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Akuyaku Reijou ni Nanka Narimasen. Watashi wa『Futsuu』no Koushaku Reijou desu! (Web Novel)


When I came to, I woke up as fully loaded with death flags Villainess.

I finally got reborn with a healthy body, so I will live in happiness!

First, I’m thinking of improving my relationship with the family to systematically crush the death flags.

Called the Saint of Meat, Shrine Maiden, Savior, and even Goddess, her titles keep pointlessly increasing!

1578 • 2020-04-29 15:37:43


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 133: Rosarin and the ring.2020-11-26
Chapter 132: Story of a Ring2020-11-26
Chapter 131: My Ring2020-11-20
Chapter 130: Magic Beasts2020-11-12
Chapter 129: Capable Attendant2020-11-05
Chapter 128.2: Wish and animal nature.2020-10-30
Chapter 128.1: Wish and animal nature.2020-10-22
Chapter 127: I’m telling you that I don’t need any manservants!2020-10-16
Chapter 126.2: Fishing requires bait.2020-10-09
Chapter 126.1: Fishing requires a bait.2020-09-30
Chapter 125.2: Instinct and manliness.2020-09-25
Chapter 125.1: Instinct and manliness.2020-09-18
Chapter 124.2: Animal nature, underwear, and strike.2020-09-11
Chapter 124.1: Animal nature, underwear, and strike.2020-09-04
Chapter 123.2: Let’s buy underwear.2020-09-04
Chapter 123.1: Let’s buy underwear.2020-08-21
Chapter 122.2: Playing with the black panther.2020-08-15
Chapter 122.1 Playing with the black panther.2020-08-06
Chapter 121.2 The other side of Jesper’s death.2020-07-30
Chapter 121.1: The other side of Jasper’s death.2020-07-23
Chapter 120: Jasper’s death.2020-07-23
Chapter 119: Criminal and a curse.2020-07-16
Chapter 118.2 Wedding reception banquet and guests from Wolfanea.2020-07-09
Chapter 118.1 Wedding reception banquet and guests from Wolfanea.2020-07-03
Chapter 117.2 Wedding2020-06-25
Chapter 117.1 Wedding2020-06-19
Chapter 116 Sulking Black Panther Part 22020-06-11
Chapter 116 Sulking Black Panther Part 12020-06-04
Chapter 115: Spirits and neighbors2020-05-29
Chapter 114: Curse and dragon.2020-05-23
Chapter 113.2: Let’s go to the market.2020-05-16
Chapter 113.1: Let’s go to the market.2020-05-08
Chapter 112.2: The promised reward.2020-05-02
Chapter 112.1: The promised reward.2020-04-29
Chapter 111.2: Other side of the Athletic Festival – Relations with the Knights Order2020-04-29
Chapter 111.1: Other side of the Athletic Festival – Relations with the Knights Order2020-04-29
Chapter 110: Athletic Festival – Ending Part2020-04-29
Chapter 109.2: Athletic Festival – Latter Part2020-04-29
Chapter 109.1: Athletic Festival – Latter Part2020-04-29
Chapter 108.2: Athletic Festival – Lunch break2020-04-29
Chapter 108.1: Athletic Festival – Lunch break2020-04-29
Chapter 107.2: Athletic Festival – First Part2020-04-29
Chapter 107.1: Athletic Festival – First Part2020-04-29
Chapter 106: Knights, Elves and cheering party.2020-04-29
Chapter 105: Participating in athletic meeting and Sage-sama.2020-04-29
Chapter 104.2: Apron, fetish, and cosplay.2020-04-29
Chapter 104.1: Apron, fetish, and cosplay.2020-04-29
Chapter 103.2: The circumstances of the Knights Order’s dinner.2020-04-29
Chapter 103.1: The circumstances of the Knights Order’s dinner.2020-04-29
Chapter 102.2: Blissful lunchtime.2020-04-29
Chapter 102.1: Blissful lunchtime.2020-04-29
Chapter 101: Lunch Invitation.2020-04-29
Chapter 100: Teacher, student, and boss.2020-04-29
Chapter 99: In the school after a while and the substitute lecturer.2020-04-29
Chapter 98: An assassin who couldn’t kill anymore.2020-04-29
Chapter 97: From Negotiations to… Brocon VS Siscon2020-04-29
Chapter 96: Team Ducal House’s discussion.2020-04-29
Chapter 95: Mind and heart don’t match. 2020-04-29
Chapter 94: The Demons awakened.2020-04-29
Chapter 93: A Knights Order without Dober-san.2020-04-29
Chapter 92: Documents and the plan to round up the muscleheads.2020-04-29
Chapter 91: Lunch and mofu cravings.2020-04-29
Chapter 90: Knights Order’s general affairs section and helpers.2020-04-29
Chapter 89: Knights Order and documents.2020-04-29
Chapter 88: A kiss with Dirk and breasts.2020-04-29
Chapter 87: Dirk and mofumofu.2020-04-29
Chapter 86: Knights and documents.2020-04-29
Chapter 85: Knights, Spirits, and documents.2020-04-29
Chapter 84: The Knights Order and me.2020-04-29
Chapter 83: School and measurement.2020-04-29
Chapter 82: School and skipping grades.2020-04-29
Chapter 81: Cheating and shopping date.2020-04-29
Chapter 80: An encounter at the Country Foundation Festival.2020-04-29
Chapter 79: Morning turmoil.2020-04-29
Chapter 78: Memory and breasts.2020-04-29
Chapter 77: Me, dogeza, and the words of love.2020-04-29
Chapter 76: Me and her. (Dirk’s PoV)2020-04-29
Chapter 75: The result of the competition for my hand.2020-04-29
Chapter 74: New home, meat, and bride.2020-04-29
Chapter 73: First job and beef-like meat.2020-04-29
Chapter 72: Let’s arrange the equipment first.2020-04-29
Chapter 71: Jend, Hero, and Free Wind.2020-04-29
Chapter 70: Haku, scent, and Dirk.2020-04-29
Chapter 69: Nobles and a tea party.2020-04-29
Chapter 68: A maiden’s heart and honest feelings.2020-04-29
Chapter 67: Mole-san, Princes, and Dirk.2020-04-29
Chapter 66: Summons, suspicion, and Mole-san.2020-04-29
Chapter 65: Rosarin’s day off.2020-04-29
Chapter 64: Present situation report and Yggdrasil-san2020-04-29
Chapter 63: Offense and defense at the castle.2020-04-29
Chapter 62: Nightly visit?2020-04-29
Chapter 61: Walse Household's destination and scolding.2020-04-29
Chapter 60: I won't let you destroy the evidence.2020-04-29
Chapter 59: Carrying out the plan.2020-04-29
Chapter 58: Reunion and report.2020-04-29
Chapter 57: Aunt and I2020-04-29
Chapter 56: Home, Elder brother, and request to cooperate.2020-04-29
Chapter 55: Jend, Beastmen, and concealed information.2020-04-29
Chapter 54: Prime Minister's office as of present.2020-04-29
Chapter 53: Mofumofu, lunch, and Dirk...2020-04-29
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