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Age of Adepts (Web Novel)


A data loving young man from Earth has an accident which transports him to a dark land filled with terrifying creatures and magical powers. Fortunately for him, he has a Biological Assistance Chip to ease his path. However, things in this bizarre and strange world are not always as they seem, and, though it is a tremendous asset, the chip doesn’t always work as expected. With all of the crazy creatures and magical mayhem around him, one can only wonder what the future holds for this young man…

172 • 2019-04-11 05:16:55


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 940 The Chessboard of Fate2019-10-23
Chapter 939 Black Wing Association2019-10-22
Chapter 938 Great Dragon Lord2019-10-21
Chapter 937 Successful Rescue2019-10-20
Chapter 936 Contract2019-10-19
Chapter 935 Clan Glory2019-10-18
Chapter 934 Danger Behind the Scenes2019-10-17
Chapter 933 Battle of Dragons2019-10-16
Chapter 932 Dragon Against Dragon2019-10-15
Chapter 931 A Dragon Intercepts2019-10-14
Chapter 930 The Battle Concludes2019-10-13
Chapter 929 Sending You All the Way to Your Grave2019-10-12
Chapter 928 On the Flying Deck2019-10-11
Chapter 927 The Battle Continues2019-10-10
Chapter 926 Battle Against the Dragonflight2019-10-09
Chapter 925 Bloody War2019-10-08
Chapter 924 Blow to the Face2019-10-07
Chapter 923 Otherworld Poison Battles2019-10-06
Chapter 922 Silver Dragon Visits2019-10-05
Chapter 921 Dragonborn Defeated2019-10-04
Chapter 920 Valley Ambush2019-10-03
Chapter 919 Adept Expedition2019-10-02
Chapter 918 Bloodline Modification Package2019-10-01
Chapter 917 Meryl’s Return2019-09-30
Chapter 916 Bloodline Modification2019-09-29
Chapter 915 Talent Modification2019-09-28
Chapter 914 An Adept’s Power2019-09-27
Chapter 913 Bloodline Rune2019-09-26
Chapter 912 The Fire Dragon and the Sourcestealer2019-09-25
Chapter 911 Neat and Clean2019-09-24
Chapter 910 Doomsday Castle2019-09-23
Chapter 909 Magic Energy Association2019-09-22
Chapter 908 Doverand City2019-09-21
Chapter 907 Crimson Prospects2019-09-19
Chapter 906 State of the Crimson Clan2019-09-19
Chapter 905 Time Freeze2019-09-18
Chapter 904 Fight2019-09-17
Chapter 903 Mary Advances2019-09-16
Chapter 902 Fourth Grade Magical Machine2019-09-14
Chapter 901 The Battle Concludes2019-09-14
Chapter 900 Greem’s Battle2019-09-13
Chapter 899 Greem Appears2019-09-12
Chapter 898 Battle of the Second Grades2019-09-11
Chapter 897 One Corner of the Battlefield2019-09-10
Chapter 896 Doverand Basin2019-09-09
Chapter 895 Haggling2019-09-08
Chapter 894 Goblin Faction2019-09-07
Chapter 893 Magical Machine Golem Dragon2019-09-06
Chapter 892 Soul Fusion2019-09-05
Chapter 891 Successful Return2019-09-04
Chapter 890 Mission Halted2019-09-02
Chapter 889 The Scheme Succeeds2019-09-02
Chapter 888 Information Obtained2019-08-31
Chapter 887 Battle in the Mines2019-08-30
Chapter 886 Rapid Regeneration2019-08-30
Chapter 885 Battle Under the Sea2019-08-29
Chapter 884 The Flaming Tiger Appears2019-08-27
Chapter 883 Secret Battle2019-08-26
Chapter 882 - Old Acquaintances2019-08-26
Chapter 881 The Lava Sea2019-08-25
Chapter 880 Molten Fire City2019-08-24
Chapter 879 Proceeding to Molten Fire City2019-08-23
Chapter 878 Adept Civilization2019-08-22
Chapter 877 Daily Life on the Journey2019-08-21
Chapter 876 Golden Hall2019-08-20
Chapter 875 A Mission Arrives2019-08-19
Chapter 874 Morgana’s Despair2019-08-18
Chapter 873 Miracle of Fate2019-08-16
Chapter 872 Display of Powers2019-08-16
Chapter 871 Witch Challenge2019-08-15
Chapter 870 Combat Power Comparison2019-08-14
Chapter 869 Mary’s Path2019-08-13
Chapter 868 One More2019-08-12
Chapter 867 Silent Swamp2019-08-11
Chapter 866 Elementium Magical Machine2019-08-10
Chapter 865 Daily Routine in the Laboratory2019-08-09
Chapter 864 Adept’s Temptation2019-08-08
Chapter 863 Secret Experiment2019-08-07
Chapter 862 Knowledge and Mission2019-08-06
Chapter 861 Trading Hall2019-08-05
Chapter 860 The Winds of Freedom2019-08-04
Chapter 859 The Savage Sofia2019-08-03
Chapter 858 Dispute Amongst the Witches2019-08-01
Chapter 857 Flame Jet Combat Suit2019-08-01
Chapter 856 The Cottage in the Forest2019-07-31
Chapter 855 War of the Witches2019-07-30
Chapter 854 Strange War2019-07-30
Chapter 853 On the Astrology Platform2019-07-28
Chapter 852 Greem’s Intentions2019-07-27
Chapter 851 Subduing the Brain Monster2019-07-26
Chapter 850 The Capital of Eternity2019-07-25
Chapter 849 The Changes in White Tower2019-07-24
Chapter 848 Spring in the Showers2019-07-23
Chapter 847 The Passing Years2019-07-22
Chapter 846 Advancement Preparations2019-07-21
Chapter 845 Expansion of the Crimson Clan2019-07-20
Chapter 844 The Battle Concludes2019-07-19
Chapter 843 Yurga’s Fury2019-07-18
Chapter 842 Are You Finished Yet?2019-07-17
Chapter 841 Exterminating the Golems2019-07-16