck is this setting? All I did was insult this chubby a few words and now I’ve attracted this dangerous group?

“Good Xiachen, Great-grandfather here is very happy to see you too.” Losing that stern air from earlier, Chief Wu Wei gently caresses the boy’s head like a loving grandpa: “Now tell me, what happened while you were outside?”

Blinking innocently without a hint of devious nature: “Before this person from the Dou family insulted Xiaopeng and his family, saying he’s my friend’s master…. And since Wang Xiaopeng is my follower, me being his boss, I naturally have a duty to do something. Couple this with the rude words he said to me, Dragony went ahead in my stead to teach him a lesson.”

Although Wang Xiaopeng was older than this little steambun by a few years, it doesn’t mean anything. As long as the chubby recognizes the boy as the boss then he’s the boss. Strength has no age limit, that’s a rule everyone recognizes in this world.

Chief Wu Wei’s expression promptly got cold when turning around to face the pair of deceitful liars. “Did that happen as my boy says?”

Dou Tian knew they were screwed now. Forcibly dragging his son back down to the floor, the man shakes profusely for he knew what awaited them both for creating this fiascal.

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