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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens! (Web Novel) - Chapter 903 “You Must Get Justice For Us (3)”

Chapter 903 “You Must Get Justice For Us (3)”

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“Chief, I… I didn’t know this little boy is the recently recovered grandson of Master Yun Feng’s, I implore your lordship to have mercy on our ignorance.” Banging his head against the floorboard, the man known as Dou Tian quickly forced his own son to do the same after seeing how cluelessly dull the teen was acting. “You brat, how dare you provoke Sir Xiachen here. Quickly apologize to him!”

After the initial kowtows, the man also attempted to sooth the mood with that so-called charming smile of his: “Sir Xiachen, you lectured my son well. This brat here only knows how to go make trouble outside day in and day out. It’s a blessing for me and my clan that you would have your maid discipline my son in our stead.”

Originally Dou Tian only wanted to flatter and kiss up to the boy, but his words weren’t thought out very well and hit a bump instead.

“Dragony isn’t my maid, she’s my little sister!” Bai Xiachen clearly sounded upset in his voice, “If you keep talking nonsense then I will have Great-grandfather here tear your mouth apart!”

Shuddering with great fright, Dou Tian looked dangerously white because he never expected this mistake. It couldn’t be helped. He never heard of Bai Yan having a daughter, only a son according to the rumors floating out there.

“I deserve to be hit. I said the wrong thing.” To prove his sincerity, the man actually slapped himself rather hard. Right away, that face had swollen into a bumpy bruise like his son’s.

Unfortunately for the other side, Bai Xiachen’s temper still didn’t let up. Turning away, the boy didn’t want to look at them.

“Ahumph!” Chief Wu Wei makes a dry cough to clear up his throat, “Oh right Dou Tian, didn’t you say you wanted me to get justice for you? How do you want me to help? You also said little Dragony here is a threat to everyone in the Misty Fairy House and needed me to dispose of her? Is that what you want?”

The housemaster of the Dou family really wanted to throw himself into a hole and never come back out right now. “Misunderstanding, this is all a big misunderstanding…”

Partly true, it was a huge misunderstanding on his end for not investigating first. If this Dou Tian had known the one who beat his son silly was the grandson of Yun Feng and great-grandchild of the chief, then he would never show his face around here, let alone have the guts to come demanding justice.

“Misunderstanding?” Chief Wu Wei chuckles coldly to emphasize his displeasure: “Your misunderstanding really is a big one. Are you planning to say my home here is a threat as well?”

Collapsing to the floor and unable to get back up, Dou Tian felt despair at what the chief meant by that last comment. It’s pretty much a death sentence for his clan even if they do get out of this unscathed. Who would ever use them again? Who would ever cooperate with them again? None, that’s who! No one would want to work with the Dou family again!

“Xiachen,” Chief Wu Wei changes his attitude to a nice one again when turning to the boy, “how do you want to punish this pair?”

“I want that teen from the Dou family to be Wang Xiaopeng’s follower.” Biting his nail, the little steambun flickers with light in those eyes like he’s scheming something evil.

“That’s a good choice. Now what about the other one?”

“Great-grandfather, you said his name is called Dou Tian?” All smiles there, the boy’s words somehow sounded ominous despite it being all cheerful. “I think its rather unsuited for him to have such a mighty name.”

Note: Dou Tian in chinese means challenging the heavens.

Ruffling the boy’s hair: “Then what sort of name do you think is suitable for him?”

“Let’s call him… Can’t Beat A Bug. If he can’t even beat a bug then what good is it for him to have a name like Dou Tian?”

Chief Wu Wei couldn’t keep up with the boy’s logic. This name… Why is it so strange?

But then since his great-grandchild has spoken, he as the adult wasn’t going to disagree.

“Okay, from now on he will be renamed Can’t Beat A Bug!”

Now that’s what you call suffering. Dou Tian’s reputation would surely become ruined after this joke becomes widespread. Looking down at the son who’s responsible for his own misfortune, the man grew vicious: “Just wait until we go back!”

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