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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens! (Web Novel) - Chapter 904 “You Must Get Justice For Us (4)”

Chapter 904 “You Must Get Justice For Us (4)”

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If it weren’t for this brat then I wouldn’t be so miserable!

“Can’t Beat A Bug, did you not hear my words?” Bai Xiachen furrows up his lovely brows, “He is from here on forward Xiaopeng’s follower, what makes you think he can follow you home?” Turning to his friend, “Xiaopeng, give him a name.”

“This…” The chubby actually crumpled up his face over this dilemma. Apparently giving someone name was too difficult of a task for this kid. But an idea did come to him after a minute of struggling: “Oh I know! He insulted me before so I will use the same name for him. From now on he will be Watchdog.”

Watchdog whimpers loudly this time towards his old man. The youth wanted to plead to his father for help because he had no wish to follow the chubby back to the Wang House. Unfortunately, the newly named Can’t Beat A Bug dismissed the pleading look he was getting and quickly left for the door.

It couldn’t be helped. As the master of a sizable family, the former Dou Tian was sure to have more than one son. There’s hardly enough reason for him to go against the chief’s command just for a son who failed him so miserably.

Watching his father’s fleeting back disappearing from view, Watchdog crumbles to the floor, his body paralyzed from the shock of being abandoned. Before long, two long trickles of tears slowly flowed down those bruised up cheeks before this youth turned to face the two boys.

“What are you look at me for?” The chubby shoots a glare in return, “I am not gay so lose that idea. What’s more, its not like you are any good looking. If you keep staring at me then watch how I will dig out your eyeballs.”

Watchdog instantly flinched at that threat. No longer daring to make eye contact, this former young master of the Dou House was now shaking profusely like a frightened puppy….

Of course, the chubby was only throwing some threats around for the insult he received before. It’s not like he would really dig the other person’s eyeball out, that’s too gross for the likes of him. Maybe a few more scares would suffice.

“Watchdog, from now on you are my follower. If I say east then you must go east. If I say west then you must go west. If I say laugh then you can’t cry, understand?”

As the old saying goes, one must lower their head if living under another’s roof. Hearing the order, Watchdog hurriedly nodded his head to indicate he understood.

“Good, very good, now show me a smile.” Wang Xiaopeng looks down at the dog in front of himself like he’s looking at a pet.

Sadly, the act only had the alternative effect of disgusting the chubby. A pig face smiling to him, as if that would be decent to the eye? If anything, it might make him gag instead and have nightmares during the night.

“Oh forget it, you’d better stick to crying lest I be scared to death by your face.” Patting his own chest, the chubby makes a face like he still hasn’t recovered yet from the shock.

Ignoring the overexaggerated play his friend was making, Bai Xiachen turns to the grandpa instead. “Great-grandfather, where is my mother?”

“Oh, she’s in the backyard with your great-grandmother.”

“Okay,” nodding at the answer, the little steambun led the way by holding hands with the little dragoness. “Dragony, let’s go find Mother.”

The girl followed along without any protest as usual. A clever move by her of course. However, the chubby in the background on the other hand wasn’t so happy. For some reason, he’s got this notion that he’s been abandoned by his boss.


As the madam of the house, Jun Tian Yue’s birthday banquet wouldn’t lose out to Bai Chang Feng’s in any way. And since they have now learned of Bai Yan’s past and who she’s close with, the Lan family was also naturally invited, pushing this adopted family into the envious limelight for a second time.

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